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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 12/04/2014: A Thrill-Seeking Relationship

Hey guys, I'm happy to post my Thursday Taster for you guys, and I'm looking forward to
give you a taste of my WIP - A Thrill-Seeking Relationship, a story about a couple that just been together for almost two years and go on sexual adventures.

Here is my post. I hope you enjoy.

His hand cupped between her cleavage, he wanted to pull them down. Josh wanted to see her breast jiggle while he fucked her, but the bra was wrapped on too tight and he didn’t want to break the rhythm the two had going on in the bedroom.
Isabel leaned her head down to kiss him. She moaned through the kisses, while Josh grabbed her ass. Isabel had a beautiful ass; definitely not skinny, but not too wide. She was just right to his liking. He couldn’t help but smack her ass.
Isabel broke her kiss and raised her head. “Oh god, do that again.” He smacked her ass again, but apparently it wasn’t enough. “Harder!” He gave her ass another smack, this time as hard as he could. This smack was loud enough to fill the bedroom entirely. “I’m so close, keep smacking it.”
Josh gave her ass one more smack. This smack was equally loud as the previous one, but probably hard enough to leave such a mark, but that smack was intense enough to make Isabel climax. She raised herself and bucked her hips. She gave a cry of pleasure when she closed her eyes, causing her orgasm to suddenly trigger his. Josh’s orgasm suddenly met hers when he tilted his head back and shot his load inside her walls of pleasure.
Their orgasm was so intense, Isabel collapsed herself on top of him, clenching her fingers into his shoulders when she left wet kisses against his neck. The feeling was totally hot; explosive. This was better than being at Maggie’s party, but the two had their own party in Maggie’s bathroom.
When their orgasms passed, Isabel looked up and smiled, telling him in her seductive, husky voice. “That was fucking hot, Josh.”
“Maggie can surely throw a boring party, but she does have a nice bed.”
Isabel giggled before she kissed him on his lips. Their kiss began sensual, which morphed into something passionate. Josh wrapped his arms around her back, and the two were lost in their kiss, until they heard the door knob jiggling, and the bedroom door creaking, taking the two suddenly off-guard.

“Oh my god!” It was Maggie. They were finally busted. “You two get up and get out! Get out of my house!”
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  1. Awww, jealous Maggie. I thought this was hot to trot and they did. Not having a good time at a party? Find a bedroom or batroom, and make your own. Gotta love it. xo

    1. I noticed the error, before you commented. I corrected it a bit too late.

  2. Oh Maggie. Why did you have to go and ruin their moment of pleasure. Hot taster Ray, love it

  3. Haha. Were they trying to get thrown out? At least they had finished!

  4. Hahaha Maggie caught them! I'm sure they'll be happy to take it somewhere else than her boring party though.