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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Random Short Snippets - 09/06/2014: Kayla's First Woman Shoot

Hiyadoin? I'm in the mood to write some more, and since I love writing erotica, what is more fun to write about a girl-on-girl short snippet, otherwise f/f.

This is a short snippet in 677 words. And yes, I am a tease, so they say! LOL 


Kayla kneeled on the bed. Her heart raced with anxiety as she never, in her life, thought of herself as a porn actress. Her ex-boyfriend was taken to jail, leaving her with a two year old daughter to feed, and making ends meet was much getting tougher than expected. That was when she answered an ad to work for a film production team.

When she answered this ad, they were willing to hire her on the spot. To Kayla, she thought this was an opportunity to do something better than before, but when she realized what she was doing, she thought it over, long and hard about what she was getting herself into? She realized the film production was for adult entertainment, and the money was exclusive, but there were consequences.

She worried about if her family knew what she was doing, how would they react and look at her. She worried about what her friends would think of her, and most importantly, her daughter. When she grows up, how will she think of her mother? If they only knew what her circumstances were, they’d understand, but she didn’t keep her hopes up; Kayla had to take care of herself and her daughter, and she wasn’t going to let that discourage her.

She studied her appearance and took amazement at herself. In fact, she felt sexy. The troubling part was her first girl-on-girl scene, and Kayla had never been with a woman before. She could feel the butterflies around her stomach thinking of the possibility of another woman touching her.

Then came Cheri; a good colleague in the business. She’s been around lots of women in the shoot, but Kayla couldn’t get over the thought of doing it another woman.

“Are you nervous?” Cheri asked when she climbed on the bed. “You seem a little tense.”

“I am,” Kayla answered, fidgeting her fingers. “I… I’ve never done it with a woman before.”

“Really?” Cheri widened her eyes. “Well, to tell you the truth, it’s like making love with a man; only that you’re not being penetrated with his dick.”

Kayla chuckled apprehensively. “That’s a great way of putting it.”

Cheri placed her hand on her shoulder and comforted, “Look, I promise to be gentle. If it helps, just close your eyes and think of me as man touching you.”

“You seemed so experienced with this.”

“Because I was just like you when I had my first girl-on-girl experience. I never done it with a woman, and to add I was on camera. To overcome my anxiety, I had to think of the other woman as doing it with a man – well, with the affection.”

Kayla heart was still pounding , but she grew some confidence, taking in Cheri’s advice.

“I’ll remember that.”

Cheri climbed on the bed and wrapped her hands behind her. Kayla could smell the sweet-scented perfume coming from Cheri as she leaned herself behind her.

Then for one brief moment, Kayla was feeling aroused. She felt the heat of Cheri’s body behind her, and instead of a hard chest next to her back, she felt a soft chest; better yet, Cheri’s breasts on her back. She closed her eyes thinking to herself on how she wants to get over her fears and let herself go to Cheri’s touch.

“Just remember what I told you; let me warm up.” Kayla whispered to her ear.

“Uh huh,” Kayla let off a whimper. At this point, she was willing to accept what was coming to her.

Then without any resistance, she allowed Cheri to slide her bra strap off her shoulder, while at the same time, she felt a soft kiss on her cheek. Kayla was so aroused, she could feel herself growing wet.

When the director yelled action, she felt Kayla’s hand slide along the side of her arm, over to her tummy, where she slide further to her underwear. Kayla was beginning to like the way Cheri handled her; better than a man in bed when came to the foreplay. When she felt Cheri’s fingers pushing her panties to the side, Kayla couldn’t help herself but gasp.

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