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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 11/27/2014: Busted

Hi, it's been a while since I've been on Thursday Tasters. It's Thanksgiving in the United States, and I'm into celebrating it with my loved ones -- my lady of almost 10 years and her stepson, along with friends and family.

Anyways, I have a little snippet from a story I haven't officially named, but I thought I should share some some erotic comedy, one of my favorites to write about.

This picture practically writes itself.


It was three a.m., and max was ready to call it a night after bouncing at the local night club. He had Selena cradled in his arm as they left the night club together, stepping into the parking lot, walking towards her car.

“Let me walk you to your…” he paused, hearing a strange noise somewhere. “car.” He turned to his side and noticed a minivan, moving from side to side and a sound of a woman yelling in the car. “What the?”

Selena turned and noticed the car swaying form side to side. “Oh my god! That’s Cecilia’s van.” she giggled.

“Hey wanna have some fun?” He led her to the minivan. “Come on, just play along. I know this guy that’s with your friend.”

Max reached in his back pocket and pulled out a heavy-duty flashlight. When Max and Selena approached the car, they watched two half-naked couples fucking in the driver’s side of the minivan. Max knew who it was, he thought about having some fun, by holding the lit flashlight into the minivan. When the light hit the woman’s face, she literally freaked by screaming. She had the most deer in the headlights look ever.”

The man turned and shielded his face from the light. The light was so bright, he couldn’t recognize who was standing in front of them. Selena let out a laughter, it was a Kodak moment to remember.

When Max walked over to the passenger side of the van, he tapped on the window, waiting for the man to roll down the window. The man reached for the handle to roll down the window partially.

“What the hell, officer?” the man yelled.

“You’re lucky I’m not a cop, but I did find your wife.”

Cecilia shot a look of disbelief at the man on top of her. “You’re fucking married?”

Selena laughed her ass off, clapping her hands from Cecilia’s reaction. Max threw in the lifeline for the man, by setting down the flashlight. “No, he’s not married, but he’s too fucking cheap to get a room.”

“Oh Selena, you fucking bitch!”

Selena laughed so hard, she couldn't contain herself. Max give a sinister laughter as he backed away, waving at him.


  1. How cute~~ No Thanksgiving for him. Very funny, Ray. xo

  2. Haha! Oh, so funny Ray. Great taster

  3. That was hilarious!
    Little edit though, "two half-naked couples", that makes 4 people.