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Monday, September 8, 2014

Random Short Snippet: 09/06/2014 - Lusting Passion

Are you ready for something yummy and steamy?

Here is another piece of my Random Short Snippets on The AfterDark World.


Amber felt the force of Dale’s thrusts growing deeper. She could tell he was cumming; he was hard – really hard. Her moans matched his guttural sounds, and then suddenly he howled.

“Oh... ohh!” He howled as he reached to pull out his shaft.

She opened her eyes and waited, but before he pulled out she his cock throb in her. Oh God, feeling was soothing! She felt him shoot his first load inside her, and it was the first time she ever felt Dale cum inside her. Then he pulled out, stroking his now pinkish cock over her pussy, shooting out a nice thick coat of warm cum all over her clean shaven mound, while some of his load shot over her red silky corset The feeling was crazy hot, and from her point of view, she wanted more of him.

She closed her eyes and exhaled her moment of pleasure, matching up with his groans. Amber placed her hand over to his waist and caressed her left breast with her hand. When she opened her eyes, she reached for the curved sword of flesh and rubbed it softly, hoping to squeeze out more of his cum over her, but he was all spent.

She could really use more of him, but both her and Dale needed to catch their breaths. She slid her left hand down to her thigh and moved her hips post-coitus as she could feel his cum oozing out of her. Then Dale leaned forward to give her a kiss. She didn’t want a kiss, she opened her mouth and extended out her tongue, expecting this kiss to be more lustful than before.

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