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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 10/21/2014: Charlotte's Erotic Pleasure

I look forward to Tuesdays. Why? It's the event for Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, where authors post a snippet up to 200 words, provided along with an inspired pic.

Here's what I have in store for you -- a teasers that is over by 21 words. I'm so sorry! I needed to included something this sensual and hot. I mean look at the pic!


She was finally alone with him – Diego – the man of her dreams – finally! Charlotte was in his hotel room, spending their most romantic evening. Surely, she knew what she was doing would be a mortal sin, but her home life had been terribly boring. She has lived with a husband that hasn’t touched her in months, and if he did, after six years being with him, he had never found her spot – at least where to begin to turn her on.

Her blouse fell to the floor, when she pulled down her black lacy bra, exposing her perky breasts for him to enjoy. Diego had the most gorgeous appearance that made her nipples peak with desire and a delicious ache growing in her center.

Oh god, he’s giving me that look again – the look that makes me wet all the time!

He went into the ice bucket and pulled out a small ice cube. He commanded with a soft voice “Don’t move.”

Just his command had those delicious aches growing inside her. She remained still, obeying his command when he placed the ice cube around one of her breasts, circling the cube sensuously until he placed it around her nipple. By the time the ice cube circled around her nipple, Charlotte fluttered her eyes as she imagined Diego’s mouth around them.

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  1. Very sensual. You paint an arousing picture .

  2. So sensual. Great pic. The heat of your teaser would melt that ice.

  3. The sensation of hot to cold to hot again is a roller-coaster of sensitivity that is explosive, tormenting and tethered to a woman's G-spot. It is an aching sweetness we beg to endure. And endure again. Very sensual. xo

  4. You nhave hooked the reader with Diegp and her. But you have to expnad this scene not only to see how Diego finishes but possibly revealing how her husband reacts when he finds her quite aloof from his moves. You reeled in the reader to finish with Diego and her with this line:
    "Oh god, he’s giving me that look again – the look that makes me wet all the time!"