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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Tasters - 12/23/2014: Never Alone For The Holidays

Hey guys, I want to wish you Happy Holidays from the author himself. 
Tis the season to be giving with a sexy, scene.


Jamar couldn’t believe that he lost his keys, and the he had to get the super to unlock his door to get him. When Jamar entered, he was thankful to be home. He lost his entire set of keys somewhere between work and the conference. How could he be so careless?

He flicked the lights and saw something on his kitchen counter – his set of keys on top of a note. He wondered, how the hell did they get there? Someone was definitely in his apartment. He stepped inside to read the note: Sorry I swiped your keys at work. We shouldn’t spend Christmas alone. All I want is you in the living room.

He set the note down and walked out of the kitchen. When he flicked the switch in the living room, he noticed a gorgeous half-naked woman with strawberry blonde hair, wearing a red bra and panties with white leg stockings and Christmas cap. She held a candy cane in her hand, laying on top of a white fur coat and Christmas items around the floor.

Jamar dropped his jaw, “Kelly.”

Kelly spoke in her husky voice. “Merry Christmas baby. Why don’t you come over and unwrap your present.”

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  1. Great tease Ray Love the way she went about getting her man

  2. No one should spend Christmas alone, and they definitely won't! Too bad she didn't let him know somehow so he wasn't fretting the keys!

  3. Such a clever trick. Bet she is on Santa's Naughty List. I'd be tempted to give her a piece of my mind for swiping my keys and putting me through all that adjada, but in this case? After, way after...maybe not ever. Adorable and sexy tease, Ray, I love it. xo

  4. Ah, very nice tease, indeed, Ray. After all that trouble she put him through, I know he's gonna have fun taking it out on her. Nice, very nice!

  5. Now who could refuse that! I bet he'll have great fun unwrapping his present. Great teaser. Happy Christmas

  6. Nice tease Ray! I wonder what happens next? ~,^