Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, October 10, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/10/2014 - Darla's Locker

Hey guys, it's that time again to post for Flash Fiction Friday, and I love it when I can add my favorite characters to these events -- Darla and Tyler.

This one took me long, because I thought of many different scenarios, but stumbled to find one that was short enough to fit the flash. 

Here is my flash:

Darla held hands with Tyler when they entered the break room of their job. She went into her locker and turned the combination knob of her padlock. When she opened it, there was a rolled up poster that fell out of her locker and on to the floor.

Tyler picked up the poster and looked at it. He was amazed to see the poster – a large poster of a dark-skinned, muscular man in shades and white boxers. He then looked at Darla with a half smirk.

Darla didn’t seem to worry. She grabbed the poster from him with a reply, “What? I like my men dark and gorgeous, just like you.”


  1. Someone got busted but they got out of the hole they had dug skillfully. Excellent flash

  2. Sounds like someone's fantasy is ON! This story could go so many ways, Ray. Enjoyed it :-)

  3. And who doesn't?? Very cute take on the photo and it fits perfectly!! xo

  4. Looks like someone is in a bit of trouble, but that smirk tells me that Tyler may have something up their sleeve. Awesome flash!

  5. Heh, nice recovery there from her ;-)