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Friday, October 24, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/24/2014: Don't Answer

Hey guys, it's time to end the weekend with a Friday Flash Fiction, up to 100 words.

Nyla was in her wardrobe room, barely putting on her cream-colored corset dress. She picked up her compact mirror and looked at her reflection when her phone beeped on the counter. Nyla set down her compact mirror on the counter and checked her message. When she looked on her screen, Nyla was in dismay over her little sister’s message. She insisted of asking where she was performing.

For a second, Nyla wished she hadn’t told her sister that she got the part acting. She got the part performing sex acts at an underground theatre. Her little sister may not understand.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 10/23/2014: Their First Night Together on Gratis: Transformations

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors post their WIPs or published stories on here, in no more than 400 words. 

And today, I'm providing another segment to my story Their First Night Together, found on an erotic anthology called Gratis: Transformations, featuring a number of authors, including me and their delicious erotic stories.

Jared took a scoop of ice cream and took in the flavor. It was delicious, no wonder Natalie had enjoyed it. It tasted like homemade apple pie. As he took another scoop, he looked at her and a sudden thought crossed his mind, making him laugh.
“What is it?” Natalie asked.
Jared shook his head; a twisted sexual thought  had crossed his mind. “Nothing.”
“What do you mean nothing?” she pressed. “Tell me.”
“I don’t think you’d like the idea.”
“What’s that?’
“It was just a naughty thought.” He handed her the pint of ice cream. “Never mind.”
Natalie gave him a curious look. “Don’t never mind me; tell me your naughty thought.”
“Do you really want to know?”
“Yeah.” She nodded, scooping up for another bite of ice cream.
“Well, it’s going to require a demonstration.”
“What demonstration?”
If she really wanted a demonstration, he was going to give her one – a naughty demonstration, that much was certain!
“Okay, when I look at this pint of ice cream and I know it’s delicious, but the only problem is it’s missing something.”
Natalie tried to understand what he was saying, but she was curious. “What’s it missing?”
Natalie was taken aback by his answer. “Cake?”
“Yes, cake.” He grabbed the pint of ice cream, took another scoop before moving close to her. “I look at you, and you’re the delicious cake that goes well with the ice cream.”
Natalie laughed. It was silly, but such a cute thing to say. “Oh god, you’re such goof!”
“No I’m not. I’m serious.” He took a step in her direction, holding the scoop of ice cream against her shoulder. “You’re that delicious cake that goes well with the ice cream.”
Natalie didn’t protest Jared’s actions. The chill from his spoon left a frisson of pleasure in her body.
Then, she asked, quivering her lips seductively, “If I’m that cake that goes well with the ice cream, what does that make you?”
“The man who wants to eat you.”
“Oh yeah?” She narrowed her eyes slightly, locking into his. “You’ll need a fork for that cake.”
“I already have one.” He took the remaining scoop into his mouth, and placed his spoon on the counter. Jared then leaned in and licked the dribble ice cream off her shoulder.
             He spoke softly. “You taste delicious.”

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Seven Lovely Things about Ray Sostre

I was tagged by Sarah Michelle Lynch, an indie-author of sci-fi, romance, and erotic romance – one noted for her work The Chambermaid Series. Sarah asked me to participate in the Seven Lovely Things Blog Tour.

The rules are simple, share 7 Lovely Facts about myself, nominate 15 blogs (or as many as possible) that I enjoy reading, and nominate those same 15 blogs to do the same, linking back to my post.
So now you get to learn seven lovely things about me, Sarah Michelle Lynch:

Seven Lovely Things about Ray Sostre

  1. First, and foremost, I’m an erotic romance author. When I got into writing erotica, it was by accident when I came across a story on a story submissions site (which I won’t name) that was written in a style of porn-no-plot. I told the guy he wrote like shit, and I was later challenged by the author to do better. It was then everything else became history in the summer of 2010. Six months prior to becoming an erotic romance writer, my father and I spoke on the phone, and he was telling me that I should get back to writing. At that time, I was laid off from work and was going through a dark period in my life. When I wrote erotic stories, it was giving me a purpose, helping me get through some down moments in my life.

All of my books are under my real name – Ray Sostre. However, it isn’t the legal name I was given at birth. I’ve been called Ray since I was eight years old. My driver’s license says otherwise. LOL.

  1. When I thought of AfterDark Online in the beginning of 2009, I was thinking of creating an online adult store, where I sell pornographic videos, sex toys, condoms, and lingerie. I was looking to go into business with my stepson, but he had his kid born and I was left to decide where to go with the idea. By the summer of 2009, I decided to put it on hold until I was laid off from a job in February 2010. I knew I had too much time on my hands, and I re-trained myself on learning how to develop a website. I initially created the website in June of 2010, but at that time I had only intended to create a social website, until I decided to make it a story submission site, and officially launched the site on October 11th, 2010.

  1. AfterDark Online was named after my personal label when I was a club DJ in the late 1990s and early 2000s making mixtapes. I mixed mainly electronica and bass. I’m still a fan of the genre, while I love listening to hip hop and R&B. Until this day, I have the respect of all the mixmaster DJs in the club. I would rather go listen to a DJ than a band in the night clubs. And before I drop dead, I hope to party at one of the major venues in my hometown – New York City, just one last time.

  1. The erotic stories that I writer are exclusively fictional. None of them are based on true stories of others. In fact, I prefer to write about non-alpha males who are easy-going and women with personal demons. Plus, I prefer to write interracial romance and a genre of what I call Hispanerotica (erotic romance of Hispanic characters). I hate writing the typical cliché stuff that I’ve read in books, because I’ve noticed the constant trend in description of characters and stories, and I don’t believe in following a market that makes it very typical.

  1. When I first wrote the series Love Out Of Lust, I didn’t know what I was really doing in May 2013. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the story to be a series of sexual adventures or just make it dramatic as possible, but it was then when I looked at my erotic novel (yet never published; a work-in-progress) About The Night Ride Home and decided to make it a dramatic erotic romance. I knew I had something different and unique in the story, but I wanted to be identifiable among Hispanics, because I’m from a Hispanic descent (Puerto Rican), and the number of my fans are Hispanics. I knew had something going.

  1. Despite the number of stories I enjoyed writing, my most favorite story to write is About The Night Ride Home – the beginning of Darla Love Tyler Series – a story about a lonely, easy-going young man who’s life is changed when he encountered an adventurous woman on the train with secrets. What I love about the story is the fun I can create between the two, of course with the erotic adventures involved. While I all my stories have erotic grittiness, About The Night Ride Home will be the only story filled with light-hearted fun and adventure with a twist of erotica. I wanted to paint the most dreamiest interracial couple ever.

  1. My biggest fear is being out of touch with the times. I look at the people around my age and baby-boomers, and already they want to reminisce about how times were more fun in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, never accepting the fact that their heydays are long over. While, I am fond of the times, I believe in moving forward with the times. I didn't want to be like the older generation, criticizing the young for making their world disappear. I remembered what it was like to be young and idealistic; I never like to forget where I come from. The day I ever think that way is the day I need to sleep in a grave of ignorance. Even though MTV doesn’t play music videos, and hip hop music of my time is not the same, I still prefer to listen to new music and get to know who’s the hottest DJs on the scene (hip hop, R&B, and electronica).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 10/21/2014: Charlotte's Erotic Pleasure

I look forward to Tuesdays. Why? It's the event for Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, where authors post a snippet up to 200 words, provided along with an inspired pic.

Here's what I have in store for you -- a teasers that is over by 21 words. I'm so sorry! I needed to included something this sensual and hot. I mean look at the pic!


She was finally alone with him – Diego – the man of her dreams – finally! Charlotte was in his hotel room, spending their most romantic evening. Surely, she knew what she was doing would be a mortal sin, but her home life had been terribly boring. She has lived with a husband that hasn’t touched her in months, and if he did, after six years being with him, he had never found her spot – at least where to begin to turn her on.

Her blouse fell to the floor, when she pulled down her black lacy bra, exposing her perky breasts for him to enjoy. Diego had the most gorgeous appearance that made her nipples peak with desire and a delicious ache growing in her center.

Oh god, he’s giving me that look again – the look that makes me wet all the time!

He went into the ice bucket and pulled out a small ice cube. He commanded with a soft voice “Don’t move.”

Just his command had those delicious aches growing inside her. She remained still, obeying his command when he placed the ice cube around one of her breasts, circling the cube sensuously until he placed it around her nipple. By the time the ice cube circled around her nipple, Charlotte fluttered her eyes as she imagined Diego’s mouth around them.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Nubile Films Presents: Sounds Of Passion with Karol Lilien

|Nubile Films - Sounds Of Passion|Karol Lilien||Tanned sexy Karol Lilien gives her man a lip smacking blowjob then takes him for a wild stiffie ride in her bald pussy

Nubile Films Presents: Finally Home with Taylor Whyte

|Nubile Films - Finally Home|Taylor Whyte||Voluptuous hottie Taylor Whyte greets her lover at the door to suck his cock and take him for a creamy bald pussy ride

Nubile Films Presents - Russian Beauty with Elena Rae

|Nubile Films - Russian Beauty|Elena Rae||Buxom Russian babe Elena Rae uses her big tits to rub her guys dick then bends over for a doggy style bald pussy ride

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/17/2014: Alan's Birthday

Hey guys, here is my Friday Flash.

Alan was being treated for his birthday, from his friends, to go to the Dollhouse, but he wasn’t up to going to strip club for his birthday. They stepped out of a cab and walked through a neon-lit plaza, passing by the entrance where there was loud cheering going on.

Go-go club or strip club, they’re all the same to him. He looked across from the go-go spot, there was a diner, and standing there was an Asian woman he knew – his sexy neighbor – Kim. She appeared to work at the diner, but still dressed provocatively to entice her guests.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 10/16/2014: Their First Night Together on Gratis: Transformations

Hi, welcome back for another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors feature a piece of their WIPs or published materials, up to 400 words.

If you haven't picked up the copy of Gratis: Transformations, then you need to pick up your copy and check out my story Their First Night Together - a story I've re-written from 2011.

Be sure to pick up your copy at:

It's FREE! All we ask of you is to leave a review.
Many of our authors worked hard to organize this together.

Here is a steamy snippet below:

Jared picked her up from the couch and gently laid her on her back on the sofa. He pulled out of her and worked his kisses from her breasts down to her navel. In return, Natalie ran her fingers over his head. She arched her body in reaction to his wet kisses. It wasn’t long before Jared reached his destination – her pussy.
He curled his fingers around her thighs. Natalie parted her legs, before pushing aside her thong, allowing him to go down on her. He inhaled her musky sex and dove in without hesitation he, taking in the beautiful offering of her body.
Jared began lapping at her juices. He slid his hands up and down her thighs. When he looked up, she was licking her lips to the sudden pleasure he gave her. She was caressing herself, squeezing her tits, letting out a soft moan, indicating he was taking her there. He was determined to please her; to give her that release that’ll make her want him more. He pressed his tongue against her clit, taking in her juices. There was no doubt in his mind that she was enjoying it, she was literally grinding her pussy all over his face.
Jared continued to torment her nub, flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it. Her breathing grew faster; she was getting close. Jared was so determined to make her cum, he slipped two fingers inside her fold and flicked his tongue wildly over her nub, causing her to buck her hips wildly in climax.
“Oh my god, Jared, fuck!”
She let out a scream that filled the living room. It was the most erotic thing he had ever witnessed – and Jared really loved it when she came. He remembered those moans from their erotic escapades over the phone. It was so good to actually see her climax. Jared waited patiently for her orgasm to subside. He was looking forward to fucking her again.
Natalie’s chest rose and fell in waves.
“Oh my god, Jared, you were wonderful!” Natalie’s voice sounded content.
But Jared flashed a wicked grin. It was time to give her what she really wanted, and he wanted to feel every inch of her.
“Turn around!” he growled.
“Mmmmm…” she purred, as she obeyed, leaning her body against the backrest of her leather sofa.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 10/14/2014: In The Woods

Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've been on here, and it feels good to be back on here. I want to present to you another snippet in 200 words, provided by an inspired pic.

This scene I wrote intrigued me so much, I'd love to create a threesome story.

“I swear, I hope no one isn’t watching.” She looked around nervously as she got on her fours.

“Katie, you need to relax,” Matt assured. “I swear, no one isn’t going to watch us.”

Katie took one last look at her surroundings, there was no one in sight – nothing obvious. She felt the heat of Matt’s body behind her and the warmth of his tip as it caressed against her slit. The minute she felt him stretching inside her, all her worries were suddenly forgotten. She was in pleasure, until she spotted a young woman wearing a pink t-shirt and blue shorts, hiding behind a tree, watching them. She wasn’t only watching them, she had her hand down her shorts, working herself.

Katie wanted to say something, but she was too busy being pummeled by Matt, and the young woman that hid behind the tree working herself was very much turning her on. She wondered if Matt saw her too, and if he had why isn’t he saying anything. The only thing that had Katie contemplating was should she tell Matt to have her join in on the fun. Yet, every time she thought of opening her mouth to say something, she stammered.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Song That Touched Me in 2009 - Maino "However Do You Want It"

In 2009, I was unjustly fired from a job, and it left me both down and bitter. I felt the world was against me. However, I felt all hope wasn't lost. It's just I needed a pick-me-up. I listened to a track from 2008 by an artist Maino "However Do You Want It". It was both uplifting with the track, and the lyrics were inspirational. It gave me a dream where I wanted to be.

I wanted to make something of myself and do better than just work for the casino industry. I was among a lot of people in my town who felt that carrying a work title made you important or unimportant. I didn't want to be in that clique, and I won't do anything about it.

When the lyrics came on, it suddenly hit me:

Keep pushing, like I don't care. 
I'm from the bottom and I'm never going back there.
It's only uphill. I know how the ground feels.
Can't sleep when I'm daydreaming on a mil.
Waking up broke, I didn't have nothing.
I'm a sell anything for me to make something.

Well, in the real lyrics, artist Maino, respectively, was in the drug game, but I felt what he was saying. You have nothing to lose and you might as well put in the work you do to get where wanted to go. People will always judge you and disapprove you, but if you believe in your dream follow it.

For three years, I felt out of place, like I didn't make much success because I was too focused on everyone else's. Now, it's the time to focus on myself as an artist. I know it's going to be tough, but at some point. I might as well take a chance. The feeling of ambition is in my mind, and I have very little time to waste.

To the artist, Maino, I never lived the lifestyle you lived, but I truly understand what you've said in those lyrics. Thank you for inspiring me, even if I wasn't practically from the streets.

Nubile Films Presents - Between Friends & Sexual Tension

|Nubile Films - Between Friends|Emma Stoned,Staci Carr||Emma Stoned and Staci Carr start off sexting then move on to licking and finger fucking each others juicy bald pussies |Nubile Films - Sexual Tension|Kacy Lane||Brunette spinner Kacy Lane seduces her workout partner using her eager mouth and juicy pussy to give him a wild ride

Friday, October 10, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/10/2014 - Darla's Locker

Hey guys, it's that time again to post for Flash Fiction Friday, and I love it when I can add my favorite characters to these events -- Darla and Tyler.

This one took me long, because I thought of many different scenarios, but stumbled to find one that was short enough to fit the flash. 

Here is my flash:

Darla held hands with Tyler when they entered the break room of their job. She went into her locker and turned the combination knob of her padlock. When she opened it, there was a rolled up poster that fell out of her locker and on to the floor.

Tyler picked up the poster and looked at it. He was amazed to see the poster – a large poster of a dark-skinned, muscular man in shades and white boxers. He then looked at Darla with a half smirk.

Darla didn’t seem to worry. She grabbed the poster from him with a reply, “What? I like my men dark and gorgeous, just like you.”

New Release: Gratis - Transformations

Gratis: Transformation, Official description

Gratis : Transformation, the third of the well received free-of-charge erotic short story collections in the Gratis Anthologies series, is set to be the autumn release of 2014!

As the title suggests, we’re looking at all things change; whether it’s the changing season, a new dynamic within a relationship, or even unexpected events transforming the mood at Halloween. As readers of other Gratis collections will have come to expect, this erotic anthology also contains a wide variety of erotica in various sub genres, including BDSM, Romantic Erotica, F/F, paranormal, etc. This collection should appeal to any erotica lover who appreciates classy, well-written short stories by new as well as familiar names.

For more free erotic stories, check out its two predecessors, Gratis : Midwinter Tales and Gratis : New Beginnings.


The Garden of Eden by Chloe Thurlow
The Harlot’s Lie by Danielle Austen
Harvest Garden by Erzabet Bishop
Salted Caramel Kink by Erzabet Bishop
Just Another Halloween by Hedonist Six
My Wedding Scandal by KM Dylan
Masquerade by Lexie Bay
Poisonous by Livilla Sanders
Alice in France by M.J. Carey
Leda’s Swan by Molly Synthia
Their First Night Together by Ray Sostre

Get your copy today!

Barnes & Noble (coming soon)
Kobo (coming soon)


Story blurbs

The Garden of Eden by Chloe Thurlow

Milly Belladulce has it all – style, class, grace, that way she has of glancing over one shoulder so you’re not sure if she’s being disdainful or coquetish. She has starred in her first film, a hit at Cannes – directors and producers are taking her number. That night among the beautiful people at The Garden of Eden, a club on La Croisette where every desire can be satisfied and every fetish fulfilled, Milly must decide if her destiny is to seek fame and fortune, or explore the anonymous realms of unknown pleasure.

The Harlot’s Lie  by Danielle Austen

Lindsey Wade is a magus; one of only a handful of supernaturally powerful humans left alive on Earth. But that’s not her only secret. She’s still dealing with the events of the previous year, in which she lost herself to a shocking series of debauched encounters and near-death experiences, before discovering that her unborn child was prophesised to change the world for ever. In this confession-filled character drama set in the Prophecy Girl universe, Lindsey is forced to confront her most private burdens; from her crushing fears of becoming a mother, to the powerful reality of her feelings for her best friend.

Harvest Garden by Erzabet Bishop

Connor and Cecily are making their garden ready for fall. Hot and sweaty in the Texas heat, Cecily has some ideas on just how they should spend their leisure time after all the yard tools are put away. The new outdoor shower has been installed and she wants some alone time with her man before the trick or treaters arrive. Privacy fences are made for using and what could be more fun than outdoor sex in a shower built for two?

Salted Caramel Kink by Erzabet Bishop

It’s her birthday and Lisette has a surprise waiting for her at the hands of her Mistress. Halloween is in the air and what could be more festive than a hot, sexy encounter with a guest submissive and an erotic food scene with caramel and a dash of salt for good measure. Join Mistress Leone and Lisette for a pre-Halloween party that will leave you begging for more.

Just Another Halloween by Hedonist Six

Becky and Alex from The Rebound List are invited to Cath’s house for a Halloween party; so far so normal. But nobody, not even Cath herself, is prepared for the mind-bending turn this party will take.

My Wedding Scandal by K M Dylan

Supermodel Katie Wolfer’s shocking sexual journey continues at her wedding to aristocratic billionaire, Victor de Goncourt, who is in line to be the next president of France.

Poisonous by Livilla Sanders

A wealthy and privileged married woman develops an overwhelming lust and obsession for her late aunt’s chauffeur that leads to seduction and murder.

Leda’s Swan by Molly Synthia

MARIKA’S LEGACY is Molly Synthia’s reimagining of the legend of Helen of Troy in modern times, and LEDA’S SWAN is the first installment of CONCEPTION, the story of Marika’s mother and the experience that conceives both Marika and her siblings.  What secret lies within the ancient electrum necklace?  Is she really transported to another time and another place?  Is she really face to face with a god?  Is she really ravished by power beyond comprehension, or is it all in her mind?  The ancient Greek myth of Leda and the swan is updated and expressed with lush language, explicit sexuality, and respect for the source material.

Alice in France by M.J. Carey

This sequel to Rebirth, as published in Gratis 2, finds Alice and her Master on holiday in France for a BDSM fortnight. They’re also seeking a 1st edition of the Story of O, the book that first drew them together. When they find the book they find a lot more that they never bargained for.

Their First Night Together by Ray Sostre

Jared Hill and Natalie Morales became the best of friends over one summer, sharing their most intimate kiss ever, until Natalie went away for college. Eight years later, the two reunite on a date, wondering what their first night together would be like.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 10/09/2014: Their First Night Together on Gratis: Transformations

Hey guys, it feels so good to be on Thursday Tasters, and have I got feature to present to you.

Just last week, I finished re-writing my very first story I self-published about three years ago - Their First Night Together, and now the story was accepted on an anthology created by Hedonist Six - Gratis: Transformations.

When I first wrote the story, I remember having no help and now I do, once I showed to others what I'm made of. Although, the story was rough around the edges, it was the story that defined my erotic trademark for others to enjoy from the coming years.

Gratis: Transformation will be available on October 10th, 2014, and it's free!

It will be available on:
 Barnes & Noble
  All Romance eBooks

Here is a steamy excerpt to get you to enjoy Their First Night Together on Gratis: Transformation.

Jared tilted his head back to the intense pleasure of her lips. His dick was being coated with her saliva, and Natalie knew exactly how to please him. He closed his eyes, imagining how it would feel to be inside her. He was literally dying to find out. When he looked down, Natalie made eye contact  while working her tongue down the underside of his shaft.
His breathing rose as he could feel her wet tongue around his balls. The sensation of her tongue felt so good, his balls tightened. Jared couldn’t help but run his fingers through her hair. Natalie never protested; she was busy concentrating on making him feel good. And indeed, she did!
When Natalie finally got up and straddled him, she pulled aside her thong and rubbed her slit against his aching shaft.
 “Can you feel how wet I am, huh?” she whispered seductively.
Jared couldn’t form the words to answer, so he nodded, eagerly awaiting the chance to be inside of her. He felt the slickness of her pussy gliding along his shaft. Natalie sped up, gyrating her hips more intensely, leaving him aching for what was going to happen next. He tried not to think too hard about it, but he couldn’t help placing his hand around her ass, squeezing it tightly as she leaned in to kiss him.
Then out of nowhere, she whimpered into his kisses. “Don’t move, I want to feel you inside of me.”

Jared was moments away from the taste of heavenly pleasure, but he was anxious to return the favor to her. He wanted to say no, but when he felt her fingers circling his shaft he succumbed to the forthcoming pleasure he was going to receive from Natalie.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cover Reveal of Love Out Of Lust - Part Five: When Happiness Meets Drama

Like I promised you guys, the cover reveal of what is about to come in late November.

Love Out Of Lust - Part Five
When Happiness Meets Drama


Daryl and Marisol has taken their relationship to a whole new level, until they are faced with the demons of their past – Marisol’s abusive ex-boyfriend and Daryl’s ex-wife. While they struggle to keep their relationship a secret, some new problems arises.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Releasing On October 10th, 2014 - Gratis: Transformation

I'm happy to announce that Gratis: Transformation will release on Friday, October 10th, and I can't wait to share the information. What I also learned is that I'm the only male author featured in this erotic anthology (Wow, cool!), and I'm placed as the last author in the story, which I'm very easy to find; you'll get to read my story Their First Night Together, which is the first and one of the most erotic pieces I had ever written.

The anthology will be free. It will feature some of the authors I'm familiar with: Chloe Thurlow, Hedonist Six, Erzabet Bishop, Lexie Bay, MJ Carey, and Molly Synthia

So be on a lookout on Friday. It's also a free anthology read, available at:

Barnes & Noble
Google Play
All Romance Ebooks.

Be sure to pick up your copy today, and check out my erotic story 
Their First Night Together - a promising erotic story about two best friends that re-unite after eight years.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/03/2014: Darla's Playful Morning

What's going people?

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday, 
where authors post snippets up to 100, provided by the selected pic of the day

Darla was playing Tyler, grabbing the pillows from the bed with both her hand before hitting him with it. She was ready for her playful attack, until Tyler circled his legs around her waist and pulled him close to her.

She screamed, collapsing on top of him. The two laughed playfully. Then there was a kiss – a good morning kiss. She turned to her side and saw something standing at the door; it was small and cute with black fur. It meowed before taking another step in the bedroom.

“Tyler, I think we just woke up little Smokey. He’s so cute; just like you!”

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finished Re-writing "Their First Night Together"

Yay! I did it! I finally re-wrote the story that I first published in 2011 - Their First Night Together.

In the late summer of 2011, I wrote my very first published story, which it was rough around the edges and there was a lot of head-hopping between characters. I was very new in the industry, but I made a name for myself, leaving a trademark of how I write erotic romance.

For three years, it was on Smashwords, until I decided to take it off last week, re-write a newer version of the story, only sticking to the male point of view, with a whole new twist. And it will be featured on Gratis: Transformations this fall.

(Thanks Hedonist Six for the push)

The toughest part of re-writing the story was making the setting more contemporary than the first one. The original story was a bit more historic, going back to the 1990s. The second toughest part of the story was re-doing a dinner scene, where in the original the dinner took place inside Natalie's home (her original name was Natalia).

The easiest part of the story, of course, was the steamy sex scene, but in all, I finally finished the story and sent it over to be part of the anthology.

And you know what I can't wait for the release and share with you guys. 

It will be available at Barnes & Noble. The date: TBA