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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 12/16/2014: Darla's Bay Bridge Experience.

Hi! It's another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday, and I'm always looking to warm your day up with something delicious and hot in 200 words.

Normally, I post erotic pics with a snippet, but today I'm so out of it that I decided to do something easy and simple - my trip to the Bay Area in May 2014, but instead I use my two favorite characters in this snippet - Darla & Tyler.


Darla was looking forward to meet Tyler’s father for the first time, but to get there they had to cross over the Bay Bridge in order to get to San Mateo. When Tyler paid the toll booth, Darla was looking forward of the wonderful view of the San Francisco Bay as the passed through the eastern portion of the Bay Bridge. She was impressed of the new structure, compared to the old eastern span. When they passed through the tunnel of Yurba Buena Island, there was a transformation of the scenery – The western span of the Bay Bridge – a large suspension bridge that offered a serene, breathtaking view of the San Francisco skyline on a clear day. The day was so brisk and clear, she could see the Golden Gate Bridge from there.  

As they approached the city limits, Darla whipped out her camera to capture the beautiful skyline of San Francisco and the surrounding areas of the city. She caught a glimpse of Angel Island from afar and Alcatraz. It was a priceless view to remember; too bad she could get this view once in that direction.

“Nice, huh?” Tyler asked.


“We’ll take the Golden Gate on the way back.”

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  1. Such great descriptions, Ray. I can so see it :-)

  2. I loved the fact that you used The Bay Bridge. The Golden Gate is always the one that most people use but the view from the Bay Bridge is just as nice if not even better. Good visual writing, Ray!

  3. Your poto and descriptions made me homesick, Ray. I could smell the salt-brine air and exhaust on the bridge traffic. Alcatraz and Angel Island, Candlestick Park, in the day, on a boat in the Bay listening to a game with a beer and a line in. Very nautural, very homey, very good visuals to make me melancholy. Bravo Rau.

  4. Your descriptions were accurate. You proved the beauy of San Franicsco is not a myth. Darla and Tyler should walk on the pedestrian walkway on the new Eastern span.

  5. A change of pace with this week's teaser. Tender and beautiful. Made me want to visit. Great going Ray

  6. Sight seeing is fabulous, especially enjoying it with someone you love.

  7. Really well written and perfectly described tease, Ray