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Friday, October 3, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/03/2014: Darla's Playful Morning

What's going people?

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday, 
where authors post snippets up to 100, provided by the selected pic of the day

Darla was playing Tyler, grabbing the pillows from the bed with both her hand before hitting him with it. She was ready for her playful attack, until Tyler circled his legs around her waist and pulled him close to her.

She screamed, collapsing on top of him. The two laughed playfully. Then there was a kiss – a good morning kiss. She turned to her side and saw something standing at the door; it was small and cute with black fur. It meowed before taking another step in the bedroom.

“Tyler, I think we just woke up little Smokey. He’s so cute; just like you!”

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  1. Smokey and the Miracles! Ain't love grand. How cute! Totally purrrrrrrrrfect. xo

  2. LOL fancy waking smokey up. Love this flash, so cute

  3. This is a sweet one, Ray. Love the kitten :-)

  4. Awww that is so cute! They woke up the kid. ;-) Great flash.