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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The End of 2015 - Thank You For Making It A Breakthrough Year for Me.

Happy New Year, everyone. I know, it's not 2016, but I might as well call that year. One year from now, I will say Happy New Year 2017, but today's the last day of 2015, and I have to say it's been a magnificent year for me, especially with my line of work and the wonderful people that I have met.

The year 2015 has been breakthrough year for me, and what I've longed to come across I'm privileged to say I have a fan base and I'm thankful for the number of people that have followed me on Twitter and Facebook: Author Ray Sostre. I want to say thank you everyone for making 2015 a breakthrough year.

Since 2010, my goal was to write something arousing and entertaining, and five years later I'm doing what I enjoy doing, and I couldn't have done without the possibility of my Street Team: Ray's Naughty Ladies Street Team. The credit must go out to them first. I'm talking about Kristi Lynn, Elizabeth Booth Bennett, Tracey Lou Parker, and Cindy Callender, thank you all for putting me on the map, and sticking it out through thick and thin. I'm learning this along the way, and I appreciate you all working with me, as I try to work with you all.

Secondly, I want to thank my editor, Elicia Seitz Stoll. She is very important to me, because without her my manuscripts wouldn't be so clean. I'm patient with her, as she is patient with me. I've worked with her for two years, which we are going on three years together. When I first heard of her she did some editing when I was with a publisher in 2012 - 2013, No Boundaries Press. She is also the person behind the series of Love Out Of Lust, and I look forward to work with you some more.

Most importantly, the people in the groups -- HOT BBR. Thank you so much for the love you've all given me. Man, I look forward to come out with more, entertain your minds, and interact with you all in the future. You all helped put the Author before Ray Sostre, and it's been an absolute privilege to talk with a number of you.

To the people in the writing groups. Thank you so much. This is where I first started, and I never forgot about you. I don't ever want to forget about it. Will Blog For Sex, Tantalizing Tuesdays, Thursday Tasters, thank you all.

My girlfriend, my wife; the same woman I've been with for the last eleven years - Mary Howry, thank you. With all my heart, I love you, and thank you for the true support.

And lastly, the most important group of people that matter to me -- the fans, the readers. Thank you for the love and support. Your readership is what made me who I am -- an author. I will not forget that.

Thank you all and have a wonderful New Year's. Please be safe.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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Daryl and Marisol had been best friends since childhood, but when the two share a moment of weakness for each other they develop a relationship unlike any other, but happiness is a long way to reach when Daryl and Marisol are faced with certain issues that threaten their relationship.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers: 12/22/2015: The Spirit Of A Christmas Fantasy

Happy Tuesday.

In just a few days, Christmas will be around the corner, and then New Years will come after.

However, I have a little naughty fantasy to share in 200 words.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays. 


Omar thought he was going to wake up to an ordinary Christmas day, get up, get dressed and shovel the snow. He got himself dressed up, and overhear the Christmas music playing in the background. He was in the spirit, and looking forward to go downstairs and make some coffee for his two guests, Melanie and Kylie, but as he walked downstairs he noticed something more exciting than just the spirit of Christmas. He noticed Melanie and Kylie sitting by the tree, naked, kissing each other, while Melanie pulled Kylie’s red pajamas down.

This view was so erotic, why didn’t he see this moment coming, along with the delicious smell of vanilla coffee brewing in the kitchen? Which one was he going to choose, coffee or the women, because when they turned over to him, Melanie and Kylie grinned at him, and stood  up to walk over to kiss him.

Kylie spoke, in her most sultry British accent, “Happy Birthday Omar. Melanie couldn’t wait to unravel her present.”

Omar raised his eyebrows. He couldn’t disagree over what Melanie did. She looked delicious!

“So Melanie’s been naughty, hasn’t she?”

Melanie seductively placed her finger over her lip and said. “A little.”

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Cover Reveal: Winterlust Tales. Releasing January 4th, 2016

Title: Winterlust Tales - an Erotic Anthology
Author: Ray Sostre
Editor: Elicia S. Stoll
Cover Design: Tiffany Huegele
Genre: Erotic Anthology, Erotic Romance, M/F, Menage, M/M, F/F,
Release Date: January 4, 2016


Prepare for a cold winter, but because the season has changed it doesn’t mean the sexual fantasies have to. Author Ray Sostre delivers six steamy reads, related to a winter theme. Whether you’re snowed in or vacationing, or celebrating a holiday with your passionate one, this book will guarantee to heat up your winter.

About Ray Sostre:

New York born, East Coast raised, and West Coast bound.
Writing erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010. That same year, he established a story submission site – AfterDark Online, a place for erotic authors.
He lives in Nevada with his long-time girlfriend, is an avid listener of electronica, and enjoys writing and publishing articles. He jokes: “I’m always looking for writing material.”


Blog – Facebook – Twitter – TSU

Friday, December 18, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/18/2015: The Beast Within

Happy Friday everyone. 

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

I'm not into writing any shape-shifting; it's not my thing, but I'm writing something close enough to it.

Here is my flash.


Lexi looked into the eyes she was making love to. The way he held her body as he fucked her, she was taken to a world of ecstasy, and what she noticed in front of her was a man with long dark hair and piercing dark eyes. He displayed a look of determination – determined to please her, but what she also noticed was the beast within.

His thrusts picked up with speed, and Lexi felt his fingers pressing deep along the side of her curves. She was in a pure rapture of lust, but she witness something quite disturbing – his face changing into something else.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 12/17/2015: Getting Bianca Ready

Hope you're enjoying your Thursday.

It's been a while since I've done an f/f scene, and I want to bring forth an erotic snippet in 


“I’m so horny can’t wait to fuck him. Just do me a little favor, Bianca, hold still.” Alana said when she squatted down and held Bianca from each side of her curves. “I’m going to taste you.”

Bianca waited anxiously; her heart raced with violent turbulence of anticipation. At the moment she felt Alana’s tongue against her clit, Bianca leaned her head back and fluttered her eyes closed, when she let out a softening moan of pleasure. She grabbed a handful Alana’s hair and her moans grew even louder.

She grinded her pussy against Alana’s face, while she caressed her breasts. Then she gasped and her body arched against the entrance of the doorway, when an unexpected feeling that rose inside her body – her orgasm. Alana held on to her, but Bianca managed to push him away.

“Fuck that felt really good!” Bianca panted.

Alana stood up and grinned, wiping away the essence of Bianca’s juices with her fingertips. “Good, are you ready for him.”

“Uh huh?” She nodded, giving her most wanton look.


Then she kissed her. Bianca kissed her with such hunger as she licked her own flavor in her mouth. She was excited to meet the Baron in the building, and it was nice to have someone like Alana to get her nice and ready for him.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mènage Shorts - 12/16/2015: Heather Surroundings.

Happy Hump Day!

It's that time again for another segment of Menage Shorts.

I have a wonderful MFMM short story, in 2018 words for your enjoyment.

Heather sauntered in the living room, dressed in her pink corset and black fishnet stockings. Her dark hair was fixed to a seductive perfection, extending down to her shoulders, and her make up blended softly to her tanned skin. She had on a pair of black heels, which added the extra height to her sexy appearance. She was amazed that she was able to walk on them without stumbling.

She stood by the wall and ran both of her hands through her hair. Heather quickly laid eyes on Jason, a shirtless man with dark hair and a muscular build that her burning with need. Jason was young and had gorgeous features. He showed a look of determination when he walked towards her, placing his hand over her tummy as he moved his hand to the side of her curves and leaned in to kiss her.

The way he kissed her spoke the volumes of how much he wanted her. Heather felt an ache growing in her core, begging him to touch her more. She wouldn’t mind being pinned against the wall right now, having him fuck her nice and deep, but she needed to get through his pants first.

She placed her hands on each side of his hips. At the same time, she felt his hand slide up, holding her breasts in his hand, while their tongues explored each other. Heather’s heart raced against her chest with pure anticipation. And the way he moved his tongue in her mouth, she could imagine where else his tongue might be useful.

He moved his hand on the side of her neck and leaned in to give her a soft sensuous nuzzle, causing the inner excitement to grow. Heather was lost in her passions, as she wanted to unzip his pants and hold him in her hand. She needed him inside her now.

And things grew even hotter when she felt his hand slide from the side of her neck, down her to body, until his hand found its way inside her thong, cupping her pussy in his hand. Heather loved the feeling his fingers, as it found its way through her luscious folds. Jason was about to discover just how wet she was.

His fingers slipped inside her without any resistance. Heather fluttered her eyes closed when she let out a soft gasp. She moved her body along with his soft fingering, turning to him with a look of pure lust as she breathed against his lips.

“Kiss me,” Jason commanded

Indeed, she did. He had her mouth and body opened for him. She moved in and kissed him passionately, sucking his breath away with her hungry kisses. She was now spellbound by his fingering, loving the way he moved them in and out of her slit. Oh, if only it was his dick inside of her. She needed a good fucking right now.

He removed his hand away from her pussy, and Heather squatted down to undo his belt. She was anxious to get him out of his pants, and while she was undoing his belt. When she unzipped his pants, she took his cock out. Heather, without hesitation, took his cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head, while she felt his hand rummaging through her dark hair. She looked in his eyes, to see his satisfaction, Jason in response, bucked his hips in and out of her mouth, as if he was fucking her elsewhere. Then she heard footsteps of someone entering the living room. Who was it?

She turned her head behind her and noticed Manny, a tanned-skinned man, Hispanic-looking, with very manly features and a godly body. He too was shirtless and wore blue jeans like the young man, but this man had broad shoulders, like a sex beast that just entered the room. Heather was delighted to have extra company in the room.

Manny was standing there all this time with his arms folded, watching Heather suck on Jason. Heather couldn’t just work on Jason, she needed to work on Manny too. In fact, she was delighted to have two men in room.

She stood back up and kissed Jason in the lips, telling him. “Keep yourself nice and hard for me.”

She sauntered over to Manny, as he placed his arms down and began unzipping his pants, where she saw him pull out his hardness and hold himself in his hand. Heather gave him a seductive grin and placed her hand over his broad shoulder.

“Mmm… impressive,” she grinned wickedly. “Mind if I touch.”

Manny didn’t reply, but he removed his hand and waited as she curled her fingers over his shaft, taking him in her hand. She stroked him gently and heard him groan under his breath. Heather pulled her corset down, allowing her breasts to fall free. She squatted down and placed his cock between her breasts as she teased him with a nice tit fuck. In response, Manny slowly closed his eyes to savor the wonderful pleasure of Heather rubbing her tits between his cock.

She then took his cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. She worked his length in her mouth, and Manny ran his fingers through her hair, motioning her to go fasters. When she took his cock out of her mouth, Heather began licking the underside of his shaft.

Manny began undoing his belt, while Jason stood beside her and pointed his cock at her face. Heather took turns, sucking on Manny and then on Jason. So far, she was working a wonderful rhythm of pleasing them, until she felt the presence of the third person – her husband, Steve.

Steve was dressed in gray slacks with dark green t-shirt. He was bald and athletic looking. Heather was going to have her hands full with men that want to fuck her. She turned and looked at Steve, as he unzipped his pants and took out his dick. He held himself in his hand and began rubbing it, inching himself closer for Heather to get a taste of him.

Steve wasted no time in pulling down his pants, just before Heather took him in her mouth. The men in the background did the same thing, getting completely naked and stood in front of her with their cocks pointing at her.

Heather was now surrounded by three swords of flesh, each anxiously waiting to be sucked. She took the time sucking on Steve, and then on Manny and Jason. She had the men so worked up, that one of them motioned her to stand up.

Heather stood up, waiting for one of them to take the lead, but what she didn’t anticipate was herself being carried by the three men over to a red leather floor mat. She almost screamed, but she refrained from doing so. She imagined herself as a woman who was stranded on an island with a couple of native men that hadn’t seen or fucked a woman like her. She loved the way they carried her the mattress and laid her on top of the down. Heather felt her legs being parted by Steve, and noticed his look of hunger when his hand reached over to her thong, pulling it aside, before ramming his thick hard cock inside her wet cunt.

Heather returned a deepening moan when she felt Steve stretch her walls of pleasure. He filled every inch of himself inside her and began bucking himself in and out of her pussy.

She caught a delicious view, but her stare was only brief when Jason and Manny surrounded her with their swords of flesh. She took turns sucking on them, moaning at the same time.

Steve moved himself in and out of her, while groaning out of pleasure. He increased his speed, causing a familiar noise of two bodies smacking together. The harder pounded, the more Heather enjoyed. She felt her breasts being groped and fondled by the other men, as her body rocked back and forth from Steve’s thrusts. When he pulled himself out, Steve stood up and allowed Manny to get his turn to fuck her.

Manny moved in front of her, and held her legs up, as she watched his cock disappear inside her. Manny filled her with his first thrust, pushing himself all the way in deep. He moved her sideways and began pounding her rapidly with his thrusts.

Heather had Jason to concentrate on, but she wondered what her husband was doing. She was now left with Jason and Manny, but when Steve returned, he had a bottle of lube in his hand and began pouring some to lube his cock. Heather knew Steve was going inside her ass in a matter of time. The anticipation had really gotten her excited.

When Manny pulled himself out of her, she waited for Jason. Only thing, Jason had motioned her to switch positions, where he lied down and she got on top of him.

Heather straddled herself on top of Jason and held his length in her hand. She lowered herself on top of him, swallowing him inside her entirely. She felt his Jason’s thrusts, moving very intensely until she began gyrating her hips, placing both her hands over chiseled chest. When she felt someone’s hand over her back, Heather stopped rolling her hips to await the second entry.

It was Steve. She could sense him when she felt the tip of his cock against her ass. He pushed himself in her tight hole, causing her to hiss slowly. Steve worked himself carefully in her ass until he was able to push his hips against her ass.

Heather was now taking two cocks at once; Jason in her pussy and Steve in her ass. The men began working out a rhythm together, but most of all, Heather enjoy the delicious, brutal fuck from them. She loved the feeling of her body surrendering between these two men, and even more when she was able to take Manny in her mouth.

All of her holes were now filled. She was amazed at how she could satisfy three men at once, while the men returned her the same satisfaction.

Steve and Jason began picking up their thrusts. Heather, despite having Manny’s cock in her mouth, her moans increased. She felt Steve’s thrusts, intense and demanding, along with Jason’s movement was suddenly taking her to the point of no return. The feeling was wonderful, she took Manny’s cock out of her mouth and screamed out her orgasm.

The men continued pounding her, regardless how her body tensed up to the wonderful feeling they gave her. Heather fell on top of Jason very limp and began kissing him lustfully, while the men continue to fuck her.

Then she felt Steve rock himself intensely. His pants and grunts quickened, Heather could tell he was coming close. He bucked himself very intensely when he gave one deepening thrust and came inside her ass.

Heather fluttered her eyes closed, as she savored the feeling of Steve’s orgasm. She loved the pulsation of his cock, as he filled her ass with his white hot cum. When Steve was spent, he pulled himself out of her ass, unconcerned about his cum leaking out and onto Jason’s cock.

Jason didn’t seemed bothered. He continued fucking her, and Manny moved himself behind her, where she felt his cock stretching her tight hole again.

Manny didn’t need any lube, since Steve’s cum helped with his entry. She was once again filled with two cocks, and this time the men were causing the second wave of pleasure to grow inside her.

The men continued to pound her. Heather felt the feeling building inside her. When she let out her second orgasm, the feeling was more intense than the first one. She heard the men howl out of pleasure as they came inside her, filling both of her holes with their hot cum. The feeling couldn’t get any better. Heather received the triple satisfaction from the three men, in exchange of giving her multiple satisfactions to come.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - 12/15/2015: Spellbound From Lust

Happy Tuesday. It's that time again. And you better grab a bottle of lube, napkin, or vibrator.

I'm ready to scorch you with another hot tease.

“See your girlfriend below?” Trinity whispered in Cameron’s ear when she jerked his cock. He was naked, and his hands were bound behind his back, anxiously watching what the muscular man was doing to his girlfriend, Arianna – fucking her hard and strong, as he witnessed her ass cheeks smacking against his thrusts. “You’re going to be doing that to me soon. Tonight, you’ll be forgetting about her. Your cock belongs to me.”

Cameron was in a trance – a lusting spell. He could feel his cock reaching its arousal, as he continued watching the man below pound his girlfriend, until he threw his head back and bellowed out in his pleasure. Arianna’s pleasurable cries met his, as he came inside of her. The man pushed himself nice and deep, until his pants evened out and he was calmed down.

Meanwhile Cameron, felt the urge to cum. His panting grew intensely when Trinity moved her hand away. Cameron contorted his face and quickened his breath, when Trinity moved her lips next his ear and whispered. “Not yet. I’m just getting you juiced up when you and I are finally alone.”

She then slipped out of her thong and led him inside the room, where she could devour him inside.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mènage Shorts - 12/09/2015: In the Dark Room

Welcome. I'm so excited about writing my first one. I wanted to make it scorching hot.

Better get yourself situated for a delicious short.

Karina was instructed to stand in a dark room naked to await for instructions. It was what she was told. She could only anticipate what was going to happen to her, and yet she felt excited about it.

She stripped down to just her Chantilly-laced stockings and high heels and opened the door, when she entered the dark room. When she turned and closed the door behind her, she suddenly felt the heat of someone’s body behind her, and then her mouth suddenly covered to muffle her scream. She almost screamed, until she heard a man’s voice – a very familiar voice.

“Hello Karina, it feels good to be this close to you.”

She widened her eyes when responded in her soft, husky voice, “Diego.”

Karina was suddenly calmed. Diego was an old friend she used to hang out in high school. She hadn’t seen them in over fifteen years; when they were teenagers. Diego and his friend, Jacob, would hang out with her, experimenting with each other, until one day when her parents were out of the house she invited them to over to have a threesome. She had always wanted to experience one, before she graduated college, but her parents busted them in her room, and since then she hadn’t heard from them until years later.

“Yes, in the flesh,” His hands reached around her body and cupped her tits together with one sweep. “And while we’re on the subject of flesh, you still have that amazing body.”

Karina could feel her knees weakening, and a moisture was beginning to build in her core. She remembered the last time she felt that touch her parents caught them ready to have sex.

“Your hands, they feel really good.”

“You remembered Jacob, don’t you?”

She wondered where he was. Could he see her? Then she felt another set of hands along the side of her curves, and the heat of his body in front of her.

“Oh yes, her body, so nice,” Jacob growled softly, then he placed his hand under her slit. His fingers felt her dampen heat. “And just as wet when I first touched you years ago.”

Karina was in a wanton-like trance. Her body surrendered to their groping. She couldn’t help but arch out her ass against Diego’s cock, as she leaned in and kissed Jacob in the lips. Their kisses were very passionate; enough to make her delicious aches grow with need. She needed one of them to be inside of her.

Then she spoke in her kisses. “I want to feel one of you fuck me right now!”

Diego growled. He was more than happy to fuck her. “Oh yeah, hold still,” he said when he bent her over and rubbed the tip of his dick against her slit. “Oh yes, she’s very wet.”

He pushed in with one full thrust, causing Karina to gasp out of pleasure. She felt him moving in and out of her pussy, while her hand was over Jacob’s cock. Her thumb caressed the tip of Jacob’s shaft, and her kisses were very demanding. Karina loved how Jacob was able to pull her kisses in more. She needed it, loved it. Karina was so wet, she felt Diego’s thrusts move with absolute speed and fury, along with his guttural sounds of pleasure.

Karina broke her kiss and moved her mouth to Jacob’s shaft. She took him in. Her mouth was filled by his entire length, coating him with her saliva.

Meanwhile, Diego was pounding her. Her ass was smacking. Her moans increased, causing her to take Jacob’s cock out of her mouth to let out her cries of pleasure.

Then Diego slowed his thrusts. He pushed in deep – deliciously deep inside her and let out a growl, as she savored his entire length inside her.

“Jacob, are you to fuck her.”

“Oh yeah,” Jacob growled enthusiastically.

Karina was very excited. She couldn’t help fingering herself after Diego slipped out of her. She was so wet, her fingers were coated from her own juices. She stood up, rubbing herself, waiting to feel Jacob’s cock inside her.

She felt herself being supported by Diego, while she felt one of her legs being lifted over Jacob’s waist. Then she felt his hardness against her, as it found its way to her folds and slipping inside her. Karina could feel him stretching her more. Jacob was very thick, thicker than Diego – fuck, he felt so good!

His thrusts began nice and slow, but Jacob couldn’t hold back from moving his hips. She was so wet, she could hear Jacob’s guttural sounds of pleasure increase as he pumped her. She placed her hand over his shoulder for support, and felt her body being rocked from his intense thrust. Then she heard something from Diego that made it more exciting.

She felt his breath over her ear when he asked, “Ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Yes,” she replied quickly. She knew where this was going, and she was excited about it.

“Want two men inside you?”

How could she refuse? She was more then willing and ready to receive these men inside her. The thought of it had her purring with pure desire, as she felt the head of his cock resting against her tight hole.
She felt herself being lifted up by Jacob, cradling her arms over Jacob. Karina felt Diego’s arm over her shoulder, and she almost tensed up when she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her asshole. Then she relaxed herself and allowed his entry. Once she was able to get used to his size, she felt his cock pushing further deep inside her.

She was finally sandwiched between two men, their cocks moved together in rhythm. Karina had longed dreamed to feel a moment like this, both men fucking her at the same time. Their thrusts were very intense, causing her to weaken between. She was succumbing to something she had never experienced before – a wave of pleasure that shook her body unlike any other. The movement of their cocks contributed; Jacob’s girth filling her pussy, while Diego was in her ass. The only thing that separated them was her thin wall of pleasure, and by God, Diego was really taking her there.

She let out a cry of pleasure, as her orgasm ripped through her body. She fell limp between these godly men, as their cocks continued to fill her. Then felt Jacob’s cock throbbing. He straightened himself inside her, as deep as he could and let out his release. His pants and grunts intensified, while Karina felt him twitching inside her, filling her cunt with his white hot cum.

“Fuck, that feels good!” Karina expressed, when her lips found Jacobs, kissing him so hungrily, she sucked in the bottom of his lip.

Jacob’s cock fell out of her, once he was spent. Karina tried to hold his remains inside of her, but she couldn’t. She could feel his cum drip out of her, while Diego pumped her ass.

She was still supported by Jacob’s hold, while Diego fucked her furiously until he let out his cry of pleasure. She felt his thrusts intensifying, and then his howls filled her ears when she felt his cock twitching inside her.

Karina purred, “Yes, that’s right. Let me feel that hot cum in my ass.”

Indeed, she did. Karina felt Diego fill her ass with his seed. She loved how his cock pulsated inside her ass, until he pumped the last drop of cum inside her ass. When Diego pulled himself out of her, the men had set her down on her feet.

Karina was in pure disbelief over what happened to her. She felt the men leave trails of kisses, and then a knock on the door, instructing them to come out of the dark room.

“I had a lot of fun, but I don’t want to leave.” Karina said.

“Neither do we,” Jacob said.

“We can go another round together in the shower.” Diego suggested.


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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - 12/08/2015: Lucero and Valentina

Happy Tuesday. I hope you're up for another segment. It's a very erotic piece.

Here it is.

Lucero looked down on Valentina when she sucked on his cock, taking him entirely in her mouth. The way she moved her head up and down his shaft, he couldn’t believe how wonderful she was able to make him feel. Her sucking had brought such a revival in him; so wet, so juicy, he needed to fuck her.

“Yes,” he hissed softly when he ran his fingers along the side of her face. “now it’s time to let daddy fuck you my little one. Did you bring me something to play?”

Valentina took his cock out of her mouth and gave a naughty grin. “Of course I did. See?”

She stood up and turned herself around, pulling her black lacy panties aside to expose her full ass cheeks. She bent herself over and exposed a red jewel plug that centered in her ass. Valentina looked delicious from there. He couldn’t wait to take it out and fuck her in her tight hole.

“Good girl… good girl.”

Lucero pulled his pants down further and grabbed Valentina by her waist. He pulled her close. Valentina held his cock in her hand as she lowered herself on top of him; the two gasped sensuously in unison. 

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 12/06/2015: What She Let Go

It's been a long time since I've done one of these Random Short Snippets.

Can I arouse your Sunday in 203 words?

The familiar size, the familiar feeling of him – Cody, her ex. The moment he stretched inside of her, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes upward, savoring the feeling of him. And fuck, she couldn’t forget the familiar movement of him – the way he began inside of her – a nice deep thrust that would make her gasp of out of pleasure. Cody knew how to hit her in the right places. He made her nipples peak out with absolute lust and fury, Sarah couldn’t contain herself.

Then she remembered the way he held her. His arms were around her waist, pulling her close to him as she turned and kissed him, ravaging his lips with her wet hot kisses.

She moaned in between them; Cody’s thrust made her that way. She tried to concentrate on his kiss, but it was really impossible to, since his thrusts were deliciously deep inside, hitting the right nerve that caused her to writhe with pleasure.

What happened between them before they broke up? What caused it? Cody was a good man, faithful and honest. Was this her second chance to be back in his arms, or was he just a delicious torment of what she let go?

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Erotic Short Story- 12/05/2015: Kareem and Madeline

A short erotic story in 2142 words about late morning sex. 

Kareem woke up late Saturday morning, only to find Madeline, standing outside in the balcony wearing a very sexy outfit that gave him an eye opener – a black bra with a matching colored thong which accentuated her sexy appearance. In addition, she had on a pair of striped stockings that extended down to her black pumps. Madeline was a look of lust that Kareem couldn’t keep his eyes off of. She had long brown hair that extended down to her shoulders and womanly curves that left Kareem’s mouth open.

Madeline was such a tease. She waved at him when she saw him sitting up on his bed. Then she turned around to show her the rest of her appearance. Kareem couldn’t help noticing her shapely ass, as she leaned over the wooden railing of the balcony. It was a good thing they lived in a wooded place where they didn’t have any neighbors living behind them, otherwise they would attract too much attention.

She turned her head over and gave a naughty smile. Madeline placed her hand over her ass cheek and gave it a soft caress for Kareem to watch. Then she placed both her hands on the deck railing and began wiggling her ass slowly. Kareem watched like a hungry wolf, salivating over her.

Then she bent over more, The only thing that stood in way of both her holes was her black stringy thong. He felt his dick growing under his boxer shorts. All the dirty thoughts were now running through his mind, and to start his day right he needed have her in bed, naked.

Then Madeline turned herself to face him and done the most daring thing ever. She pulled her bra over her perky breasts and showed her pert nipples at him. Kareem’s eyes widened with amazement, thinking to himself that she was very daring to strip in broad daylight. It was a good thing that they didn’t have neighbors around them.

She reached around her back and unhooked her bra. Madeline unhooked her bra and set it over a chair. Then she turned herself around and bent over when she slowly took off her thong. She bent herself more, showing Kareem her pussy and ass, when she slid them down to her ankles. This naughty tease had Kareem hard and ready. It was time to bring her in.

He got out of bed, slipping his hand inside his boxers to hold himself in his hand. He was hard and ready for her. He loved how Madeline shaved herself nice and clean. When he slid the door open, he stepped out into the sunlight and watched Madeline, as she placed her fingers naughtily between her slit.

She looked sexy fingering herself. Kareem loved how she worked herself up to pleasure, and to add more to her naughtiness she moved her fingers from her slit over to her lips. She inserted her fingers in her mouth and gave Kareem a seductive expression, while she moaned in delight.

She slowly pulled her fingers out of her mouth and grinned at him, when she spoke in a soft British accent. “Good morning, Kareem. How did you enjoy to waking up to something like that?”

Kareem narrowed his eyes and gave a wide grin. He loved what she did. The way she teased him from the balcony had him hard and ready, and dying to fuck her.

“You’ve awoken the beast, my love.”

She placed her hand over his darkened chest, admiring the way his chiseled pecs and abs felt in her hand. “Why don’t you take out that lovely beast of yours? I’m just wet thinking of you.”

Kareem growled seductively. He happily obliged at her request when he pulled down his shorts and let them fall down his legs. His hardness was pointing at her; Madeline quickly palmed him in her hand, before she leaned in to give him a kiss.

She kissed him hungrily. Kareem felt his bottom lip being sucked in, while his shaft was massaged in her hand. The feeling was very wonderful.

Then she spoke in between her kisses. “Mmm, you’re making me very horny for you. What do you say we go inside?”

The sun was pretty warm, baking against them. Kareem would stay out with Madeline and fuck her under the sun, but the sun was beating against them, added with the fueled lust, they need to go indoors, where they could get naughtier.

Kareem led her back inside. He slid opened the door and let her in. The way her ass wobbled from each step, Kareem couldn’t help but smacking it playfully.

He slid the door closed. Kareem waited for Madeline to turn around, when she placed her arms over his darkened shoulders. The two looked into each other’s eyes and kissed. Their kiss began slow, and then moved into something very passionate. He loved the way Madeline kissed him. He felt the slip of her tongue in her mouth, while it swirled inside. Her kisses were very lustful and demanding; Kareem couldn’t recall the last time she ever kissed him like that.

His hands made its way down to her ass. Kareem, with one full grab, gave her ass cheeks a nice squeeze. She then guided his hands to the side of her curves, where he caressed them, but he couldn’t help moving his hands to the back of her ass, loving the way it squeezed in his hand.

The two continued to kiss wildly. The way their tongues moved together had him so worked up, he motioned her to get on the bed and part her legs for his taste of her.

Madeline happily obliged. She sat on the bed and lied on her back, parting her legs for him to make his move on her. Kareem dove in, without hesitation, targeting her clit, while she moaned sensuously. His tongue moved skillfully around her center. Kareem gave her wonderful sensations that she was grinding her pussy against his face, placing her hand over his head.

Her moans increased. Madeline’s chest rose and fell like rapidly. Kareem continued assaulting her clit, filling her body with pure ecstasy. He pressed his tongue inside her folds, tasting her flavor. Madeline, in the background, continued to moan while she grinded her hips intensely. He looked up and noticed her caressing her breasts with one hand; her other hand was over her thigh. Kareem pressed his tongue against her clit, with the pure determination to make her cum. Her moans grew louder; Madeline indicated she was coming close. Then her moans transformed into a very erotic noise, filling the room with her orgasm. Kareem was able to make her reach that point of pleasure. He prided himself, knowing he was able to make her feel that way.

When Madeline’s orgasm passed, the two switch positions, where Kareem was lying on his back and Madeline moved herself below his waist, holding his length in her hand. Her lips found its way to her balls, where she extended out her tongue and began licking them slowly.

Kareem closed his eyes and savored the intense pleasure Madeline was giving him. Her eyes met his, as she gave him a very naughty gaze. She ran her tongue up and down on his shaft, leaving wet trails of kisses. Madeline then took him in her mouth, as she sucked him nice and slow.

Her lips enveloped over his shaft. Kareem felt like he was in heaven, by the way she pleased him. His eyes moved to the rest of her body, admiring the way she arched her ass up. If only he could reach his hand behind her ass.

She managed to work his shaft in her mouth, at the same time, stroking him nice and slow. Kareem uttered a groan of pleasure, when he closed his eyes. He could lie there and be pleasured, but being in her mouth only gave enough satisfaction; he needed to be inside her.

“Get on top of me. I want to fuck you right now,” Kareem said when he raised his head up.

Madeline purred when she straddled herself on top of him, and held his length in her hand, as she guided him inside of her. She wanted him so bad, at the moment he was nice and deep inside her, Madeline let out a soft cry of pleasure and rolled her hips intensely, as she rolled her head back.

Kareem moved himself in and out of her pussy. He placed his hands on each side of her curves, while giving her ass cheek a firm slap. He couldn’t help it; he loved the way her ass sounded when he smacked it. Madeline moved herself up and down his shaft. Kareem sunk his fingers in her ass cheeks, savoring the intense pleasure of being inside her.

He held her body close, and then gave her a nice deep thrust inside of her. Kareem continued moving in and out of her, until his cock slipped out of her, causing Madeline to give a pouty expression. She really loved the feeling of him being inside of her. She guided him back inside her, and immediately, she was bouncing up and down on his cock.

Kareem and Madeline exchanged pants together. She collapsed herself on top of him and kissed his lips. Her kisses were ravenous. She continued gyrating her hips, and Kareem’s kisses moved the side of her neck, leaving wet licks as it aroused her more. Madeline continued to move herself up and down on his shaft, until she stop and clenched herself around his cock.

She looked into his eyes and noticed a waken expression. Kareem loved how she was able to put him under a lustful spell. Her pussy felt so good; he was very hard inside of her.

Then Madeline requested, “I want you to fuck me from behind, and don’t stop until I feel you cum inside me.”

Kareem narrowed his eyes wickedly. He was ready to give her what she needed. She was a woman who really enjoyed having sex. She got off of him, and the two quickly switched positions, where Madeline was on her hands and knees waiting for Kareem to enter her from behind. He was so full of lust, he couldn’t help grabbing her hips and burying his face between her ass, when he licked her center. Her hand reached behind her and touched his head. Kareem penetrated her with his tongue, causing her to gasp in ecstasy. All this licking caused him to grow with pure excitement. He raised his head, held her by her hips and shoved himself inside her, fucking her hard and fast.

He rammed himself, causing her ass to smack against his hips. Kareem pounded her, as he placed his arm over her shoulder, pulling her along with his thrusts. His hands were on each side of her hips. Madeline turned her head back towards him, looking at him as he pounded her from behind. Then his thrusts moved so nice and deep, she couldn’t help placing her hand over his wrist to take in suck a deep fucking. Kareem’s size pushed in her so intense, she literally collapsed on the bed crying out of pleasure. Madeline couldn’t help fingering herself.

The view of Madeline fingering herself looked so hot, Kareem couldn’t help pumping her with his strokes. His fingers gripped along her waist; Madeline was screaming out of pleasure. Kareem’s body was drenched with sweat, it dripped all over her ass as he huffed a familiar sound with the indication of him coming close.

Then he growled, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

“Fucking let it rip!” She screamed; Madeline was reaching another climax.

Kareem gave one last shove in her pussy when he came inside her. He was in deep – deliciously deep inside her, pumping her with all of his cum. The feeling of his orgasm was so intense, it gave Madeline a second wave of pleasure, causing her to match his noise with her noise of pleasure. Fuck, it was so intense.

When Kareem was spent, he couldn’t help collapse on top of her, leaving wet trails of kisses on her back. He pulled himself out of her and lied down on his back to catch some air. All he could now think of was how wonderful the sex was.

Then Madeline moved herself on top of Kareem, with a naughty grin, while she ran her fingers over his chest. “You were fucking amazing!”

Kareem grinned, knowing he was able to satisfy her. The two remained still until their eyes closed. They didn’t realize they fell asleep, until they woke up a couple of hours later. It was the most wonderful sex they had in a long time. They should do it again; Kareem was sure Madeline wouldn’t mind. 

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Tantalizing Tuesday - 12/01/2015: For Now

Happy Tuesday. It's the first of December, and I'm happy to come up with another naughty tease, this time it's a little over 200 words. The flow of the story was too hot to stop.

Marcus sat in his chair, drinking off his rock glass. He spoke to Misty and Anna with an Eastern European accent, “You two have been fighting all week. I’m going to teach you two to get along.”

Misty, the woman with dark hair in a ponytail tried to argue,” But—”

“But nothing,” Marcus argued back. “I want to see you two kiss and make up, right here in front of the Mistress.”

Kiss and make up? With this little snot-nose bitch? Misty thought to herself. Anna was the kind of girl that give her the attitude, and come with the snide remarks, knowing it would get on her nerves.

“Go on,” Marcus said. “You two, kiss and make up.”

Misty turned to her and looked into her eyes. Anna returned a cold, fiery grin that made Misty want to punch the shit out of her. She placed her hand on her face, restraining herself from wanting to hurt the bitch. Anan placed her hand on her bra strap; she was ready for whatever move Misty was going to make.

Then Misty said, “For now,”

“I know you’re going to like me after this.”

Anna was probably right, because she could feel her bra strap being pulled down her shoulders when Misty leaned in to kiss her.

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Welcome to the World! OUT Now!! Three New Holiday Books by Pablo Michaels @pablomichaels1 ~ Release Blitz

          Secret Santa                   Little Old St. Nick              The Christmas Car
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The Secret Santa
Pablo Michaels
ISBN: 978-0-9943462-8-5
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Waking amidst a cloud of white powder, Devon cannot believe what he beheld, an image of his childhood fantasy, a skimpily dressed hunk, portraying Santa Claus. The Secret Santa, Erik, taunts Devon with erotic gestures in conveying Santa’s message for Devon to be enlisted as a Secret Santa. Devon must perform certain tasks to prove his love and loyalty to his lover, Peter. Continuously appearing and vanishing in a shroud of white powder, Erik guides Devon along his path to attain his goal. But Erik tempts him sexually, especially when Devon is exercising to perfect his body for Peter on Christmas Day. Devon attempts to tell Peter about the mysterious Secret Santa but receives a disbelieving response. Through all the temptations and with approach of the big day, how does Peter react to the surprise Christmas Eve party which he did not want? Does Devon prove his love and loyalty to Peter?


 Devon jolted awake from a deep sleep. Opening his eyes, slowly, he focused through a plume of twinkling, white powder to a stranger standing at the foot of the bed. He thought he was imagining this six foot tall man, sculpted like a Greek god. His head was adorned with a red and white Santa hat. His trimmed, snowy white beard blended with the long hair cascading down to his ivory, cropped hairy chest. Scrutinizing him more thoroughly, he realized he was not an apparition but real. Devon’s penis surged into erection, as he stared at the fluffy, red jockstrap, accenting the large bulge beneath. He couldn’t ignore the black leather suspenders attached to the waistband of the Christmas themed loin cloth and the shiny, dark, leather boots, stretching to his knees. He never imagined Santa Claus would excite him as this man did.
“Who are you?” Devon gasped, accelerating his curiosity into unfamiliar fantasies. 
“Don’t you recognize me, Devon?” The man bellowed a hearty laugh.
“You look like the Santa Claus from my childhood memories.” Devon mumbled, secretively.
“Have you given up on the true spirit of Christmas?” The Santa Claus imposter smiled and sat at the edge of the bed next to Devon.  
Devon’s right hand brushed a few strands of his unruly hair from his eyes. Becoming more alert, he focused his eyes more from the previous distorted vision. He turned to wake Peter, but his partner was gone. 
“Peter left an hour ago.  Don’t you remember he had to work early?”
“How do you know our names?”
“You still don’t believe?” The man smiled, his sparkling, cobalt blue eyes radiating erotic warmth.     
“You can’t be the real Santa Claus,” Devon insisted.
“You’re just not. For one, you can’t be real.”
“Oh, I am real. Want to touch?” The man extended his muscular arm within Devon’s reach.
Devon wrapped his two hands around his biceps. “Okay. So you are real. Man, are you really real. But you are not Santa Claus.”
”Well…-no.  But I’m a special assistant, assigned to help him.”
“You’re one of his elves, then?”
“No. Look at me. Do I really look like an elf?”
“Yeah right. You can’t be one of Santa’s elves. You’re too big. And the size of that bulge beneath your very revealing jockstrap would definitely eliminate you.” 
 “I’m a Secret Santa. I was sent here to rekindle your love and happiness.” The secret assistant edged closer, the bulge in his pouch becoming more pronounced.
“Did the real Santa Claus send you to seduce me?”
“Oh; no, no, no!  You’ve been selected to be a Secret Santa, like me.” He shimmied next to Devon, until there was physical contact between them. “I’ll teach you how to become a Secret Santa. I’ll reignite the fire of your passion with an exceptional power found in a special recipe from the North Pole’s almighty vault. Ultimately, Peter’s happiness will be restored.” He stooped, rubbing his broad shoulders against Devon’s chest. He looked up at Devon and smiled.
“I’m getting aroused? This shouldn’t be happening, if you were sent by the real Santa.”
“I’m only testing you, and your love for Peter. And to evaluate your qualifications.” He set his hand on Devon’s thigh, massaging it, firmly.
“A test? This is the worst temptation I’ve had in years. What’s your name?”
“It will get easier,” he spoke softly, continuing to grope his leg. “I’m Erik, of Nordic descent.”
Little Old St. Nick

“Is sex before dinner with Little Old St. Nick the true meaning of Christmas?”

Jonathan and Prescott have a fairy tale relationship until one year when they hit rock bottom. A last ditch effort by Prescott to decorate for the holidays accompanied by their next door older neighbor’s kinky gifts and a Christmas dinner. Jacob has the appearance of a little old ST. Nick. His efforts help Jonathan and Prescott resolve their problems. Years later Jonathan has the same opportunity to help their neighbors by playing the role of Little Old St. Nick. Does sex before Christmas dinner play an important part of Christmas to Little Old St. Nick? 


Jonathan and Prescott lived a fairy tale romance, especially during the holiday season. They loved each other with devotion, never expressing jealousy. They were both very handsome men and took pride in their grooming, never to allow sloppiness to enter their lifestyle. Every year, they celebrated Christmas and the holidays with unusual and exotic festivities.   Jonathan studied the display of twinkling, multi-colored lights he had strung on the on the Christmas tree. Looks good. But lacks something. Ah, yes, the ornaments, of course. I’m so glad we collected our ornaments from all over the world. They’re our memories of our fabulous trips. I can remember where we got that hand-blown glass one. Let me look for it. It was from Germany. The colors in it are so beautiful. It is so amazing how the lights dazzle you as they reflect through it. He unwrapped the ornaments, carefully setting them aside to hang, momentarily. Here it is. He hung the ornament and watched the lights filter through the various hues of glass.   Ah, yes. Just as I remembered it. He continued to hang the ornaments on the tree.
   Upon finishing the decorating, Jonathan sat in the windowsill, inspecting the tree for any empty spaces. He found the tree adequately filled with enough ornaments. He turned and watched the snow fall on the tall spruce tree in the front yard. It had cloaked the tree, the lights he had strung almost disappearing. Our yard looks so nice, the tree lit up and the eaves of the roof sparkling brightly with all the colors. It will be so nice to have all our friends and family here for the party. Everyone seems to enjoy it. I am so glad that the food we collected for the needy will help out this year. Times have been rough and people need food, especially on Christmas. I hope Prescott likes the presents I give him this year. It wasn’t easy finding things original. I think he will be so hot in that see through jock strap. He has such a nice dick. The way tapers to a big bulging crown when it’s hard. I love our sexual romp in bed while the prime rib cooks for Christmas Day dinner. I love the holidays. It’s so festive.
   He watched a UPS truck pull up. The man jumped out with a bundle of packages for their neighbor across the street, Jacob. Our Little Old St. Nick has been remembered. I wonder who started calling him that. Prescott or me? But he does look like Santa. His little pot belly, that snow white hair and beard. Even his eyes sparkle when he laughs. He’s such a dirty old man, though. I love his stories with Rosa. He tells us everything that goes on with her. Even their sexual escapades. He’s funny. He has certainly enjoyed our Christmas dinners. I hope we have his strong sexual drive when we’re his age. He made us laugh that time he gave us a box of condoms. He brings us mistletoe each year and begs to watch us kiss. I suppose that is why we call him Little Old St. Nick.   The UPS man drove his truck down the street. Jonathan continued to watch the snow pile up again on the street, remembering their Christmas morning event. First, we open our stockings. Then, we rush to the Community Center and feed a hot meal to the homeless for the annual Christmas Feast. We donate coats and sweaters.  We’re not quite as guilty for having prime rib and spending money on lavish gifts for ourselves.
   But it was not always a season of joy and harmony. Back in the first years of their relationship, they did not have it so good. Jonathan was unemployed. They lived each day on a dwindling budget; they barely had enough food for Christmas Day dinner.

The Christmas Card

Billie hands his partner, Glenn, his Christmas card, a picture of them in scant underwear taken years before when their bodies were younger. Billie requests they undress and get into the same underwear, depicted on the cover of the card for a night of frolic. When the Christmas carols begin to play on the stereo, Glenn is surprised by the four bartenders from the new bar, My Man cave, holding large Christmas ornaments in front of their naked bodies to assist in decorating for Christmas. The a little later, there is a knock at the dining room door. The salesman from the Christmas tree lot delivers their tree without any clothes. Finally, their hunky neighbor arrives in a Santa suit to help celebrate in the festivities. Can Glenn hold out for the final celebration in bed with Billie?


“Open this and you’ll find out how I’m trying to be good this year.” Billie handed Glenn an envelope.
Glenn opened a Christmas card. “Oh, no. This is the picture of our first Christmas together. You were really devious that year. ” But he was still suspicious of Billie’s intentions. “Where’d you find this picture?”
“Never mind. Why don’t you give me a kiss? Just like you did under that mistletoe in the picture?”
“You have to wear some underwear like you did that day."
“That’s a definite possibility when we get home. But only if you wear a red jockstrap.”
Glenn ignored his comment, studying the cover of the card more carefully, while Billie paid the waiter.  
On the drive home from the restaurant, Glenn reminisced over the first Christmas they had spent together fifteen years ago. Billie had hung mistletoe from a eucalyptus tree limb in the backyard of the house. He knew Billie had saved those Santa hats. They took pictures of each other, grasping a branch that suspended horizontally, dressed in only red Santa hats and festive underwear, Glenn in his red jockstrap and Billie in thin, red silky briefs. Of course, that was many years before when they were much younger, very much in love, and willing to do almost anything sexually bold.
“I suppose you hung mistletoe from a tree in our backyard?”
“No, but there is some hanging above the steps in the dining room. We can take pictures again for our Christmas cards next year.” Billie parked the car in front of their house.
“I don’t think so. Not at our age. I don’t think our friends would be thrilled by me in a jockstrap.”
“You’d be surprised. You’re still very sexy.”
They walked into the house, everything was festive inside, except the tree which had yet to be decorated.
"How much did you have to beg or do for whoever helped you for your Christmas gift?" Glenn opened the card again. He remembered the chill of the cold December air rushing around and through him, especially since he had been dressed only in his seasonal, red and white jockstrap that first Christmas. "I’m getting cold just thinking of that first Christmas."
"Not a thing, when I said it was for you. Don't you think I'd be sizzling hot in a pair of underwear you like so much?" Billie bragged about the low-cut red briefs he had worn that year, purposely to taunt him. Glenn preferred the satin-smooth nylon fabric.  The thin silk-like fabric aroused him. He liked to feel Billie’s dick hardening through the flimsy underwear. "Yes, you would look enticing. I don’t believe your gift didn’t cost anything.”
“I’ll be right back.” Billie interrupted him, escaping from Glenn’s inquisition, rushing to their bedroom. He quickly shed all his clothes and pulled out a pair of red boy shorts from the drawer in the dresser. The material was thin and soft to the touch. I know he’ll like these. He slipped them on and put on the familiar Santa hat. He pulled out a red jockstrap for Glenn and placed it on the bed next to the other Santa hat.
As he entered the living room, Billie flaunted his attire.

About the Author:

Pablo Michaels disguised himself as a shy, friendly heterosexual during his adolescence, fantasizing other males. Falling in love with another man his first year in college, he followed him to another university to maintain their platonic love, while he continued in his in studies. When he had his first sexual encounter with another man, just before turning twenty-one, he exploded into gay life with lust and anger. He attempted to live his new life naturally, seeking love, ignoring the statistics of the books he read on homosexuality in high school, and proving what he had read was wrong.
He wrote poetry and stories since third grade. When he turned twenty-one, he moved to San Francisco to work and write, experiencing more of gay life. In the 1980's he wrote every chance he had, trying and failing miserably at publishing mainstream fiction. He published his first story in 1986 in a literary magazine.
After writing plays, short stories, poetry, and two novels, he began writing gay genre stories, since he had more knowledge and experience with gay lifestyle. Trying to publish, he went to a library seminar hosted by two published authors. Inspired by the gay writer, Scott Kemble he connected with him on the internet site for The San Francisco Bay Area Literary Arts Newsletter and Review, which published four of Pablo's short stories.
Feverously writing since 2004, he published his first e-book, “Pagan Knights of Cambria“ with Life of Riley Productions in London. Soon a mainstream story, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again Hooray", published also. In 2012 Pablo self-published his first novel, "Catnip, Rosemary, Rage and Time", combining mystery and humor in a gay, erotic romance. He continues to write more episodes in his next novel, The Deer in the Forest The plot spreads over several decades, about a man's attempts to adapt to the world he lives, all with love, heartache, history and survival at no cost. 
His latest article, Why Gay Men Retire to Palm Springs, was just published in the very popular online magazine. You can read the insightful article here. 
Pablo retired from gardening and landscaping to devote his energy to write fiction. As a gay man he wishes to promote his writing in the fictional, gay genre to help others understand the necessity for equal rights for LGBT people and comprehend that love between a man and a man, people of the same sex, is as natural as love between a man and a woman. Throughout his lifetime he has experienced the long battle of achieving acceptance. He has searched for a committed relationship with another man. He has loved his partner for eighteen years. They were married legally in front of Harvey Milk's bust in the rotunda of San Francisco City Hall by a judge, in 2008. Although their marriage remained legal after the passage of Proposition 8, they continued to work to repeal DOMA and Prop. 8. Throughout his life he has attempted to live and practice peace as a process for living.
His book, Blood, Sweat and Black Leather, a gay paranormal romance, was published by Yellow Silk Dreams in January 2015. His Latest book, Affairs of Men’s Hearts, published in May 2015 by Yellow Silk Dreams is an anthology of four stories connected by the themes of gay men seeking love with another man, from wishful thinking male to male romances to gay marriage.

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