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Friday, September 19, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 09/19/2014: Dead Batteries for Darla.

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday, and today I'm happy to bring in one of my favorite characters - Darla & Tyler, except this scene is only for Darla.

I figured it would be nice to come out with a comedic segment.


Darla was home watching a sensual porn movie on her DVR. It was one of her guilty pleasures she enjoyed doing, while Tyler was away at work. Yes, she loved him, but she always enjoyed watching sex movies. The scene she watched about a man touching the woman in the shower in all the right place, left a delicious aching sensation that she picked up her pink rabbit vibrator, with the intention to get herself off.

When she turned on her vibrator, it didn’t start. She tapped her vibrator slightly, but she soon realized her batteries were dead – damn!

That sucks!

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  1. Oh no what a bummer! She should always keep spare batteries. Great flash

  2. Wow...that's crazy .... she should always have a backup plan

  3. Lol, bless her. Guess she will have to use her hands, huh? ;-)

  4. Gotta have a manual fall-back plan. Or get one that plugs in at both ends: one in the wall and the other in her! Very cute. Who doesn't enjoy a good movie?. xo

  5. lol love the humor and her defeat in no batteries. I wonder if she'll figure out another way to get herself some release. :) Or will Tyler catch her and her fantasy come true. :) Great flash.