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Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Beginning Of A New Era -- Being An Author

Well, this is it -- I'm no longer the manager of a department, where I took pride of my staff, but never forgot where I came from, and never forgot what they did to make me look good. I want to thank them, but the main reason for me leaving was the most difficult decision of my life -- to continue being in management or take the biggest, calculating risk of my entire life. 

It's a scary road ahead, and I'm uncertain where I'll go, but I have a positive feeling to finish up the projects that I've longed wanted to complete -- a number of books to write and share to the public, beginning my fans.

To the staff at the Wendover Nugget: Thank you, it's been a real pleasure, but I'm not dead, lol. You'll see me, and there were many whom I consider a good friend. And now, a new era begins as I pursue my passion.

- Ray Sostre
Erotic Romance Author and founder of AfterDark Online.

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