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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 09/23/2014: Just Kidding Or Literally

Hey guys, I'm up teasing with a taste of erotic comedy. 

Hope you enjoy!

Nate was so glad to come home to his studio apartment. He had a long flight from London, and he could use some sleep. When he stepped in the kitchen he noticed something standing on top of the kitchen counter – a plastic pan. What was it?

He didn’t even close the door behind him, he was curious to see what was standing on the counter, and as he got a better look he found a cake with a message very disturbing. It read: Sorry we fucked in your kitchen.

Nate was immediately disturbed. His first question who the hell did this, and how the hell did they break in? He checked for anything obvious in the kitchen, but the kitchen was clean. Was this some sort of joke to fuck with him or what?

Then he overheard laughter in the background – two women giggling loudly. Nate turned his head and noticed Dani and Sherry, his sexy neighbors laughing their asses off. He probably had the dumbest look on his face. Then he realized it was them who played the practical joke on him.

He gave a flat smile and said, “Nice one girls.”

“No, we really fucked in your kitchen.” Dani emphasized, licking her fingers. “Mmmm…”

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  1. I love a good dirty girl story. Guess they did more than feed the cat and water his plants while he was in London. Very cute teaser, Ray. Playful, light-hearted and fun. And he got a cake!! If he is really lucky, maybe they'll let him lick the pan. xo

  2. Nicely done... I wonder why that never happens to me....smh

  3. Bahaha! That picture is pretty priceless, I see why you chose it.

  4. Brilliant tease. Love the humor followed by the sign of maybe something more to come

  5. Love it! Will they let him join in now?