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Friday, October 10, 2014

New Release: Gratis - Transformations

Gratis: Transformation, Official description

Gratis : Transformation, the third of the well received free-of-charge erotic short story collections in the Gratis Anthologies series, is set to be the autumn release of 2014!

As the title suggests, we’re looking at all things change; whether it’s the changing season, a new dynamic within a relationship, or even unexpected events transforming the mood at Halloween. As readers of other Gratis collections will have come to expect, this erotic anthology also contains a wide variety of erotica in various sub genres, including BDSM, Romantic Erotica, F/F, paranormal, etc. This collection should appeal to any erotica lover who appreciates classy, well-written short stories by new as well as familiar names.

For more free erotic stories, check out its two predecessors, Gratis : Midwinter Tales and Gratis : New Beginnings.


The Garden of Eden by Chloe Thurlow
The Harlot’s Lie by Danielle Austen
Harvest Garden by Erzabet Bishop
Salted Caramel Kink by Erzabet Bishop
Just Another Halloween by Hedonist Six
My Wedding Scandal by KM Dylan
Masquerade by Lexie Bay
Poisonous by Livilla Sanders
Alice in France by M.J. Carey
Leda’s Swan by Molly Synthia
Their First Night Together by Ray Sostre

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Story blurbs

The Garden of Eden by Chloe Thurlow

Milly Belladulce has it all – style, class, grace, that way she has of glancing over one shoulder so you’re not sure if she’s being disdainful or coquetish. She has starred in her first film, a hit at Cannes – directors and producers are taking her number. That night among the beautiful people at The Garden of Eden, a club on La Croisette where every desire can be satisfied and every fetish fulfilled, Milly must decide if her destiny is to seek fame and fortune, or explore the anonymous realms of unknown pleasure.

The Harlot’s Lie  by Danielle Austen

Lindsey Wade is a magus; one of only a handful of supernaturally powerful humans left alive on Earth. But that’s not her only secret. She’s still dealing with the events of the previous year, in which she lost herself to a shocking series of debauched encounters and near-death experiences, before discovering that her unborn child was prophesised to change the world for ever. In this confession-filled character drama set in the Prophecy Girl universe, Lindsey is forced to confront her most private burdens; from her crushing fears of becoming a mother, to the powerful reality of her feelings for her best friend.

Harvest Garden by Erzabet Bishop

Connor and Cecily are making their garden ready for fall. Hot and sweaty in the Texas heat, Cecily has some ideas on just how they should spend their leisure time after all the yard tools are put away. The new outdoor shower has been installed and she wants some alone time with her man before the trick or treaters arrive. Privacy fences are made for using and what could be more fun than outdoor sex in a shower built for two?

Salted Caramel Kink by Erzabet Bishop

It’s her birthday and Lisette has a surprise waiting for her at the hands of her Mistress. Halloween is in the air and what could be more festive than a hot, sexy encounter with a guest submissive and an erotic food scene with caramel and a dash of salt for good measure. Join Mistress Leone and Lisette for a pre-Halloween party that will leave you begging for more.

Just Another Halloween by Hedonist Six

Becky and Alex from The Rebound List are invited to Cath’s house for a Halloween party; so far so normal. But nobody, not even Cath herself, is prepared for the mind-bending turn this party will take.

My Wedding Scandal by K M Dylan

Supermodel Katie Wolfer’s shocking sexual journey continues at her wedding to aristocratic billionaire, Victor de Goncourt, who is in line to be the next president of France.

Poisonous by Livilla Sanders

A wealthy and privileged married woman develops an overwhelming lust and obsession for her late aunt’s chauffeur that leads to seduction and murder.

Leda’s Swan by Molly Synthia

MARIKA’S LEGACY is Molly Synthia’s reimagining of the legend of Helen of Troy in modern times, and LEDA’S SWAN is the first installment of CONCEPTION, the story of Marika’s mother and the experience that conceives both Marika and her siblings.  What secret lies within the ancient electrum necklace?  Is she really transported to another time and another place?  Is she really face to face with a god?  Is she really ravished by power beyond comprehension, or is it all in her mind?  The ancient Greek myth of Leda and the swan is updated and expressed with lush language, explicit sexuality, and respect for the source material.

Alice in France by M.J. Carey

This sequel to Rebirth, as published in Gratis 2, finds Alice and her Master on holiday in France for a BDSM fortnight. They’re also seeking a 1st edition of the Story of O, the book that first drew them together. When they find the book they find a lot more that they never bargained for.

Their First Night Together by Ray Sostre

Jared Hill and Natalie Morales became the best of friends over one summer, sharing their most intimate kiss ever, until Natalie went away for college. Eight years later, the two reunite on a date, wondering what their first night together would be like.

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