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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 10/23/2014: Their First Night Together on Gratis: Transformations

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors post their WIPs or published stories on here, in no more than 400 words. 

And today, I'm providing another segment to my story Their First Night Together, found on an erotic anthology called Gratis: Transformations, featuring a number of authors, including me and their delicious erotic stories.

Jared took a scoop of ice cream and took in the flavor. It was delicious, no wonder Natalie had enjoyed it. It tasted like homemade apple pie. As he took another scoop, he looked at her and a sudden thought crossed his mind, making him laugh.
“What is it?” Natalie asked.
Jared shook his head; a twisted sexual thought  had crossed his mind. “Nothing.”
“What do you mean nothing?” she pressed. “Tell me.”
“I don’t think you’d like the idea.”
“What’s that?’
“It was just a naughty thought.” He handed her the pint of ice cream. “Never mind.”
Natalie gave him a curious look. “Don’t never mind me; tell me your naughty thought.”
“Do you really want to know?”
“Yeah.” She nodded, scooping up for another bite of ice cream.
“Well, it’s going to require a demonstration.”
“What demonstration?”
If she really wanted a demonstration, he was going to give her one – a naughty demonstration, that much was certain!
“Okay, when I look at this pint of ice cream and I know it’s delicious, but the only problem is it’s missing something.”
Natalie tried to understand what he was saying, but she was curious. “What’s it missing?”
Natalie was taken aback by his answer. “Cake?”
“Yes, cake.” He grabbed the pint of ice cream, took another scoop before moving close to her. “I look at you, and you’re the delicious cake that goes well with the ice cream.”
Natalie laughed. It was silly, but such a cute thing to say. “Oh god, you’re such goof!”
“No I’m not. I’m serious.” He took a step in her direction, holding the scoop of ice cream against her shoulder. “You’re that delicious cake that goes well with the ice cream.”
Natalie didn’t protest Jared’s actions. The chill from his spoon left a frisson of pleasure in her body.
Then, she asked, quivering her lips seductively, “If I’m that cake that goes well with the ice cream, what does that make you?”
“The man who wants to eat you.”
“Oh yeah?” She narrowed her eyes slightly, locking into his. “You’ll need a fork for that cake.”
“I already have one.” He took the remaining scoop into his mouth, and placed his spoon on the counter. Jared then leaned in and licked the dribble ice cream off her shoulder.
             He spoke softly. “You taste delicious.”

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  1. Mmm cake, ice cream and a little naughtiness. What a wonderful combination. Great taster

  2. A very playful taste. I love how light and teasing the whole thing is.

  3. This was very tasty. And very well written.

  4. Great idea and it came across very real to what would happen in reality. You've have me curious as to how he prececes from there. Great scene!

  5. This piece was beautifully written and crafted. It is not easy to write a reality scene which sounds like we are eavesdropping as it unfolds. It was casual, plausible and well-articulated. I loved it and cake, too. Excellent. Tasty. xo