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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 09/09/2014: Honey I'm Home

It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, where authors posts erotic snippets up to 200 words; no more, no less.

Andrea was happy to oblige when she climbed on top of her bed and between Cindy’s legs. The smell of her sex sent Andrea into stimulation, and without any hesitation she dove in, burying her face in her pussy.

She flickered her tongue over Cindy’s little button. It wasn’t long before she buried her face deep, taking in Cindy’s flavor as it coated her mouth. At the same time, she felt a delicious feeling growing in her center; if only someone was here to take care of her needs. All she could think about was her husband coming home to immediately unzip his pants, pull his dick out and pump her with that rigid member. If only Keith was here sooner.

And with just her luck, she overheard someone entering the room. She pulled away from Cindy’s pussy, wiping away the luscious nectar from the side of her face with her thumb, as she turned to a man wearing a suit and tie. It was Keith. He’s home. Yes! She let out a naughty grin when she noticed a clear dildo in his hand.

“So, you start without me?” Keith asked.

“No, I’m just getting her ready for you.” She fibbed innocently.

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  1. Heheh, cheeky minx. Great tease, Ray!

  2. Oh what a fibber. Did he believe her and join in, or was he mean and make her watch while he devoured the other girl? Great tease,

  3. A playful tease. Cindy in the middle?

  4. Very playful sexy teaser. Love it

  5. Ahhhh, to be busted with pussy juice on your lips......a twist on, 'cat gotchur tongue'? Very clever interpretation of this sexy pic, Ray. Felt my insides knot up a time or two so kudos to the chef!! Loved it, Ray. You do deuces so well. xo

  6. playful fun and even a bit romantic well done :)

  7. You can't leave it there. How does he react and what does he do? Does he believe her lie? If I were her I'd say "I wanted us to have a threeway." Great teaser.