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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 12/25/2014: A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Merry Christmas. Yes, I should be out there chilling with my lady, but a writer is never off on Christmas either, however. I'm only going to share this snippet and spend a wonderful Christmas with my lady.

This will be my last Thursday Tasters post for 2014. See you in 2015!

Come have a look at my WIP that I submitted to a publisher.

A Thrill Seeking Relationship


“You know, you’ve always been a wonderful kisser. Ever since Josh hung that mistletoe over us, it was all I could think about was how I enjoyed kissing you.”
“Me too. You know, I was at first worried what people would say when we made out in the subway, but being with you didn’t matter. I just love how make me feel so comfortable.”
Lourdes blew out her breath, fanning herself. “I’ve been turned on by women and men, but no one’s ever made me feel this wet like you.”
“Really?” Isabel asked.
“Yeah, you should feel how wet I am?” She backed away and lifted up her shirt. She unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them to allow Isabel’s hand to slide. “Go ahead, feel it.”
Isabel slid her hand inside Lourdes’s jeans, giving her a feel. The way Lourdes reacted to Isabel’s touch, he wished he was her, right now, feeling how wet Lourdes was.
“Oh my, you’re very wet!” Isabel pulled her hand out. Her fingers were glazed from Lourdes’s juices. She then placed her fingers in her mouth to taste in her flavor. “Mmmm… why don’t you let my man feel how wet you are.”
Lourdes gave a husky reply, “Really, I’d love that!”
Isabel turned to Josh, “Josh, feel how wet she is.”
Josh approached her and felt his hand being held by Lourdes’s when she guided his hand inside her jeans to feel how wet she was. His fingers slipped past Lourdes’s panties, feeling the smoothness of her pussy. When he pressed inside her folds, he was intrigued to feel how wet she was.
He uttered softly, “Oh yes, she’s very wet.”
His eyes met Lourdes’s, she had a pure wanton look of lust when he fingered her. He wanted to kiss her so bad, he could feel his heart pumping to his chest. He contemplated doing the same to Isabel. He was the luckiest man alive to be alone with two women that wanted to fuck.
 He motion Isabel to come closer to him. “Come here, I want to feel your pussy too.”
Isabel unbuckled her belt and undid her pants to allow Josh slide his hand inside her. When he did, he felt the wetness of Isabel’s pussy. He pressed inside her folds, causing her to give the same reaction like Lourdes.
“How wet is she?” Lourdes was anxious to know.

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  1. A very hot taste indeed! Merry Christmas.

  2. THAT was a very hot taster and delightful snippet of your WIP. Merry Christmas for me, Ray. Geez........xo

  3. There's definitely sexy fun in the offing here.Great taster

  4. Ooooh damn, that was hot! Could be very fun, I'd love to read more.

  5. So hot. I like Josh's reaction.