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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 10/09/2014: Their First Night Together on Gratis: Transformations

Hey guys, it feels so good to be on Thursday Tasters, and have I got feature to present to you.

Just last week, I finished re-writing my very first story I self-published about three years ago - Their First Night Together, and now the story was accepted on an anthology created by Hedonist Six - Gratis: Transformations.

When I first wrote the story, I remember having no help and now I do, once I showed to others what I'm made of. Although, the story was rough around the edges, it was the story that defined my erotic trademark for others to enjoy from the coming years.

Gratis: Transformation will be available on October 10th, 2014, and it's free!

It will be available on:
 Barnes & Noble
  All Romance eBooks

Here is a steamy excerpt to get you to enjoy Their First Night Together on Gratis: Transformation.

Jared tilted his head back to the intense pleasure of her lips. His dick was being coated with her saliva, and Natalie knew exactly how to please him. He closed his eyes, imagining how it would feel to be inside her. He was literally dying to find out. When he looked down, Natalie made eye contact  while working her tongue down the underside of his shaft.
His breathing rose as he could feel her wet tongue around his balls. The sensation of her tongue felt so good, his balls tightened. Jared couldn’t help but run his fingers through her hair. Natalie never protested; she was busy concentrating on making him feel good. And indeed, she did!
When Natalie finally got up and straddled him, she pulled aside her thong and rubbed her slit against his aching shaft.
 “Can you feel how wet I am, huh?” she whispered seductively.
Jared couldn’t form the words to answer, so he nodded, eagerly awaiting the chance to be inside of her. He felt the slickness of her pussy gliding along his shaft. Natalie sped up, gyrating her hips more intensely, leaving him aching for what was going to happen next. He tried not to think too hard about it, but he couldn’t help placing his hand around her ass, squeezing it tightly as she leaned in to kiss him.
Then out of nowhere, she whimpered into his kisses. “Don’t move, I want to feel you inside of me.”

Jared was moments away from the taste of heavenly pleasure, but he was anxious to return the favor to her. He wanted to say no, but when he felt her fingers circling his shaft he succumbed to the forthcoming pleasure he was going to receive from Natalie.

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  1. This excerpt's pace flows smoothly and pleasingly. Your sentences and descriptions show a more refined picture in your erotic writing. Just one minor suggestion. You might try to use another word for shaft that is repeated several times, like penis, dick, cock, etc. Other than that I am anxiously looking forward ito a longer exposure to this story. Excellent work.

  2. Very hot, although for some reason I got discombobulated toward the end. Probably just me reading phrases with the wrong emphasis. I'll have to check out the full version.

  3. Extremely sexy taster Ray. Love it

  4. Nice description of his sensations. I agree with Angelica, the last two paragraph felt a bit disconnected. It's like there was a pause in his feelings.

  5. Pretty good for your first foray into erotica, Ray. You have blossomed. Congrats on you new release! Keep 'em cummin'. xo