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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 09/16/2014: Sadie In A Hotel Room

It's feels good to get out with another teaser. 

I wanted to get it out, but I was freaking tired, and I need some sleep.

But today, I'm premiering a WIP to a cougar-erotic romance, with a title I have no clue, but when I write an erotic story, I want the most steamiest sex scenes to make you feel turned on.

The story is about Sadie, a forty-something woman who has a secret sexual relationship with best friend's son - Andrew, a young nineteen year old, charming man.

Sadie laid beautifully naked on the floor. Her body was on fire as she felt a delicious feeling rising in her body. Never in a million years, would she perform in front of a man, especially not some nineteen year old like Andrew, who is the son of her best friend from college, but a sexual attraction developed between each other.

Sadie was reaching her point, and when she reached her orgasm, she turned her body and
tensed up in pleasure. She lost full awareness of what Andrew was doing; he was rubbing his shaft while she got herself off. When her orgasm passed, Sadie laid on the floor and opened her eyes, she was in her most wanton feeling, and she saw Andrew standing in front of her rubbing his shaft. Sadie couldn’t help but taste the flavor of herself; she wanted more, and all she could think of was watching him shoot his load all over her body. Where? She didn’t care. She wanted him to cum.

Then Andrew breathing grew; harsh and ragged. He let off a howl and shot a stream of cum that landed over her tummy. It was warm and hot. Sadie was happy to see and feel his orgasm at play.

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