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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Song That Touched Me in 2009 - Maino "However Do You Want It"

In 2009, I was unjustly fired from a job, and it left me both down and bitter. I felt the world was against me. However, I felt all hope wasn't lost. It's just I needed a pick-me-up. I listened to a track from 2008 by an artist Maino "However Do You Want It". It was both uplifting with the track, and the lyrics were inspirational. It gave me a dream where I wanted to be.

I wanted to make something of myself and do better than just work for the casino industry. I was among a lot of people in my town who felt that carrying a work title made you important or unimportant. I didn't want to be in that clique, and I won't do anything about it.

When the lyrics came on, it suddenly hit me:

Keep pushing, like I don't care. 
I'm from the bottom and I'm never going back there.
It's only uphill. I know how the ground feels.
Can't sleep when I'm daydreaming on a mil.
Waking up broke, I didn't have nothing.
I'm a sell anything for me to make something.

Well, in the real lyrics, artist Maino, respectively, was in the drug game, but I felt what he was saying. You have nothing to lose and you might as well put in the work you do to get where wanted to go. People will always judge you and disapprove you, but if you believe in your dream follow it.

For three years, I felt out of place, like I didn't make much success because I was too focused on everyone else's. Now, it's the time to focus on myself as an artist. I know it's going to be tough, but at some point. I might as well take a chance. The feeling of ambition is in my mind, and I have very little time to waste.

To the artist, Maino, I never lived the lifestyle you lived, but I truly understand what you've said in those lyrics. Thank you for inspiring me, even if I wasn't practically from the streets.

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