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Friday, November 28, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/28/2014: Vengence

I'm back. I had a great Thanksgiving, and I'm looking present my flash for Friday.


Willow sat by in her chair, enjoying her orange chai tea, while the morning sun beamed inside her living room window. When she finished her tea, she rose from her chair and set her cup of tea and tray on the chair. She walked over to the couch, where she towered over her bound and gagged male victim. He was frightened, attempting to move and squirm out of it, but he couldn’t budge.

Willow smiled. She leaned closer to him and whispered with cold vengeance in her heart.

“You don’t remember raping me at the party, years ago. I’ll help you remember.”

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  1. Whoa, Ray, THAT was a surprise. Such a beautiful image do be riddled with frozen retribution. His road to perdition, I am afraid, is going to be painful, her's satisfying. I am pretty sure it is going to be much better to be her today. Everyone pays, sooner or later. Karma is a bad, bad bitch. Loved it. xo

  2. That is an amazing Flash Powerful and totally unexpected

  3. Excellent! I love it when vengeance is mine :-)

  4. Oh wow! Chill worthy and good for Willow for getting her revenge!

  5. Wow! I wasn't expecting that! I hope she gets her revenge. Great flasher