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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Thrills - 09/04/2014: A Polyamorous Anniversary

It's been some time since I've done Thursday Tasters, and tonight, I'm going to deliver.

This is to my anthology WIP; a title that writes itself - A Polyamorous Anniversary.

I hope you enjoy!

“I love you, Kasey.” Yasmin looked up in return, feeling Kasey pulling down the strap of her teddy.
“I love you too, Yasmin.” She slipped her hand inside to feel Yasmin’s perky breasts.
Yasmin fluttered her eyes and moaned. Her nipples immediately grew hard to her touch. It was truly a feeling she enjoyed; soft and sensual in all the right places. She wanted to ravage Kasey’s body so badly with her hot kisses all over, but she needed to remember to take it slow. She wanted this moment to be as special as their first time, only better.
She slid her fingers under Kasey’s lacy panties and pulled them down very slowly. Yasmin got a look at her clean shaven mound. It immediately made her mouth water for her body. The smell of her sex was very stimulating. She was itching to explore her voluptuous body. Kasey managed to slip out of her panties and parted her legs for Yasmin to slide her hand under her wet slit.
Yasmin pressed her fingers inside her folds. She was wet, filled with desire. She followed Kasey’s bodily response as she slid her fingers in and out of her pussy. When she looked up, Kasey displayed a very wanton expression. She licked her lips to the feeling that she was giving her. She was literally bucking herself against her fingers as she leaned down and kiss her.
Yasmin pulled down Kasey’s strap, revealing her right breast. Her mouth found its way to her pert nipple and she licked it slowly, moving her tongue around the areola and leaving soft wet bites on Kasey’s nipple. She knew Kasey was enjoying it; she ran her hand through her hair and pulled her close to her body.
When Yasmin looked up, she gave an invitational look for Kasey to kiss her. And indeed, she did. Their kiss was first soft and sensuous. It quickly turned passionate, leaving Yasmin with another aching sensation in her center. She could feel her nipples peaking through her teddy. She wanted both Kasey and Wes, right now. Kasey was warming her up for something better to happen.

She whispered into her kisses, “Why don’t we bring Wesley into it now. I’m so horny.”

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  1. Oh wow! Worth the wait! Such a sizzlingly sexy taster. Love it!

  2. Why don't we??!! Wes must be just as warmed up as the ladies! Men are so tethered to visuals. As always Ray, your F/F scenes are smoking hot and filled with arousing descriptions that send quite a >Zing< through me. Always worth the wait when it comes to your work! Sizzler!! xo

  3. Nice! Good visuals. So good to read your work again, Ray.

  4. Hot little taster you have hear Ray, Of course you left us wanting more

  5. I can't imagine your precise descriptions getting any better and bringing any more heat to the scene by bringing in Wesley, but I'm sure you'll bring it up another notch even more, This is sizzling.

  6. Ray, this qualifies you for the title of erotic arsonist of the year in the Lesbian sex category. Dayum!
    That was way up there with the best of them. Now I know you wanna be startin' somethin' dangerously exciting with the hint that Wes is coming to join the party.
    Big up dude!