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Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Flash Fiction - 12/05/2014: Darla Says Hurry Up

Hey guys, it's late, I know. 

I was out in Salt Lake City, UT, US to handle some personal matters.

Anyways, I have my Flash Fiction Friday up for you guys. Enjoy!

Darla called Tyler out from the living room, while he was in the kitchen making toasted crostinis with bruschetta. “Hurry up, the movie is about to start!”

“I’m coming, wait up!” He called out from the kitchen.

It was a good thing Darla was able to put the movie on pause. This movie was something she deemed a must-see – an erotic movie of dominance, pleasure, and discipline. She paused the erotic movie to the scene where the woman in a black dress was blindfolded, with a man holding leather cuffs in chains.

Tyler, ,” She lifted up her shirt, flashing her breasts. “the movie’s started!”

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  1. Who would care about a movie when one has bare titties waiting? She is definitely trying to tell Tyler something about what SHE wants that he is going to love other than toasted crostinis with bruschetta. Cute, Ray, very fun. xo

  2. Nice twist, Ray. Wonder what's he gonna do now? ;-)

  3. Heh heh, I wonder how much of the movie they are going to see :-)

  4. Love the twist. Very playful and naughty. I have a feeling the movie will be playing as well as Darla and Tyler will be doing their own little movie. :) Great flash!

  5. You've really made me want to see that movie lol. Great flasher

  6. A flash within a flash excellently written Ray