Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, September 26, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday 09/26/2014 - Oops, Sorry!

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

Today, I have a comedic piece to share.

Hope you enjoy!

Dixon went on his phone to send the picture message of himself shirtless to Bree. He manually entered her number and sent over his picture. A few minutes later, he received a text message with a response: Who is this?

He looked at the number and realized he entered the wrong number. Bree’s name didn’t appear in the text message. He was so embarrassed.

I’m so sorry! I meant to send to my girlfriend.

He set the phone down and attempted to look for Bree’s number, but there was a return response.

I’m Bree’s mother. She’s got good taste in men.


  1. HAHA! That is great. Do I sense a cougar in the hunting?

  2. HeeHee, I loved it!! Yes, Mother may just be in the market for a lonesome cowboy and Bree may be a tad young. But, how cute and clever you are, Ray. I chuckled, indeed!! I received one of those from a young woman. Nice ass. I texther back, "Does your Mom know you're sexting?" I never heard from her again, but this may be a horse of a differenct MILF. xo

  3. Hehehe! This is so cute, Ray. Nice take on the pic, too :-)

  4. love this. Wonder how many people have made exactly the same mistake lol

  5. *snort* Oh that last line is classic. Well done, Ray!

  6. Love it!! Will he text her back?

  7. I loved this! I think he got brownie points from her mother. I hope he can face her and his girlfriend doesn't kill him for sending the picture to her mother. I loved the humor too. Great flash.