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Saturday, December 13, 2014

From my WIP - A Thrill-Seeking Relationship

Hey guys, I thought about sharing this little snippet from my menage novella - A Thrill-Seeking Relationship. a story about a thrity-something couple, Josh and Isabel, that seek sexual adventures in their relationship. After sharing a threesome with Isabel's best friend, Lourdes, the two have found that special someone who would help fill the void, but would Lourdes consider being in a relationship with two people?

But in this scene, I revised the m/f/m menage scene when Josh present Isabel with a surprise - her ultimate fantasy to share herself with two men.

Come check out this hot scorching piece, in 740 words. Please bare in mind this draft is was unedited, except by me.

Please enjoy!

“This feels so wonderful.” She moaned placing her hand behind Demar’s neck, pulling his kisses closer to her body, while Josh kissed his way down to her back. “I can’t wait to have the both of you inside me.”
Josh stood up and placed his slid his hand over her left should, whispering at the back of her ear. “We can’t wait to be inside you too.” Then he commanded, “Why don’t you get yourself over on the couch. I want to see how horny you really are.”
“Oh baby, I’m very horny.”
She walked over there and took a seat of the brown leather sofa. Isabel then parted her legs and began to caress her thighs. Then she began to slide hand over her tummy and unloosen her bra, letting her breast fall free to her touch. She pulled aside her panties and revealed her delicious sex for Josh and Demar to see. She placed one hand over her center, caressing it softly, until her fingers found the wanton center. Isabel’s other hand slid over breasts, caressing them, each one-by-one. She pushed her fingers in and out of her folds, having the two men to hurry out of their clothes and join her on the couch. She was really into herself.
“Oh hurry, I want to taste one of you right now.” She rolled her head back as she rubbed herself furiously.
Isabel let out soft moans, letting her body writhe into pleasure. By the time Josh got out of his clothes, he hurried over there and held his girth in his hand, stroking himself, in sync of the way she masturbated. Demar joined Isabel at the other side, stroking his shaft, as he sat beside her leaning in to suck on one of her nipples.
Josh placed his hand over her sex. His fingers crossed her labia; she was very wet with desire. Isabel was both anxious and ready to be fucked by two men at once, but Josh wanted to get a taste of her body first. He leaned in and sucked the other side of her nipple, flicking his tongue against her hardened peak, while Isabel placed both her hand on each of their shafts. The two feasted on her breasts like they were a fruit fallen from a tree. Isabel continued to stroke their cocks, while the men helped her out of her bra.
Demar then moved himself on top of the couch and held out his shaft for her to take in her mouth. She held his girth firmly and without any hesitation, she popped him in her mouth, making loud sucking noises that had him groaning out of pleasure.
She then took Demar’s cock out of mouth and turned to Josh, leaning her head down to take him in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, while stroking him vigorously. Josh loved the feel of her wet mouth and tongue that swirled around his shaft. He wanted to be inside of her. He looked Demar, and he was helping her out of her lacy panties. Isabel stood up to let him slide her panties down. Once her panties slid free from her body, Isabel rested one knee on the sofa and stood with one leg, allowing Demar to insert his fingers inside her folds.
Isabel was really enjoying it. She concentrated on Josh cock, but she let out a moan, when she felt his fingers pushing in and out of her. Demar bury his face behind her ass, tasting the nectar of her body. Isabel couldn’t help letting out her sounds of pleasure, almost feeling distracted from pleasing Josh, but she managed. When she raised her head, she turned around and faced Demar, taking his length back in her mouth as she worked him up and down. At the same time, Josh leaned his face in her ass and circled his tongue around her tight hole. He released a glob of saliva on her asshole and worked it with his hand where she was able to receive his fingers that went in and out. Josh fingered her pussy in the process, helping Isabel feel good about her pleasure. However, he concentrated on her lusting star, where he was able to open her a little, at the same time lubing it with his tongue.
Isabel raised her head up and told Josh, “Put it in right now. I wanna get fucked – hard.”

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