Love Out Of Lust Series

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 09/18/2014: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five

Hey what's up? Sorry that I'm late, but work had got to me. 

Just two more months, and I'm looking forward to step down from management and go full time as a writer and publisher.

Anyways, here is my WIP to the Love Out Of Lust Series - Part Five, and this series will be more dramatic than the last four. 

Hope you enjoy! I'm going to bed - for now.

Daryl came over to comfort her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her. “It’s alright Marisol. He’s not going to get away with it.”
Marisol couldn’t hold back her tears. What Jose was doing to them was very frustrating. She broke up with him; he didn’t take it so well. Now he’s dragging her cousin into it, because Jose couldn’t take what Daryl did to him a few days ago, because Jose approached him in the first place. How were they going to make him stop? As far as Alonzo, she knew her cousin had a dark reputation of being crazy in the streets. He was the type that loved getting into brawls, and when someone messed with anyone close to him Alonzo was the type to go crazy. He earned the nickname ‘Crazy Al’, because he didn’t care who he got into fight with, and Alonzo had a crazy temper that scared others from fighting him. Now she’ll have to worry about Alonzo doing something stupid like going after Jose.
“He’s not going to stop,” she sniffed, backing away as she wiped the tears off her eyes.
“Oh, believe me,” Alonzo assure slamming his fist against his hand. “he’s gonna pay for what he did! That little bitch-ass wants to talk shit, well, I’m looking forward to fuck him up.”
Marisol pleaded, “No, Alonzo, please.”
Daryl placed his finger under her chin, assuring her. “Don’t worry, I won’t get your cousin involved. Besides, I have a better idea.”
“Just please, keep Alonzo out of trouble.”
Daryl nodded his head. “I will.”
Daryl nodded when he held her close. He had a look of assurance that he will do whatever it took to keep Alonzo out of trouble, for Marisol.
“I promise.”


  1. A very tricky situation. I'm curious how it plays out.

  2. Daryl obviously cares very much. Great taster

  3. This is getting to be a bit of a sticky-wicket. I like the ominous way it is developing. Bring it on Daryl, let's see what you can do. Love it. xo

  4. You have me hooked. I want to read what Daryl's plan is without Alonzo. He seems confident he can carry it through without him and respect her wishes.

  5. I wonder how he is going to stop Alonzo, it doesn't sound like an easy thing to do.

  6. excellently written with a perfect cliffhanger of an ending.