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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 09/02/2014: Just Feeling Sexy

Hiyadoin'? Thank you for the birthday shoutouts on Facebook people. 
I had an awesome birthday.

It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser, where I'm putting something together in 200 words, but in this piece I'm a little over by 18 words, because I couldn't shorten it any better than I usually do. This pic was so erotic and amusing, I couldn't pass up.

Well anyway, enjoy and thank you for the love.

Yvette was beginning to feel sexy, after putting on her lingerie. She loved the feeling of the black corset that hugged around her curves, as well as the nylon stockings that fitted nicely around her thighs. She leaned herself over a mirror she set on the floor and parted her legs wide open to get an erotic view of herself.

She was intrigued from her own beauty. She studied her reflection, taking in her beautiful, sexy features from the beauty mark on her cheek to the lip gloss that shimmered deliciously. She just wanted to give herself a kiss – such a sexy goddess.

She grinned after making eye contact with herself, placing her hand over her breast, giving herself a real big squeeze. Her body was now consumed by the erotic sensations as she slid her hand down her curves, giving her body the erotic sensations when her fingers touched the fabric of her lingerie.

Oh my god, just looking at me made myself wet. The delicious aches in her center even told her so. She closed her eyes when she exhaled a soft, erotic moan, pulling her panties aside as she rubbed her wanton center, thinking about the sexual moment from last night – being eaten out by a woman while her husband fucked her from behind.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed.
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  1. Oh, boy! That'll get your motor going. The last vestiges of her prior evening were yet to depart. I don't blame her. She is hot. Great tease, Ray!!

  2. Very sensual teaser. Now perhaps we need the prequel...

    1. Thanks. I'm considering on expanding, but unsure how to begin the story at the moment.

  3. I am so glad I waited until tonight to read this. You always deliver HOT stuff Ray. Great tease . Xx

  4. Hmm, such delicious images you created with your words. Great Flash, Ray :-)

  5. Had it not been for her reflection on the three way the night before, this would have been a tease of Narcissism. Well written and steamy as usual. Excellent job in a mere 200 words.