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Monday, September 29, 2014

#MyWritingProcess Blog Tour

To my homegirl, Angora Shade, thank you for including me in this blog tour!
It's an honor to be in the mix with such awesome writers!

About Angora Shade:

Angora Shade is an American author living in Europe. She began writing short stories at a young age. In high school she began with erotic poetry, and in college, switched to writing erotic stories. Ms Shade enjoys exploring the boundaries of acceptable sexual literature and beyond, incorporating both the bizarre and creative in her erotic works. Her favorite themes include revenge, alternative materials for love play/bdsm, and anything that produces a good tingle, sizzle, or laugh. When not writing, Ms Shade enjoys red wine, travel, cartoons, baking, and creating fine art.

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Her Blog: Erotic Adventures

Thank you for the opportunity, BTW.

1) What am I working on?
I’m working on Love Out Of Lust – Part Five When Happiness Meets Drama, schedule for a fall release. I’m also working on an erotic novel called About The Night Ride Home, including several other stories involving a cougar erotic, LGBT, and a polyamorous stories.
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
While others are following a trend of BDSM and alpha-billionaire trends, I want to write something on a gritty level, where people can identify with the everyday issues, but with a touch of fantasy and erotica. The stories I’ve read had been all cliché, I want to be different. I do want a female audience, but being different than the typical authors wouldn’t hurt me a bit, because I can only be me. I’ve noticed authors that follow a trend, but no trademark of their own; nothing unique, only something typical. The men they write about are either rich or alpha-dogs, who are ten to twenty years older than them with a touch of bad boy in them, or maybe they’re rock stars or country singers. Me, none of my male characters are like that. The men are not wimps; they’re just male. It’s okay to have a man who is concerned about some woman’s feelings. He human, but he’s got to be male. He can be dominant, without having to be such a douche bag, like I’ve read in some stories, always looking for someone to control or humiliate.
When I look into female characters, I want them to be very sexual – sexually confident, of course, but emancipated. What is so wrong in finding women who are like that; independent-minded, but just want a man for sex and companionship, as well? I’ve read a few characters that are like that, but they’re not compared to what I’m looking to be intrigued about. Maybe, that’s what I want to show about the women, that they are proud and confident, but only want a man who’s willing to spend the time with her, but of course she’s going to have issues. No characters is perfect.
3) Why do I write what I do?
First of all, I love erotica, and that is all I’ll ever write. When I got into the genre, it was by accident. I write what I do, not only for my enjoyment, but to share everyone’s enjoyment to the erotic genre. Someone’s got to write for others, help ease their mind from the everyday issues in life. And writing erotica is the best way to escape; no matter what your day job is.
4) How does my writing process work?
Well, through many things. I get my muse off pictures (mostly), or just the top of my head. There are times, I’m inspired by a realistic event, or from a film I just saw, but I put it to my own twists. Once I’m on a roll, I can’t be stopped. I need to see it story through.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday 09/26/2014 - Oops, Sorry!

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

Today, I have a comedic piece to share.

Hope you enjoy!

Dixon went on his phone to send the picture message of himself shirtless to Bree. He manually entered her number and sent over his picture. A few minutes later, he received a text message with a response: Who is this?

He looked at the number and realized he entered the wrong number. Bree’s name didn’t appear in the text message. He was so embarrassed.

I’m so sorry! I meant to send to my girlfriend.

He set the phone down and attempted to look for Bree’s number, but there was a return response.

I’m Bree’s mother. She’s got good taste in men.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Honored To Have A Number Of Fans.

Wow, what an awesome day! My wife of nine and a half years is the best supporter, to have me stay home, when I was supposed to go out with her, and let me go on this group for my debut -- Book Boyfriend Rocks.

At first, I was super-nervous, wondering what subject could I come up with. Luckily, I planned, but I was so nervous I thought I bombed. I'm glad the women in the group enjoyed their time with me. I was also honored to make a number of friends on Facebook. Plus, I gave winners the series to Love Out Of Lust, and I can't wait to give them Part Five.

I want to give thanks to Helen Cameron of Book Boyfriend Rocks for the opportunity; what an honor!

To all that participated, thank you. Plus, it's been awesome getting to know you.

Much love,

Ray Sostre.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 09/23/2014: Just Kidding Or Literally

Hey guys, I'm up teasing with a taste of erotic comedy. 

Hope you enjoy!

Nate was so glad to come home to his studio apartment. He had a long flight from London, and he could use some sleep. When he stepped in the kitchen he noticed something standing on top of the kitchen counter – a plastic pan. What was it?

He didn’t even close the door behind him, he was curious to see what was standing on the counter, and as he got a better look he found a cake with a message very disturbing. It read: Sorry we fucked in your kitchen.

Nate was immediately disturbed. His first question who the hell did this, and how the hell did they break in? He checked for anything obvious in the kitchen, but the kitchen was clean. Was this some sort of joke to fuck with him or what?

Then he overheard laughter in the background – two women giggling loudly. Nate turned his head and noticed Dani and Sherry, his sexy neighbors laughing their asses off. He probably had the dumbest look on his face. Then he realized it was them who played the practical joke on him.

He gave a flat smile and said, “Nice one girls.”

“No, we really fucked in your kitchen.” Dani emphasized, licking her fingers. “Mmmm…”

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 09/19/2014: Dead Batteries for Darla.

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday, and today I'm happy to bring in one of my favorite characters - Darla & Tyler, except this scene is only for Darla.

I figured it would be nice to come out with a comedic segment.


Darla was home watching a sensual porn movie on her DVR. It was one of her guilty pleasures she enjoyed doing, while Tyler was away at work. Yes, she loved him, but she always enjoyed watching sex movies. The scene she watched about a man touching the woman in the shower in all the right place, left a delicious aching sensation that she picked up her pink rabbit vibrator, with the intention to get herself off.

When she turned on her vibrator, it didn’t start. She tapped her vibrator slightly, but she soon realized her batteries were dead – damn!

That sucks!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 09/18/2014: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five

Hey what's up? Sorry that I'm late, but work had got to me. 

Just two more months, and I'm looking forward to step down from management and go full time as a writer and publisher.

Anyways, here is my WIP to the Love Out Of Lust Series - Part Five, and this series will be more dramatic than the last four. 

Hope you enjoy! I'm going to bed - for now.

Daryl came over to comfort her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her. “It’s alright Marisol. He’s not going to get away with it.”
Marisol couldn’t hold back her tears. What Jose was doing to them was very frustrating. She broke up with him; he didn’t take it so well. Now he’s dragging her cousin into it, because Jose couldn’t take what Daryl did to him a few days ago, because Jose approached him in the first place. How were they going to make him stop? As far as Alonzo, she knew her cousin had a dark reputation of being crazy in the streets. He was the type that loved getting into brawls, and when someone messed with anyone close to him Alonzo was the type to go crazy. He earned the nickname ‘Crazy Al’, because he didn’t care who he got into fight with, and Alonzo had a crazy temper that scared others from fighting him. Now she’ll have to worry about Alonzo doing something stupid like going after Jose.
“He’s not going to stop,” she sniffed, backing away as she wiped the tears off her eyes.
“Oh, believe me,” Alonzo assure slamming his fist against his hand. “he’s gonna pay for what he did! That little bitch-ass wants to talk shit, well, I’m looking forward to fuck him up.”
Marisol pleaded, “No, Alonzo, please.”
Daryl placed his finger under her chin, assuring her. “Don’t worry, I won’t get your cousin involved. Besides, I have a better idea.”
“Just please, keep Alonzo out of trouble.”
Daryl nodded his head. “I will.”
Daryl nodded when he held her close. He had a look of assurance that he will do whatever it took to keep Alonzo out of trouble, for Marisol.
“I promise.”

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 09/16/2014: Sadie In A Hotel Room

It's feels good to get out with another teaser. 

I wanted to get it out, but I was freaking tired, and I need some sleep.

But today, I'm premiering a WIP to a cougar-erotic romance, with a title I have no clue, but when I write an erotic story, I want the most steamiest sex scenes to make you feel turned on.

The story is about Sadie, a forty-something woman who has a secret sexual relationship with best friend's son - Andrew, a young nineteen year old, charming man.

Sadie laid beautifully naked on the floor. Her body was on fire as she felt a delicious feeling rising in her body. Never in a million years, would she perform in front of a man, especially not some nineteen year old like Andrew, who is the son of her best friend from college, but a sexual attraction developed between each other.

Sadie was reaching her point, and when she reached her orgasm, she turned her body and
tensed up in pleasure. She lost full awareness of what Andrew was doing; he was rubbing his shaft while she got herself off. When her orgasm passed, Sadie laid on the floor and opened her eyes, she was in her most wanton feeling, and she saw Andrew standing in front of her rubbing his shaft. Sadie couldn’t help but taste the flavor of herself; she wanted more, and all she could think of was watching him shoot his load all over her body. Where? She didn’t care. She wanted him to cum.

Then Andrew breathing grew; harsh and ragged. He let off a howl and shot a stream of cum that landed over her tummy. It was warm and hot. Sadie was happy to see and feel his orgasm at play.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thirteen Years Later

While everyone is posting WTC pics before 2001, I'm going to post pics of the current times.
I'm from New York, and I'm going to post proudly.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 09/09/2014: Honey I'm Home

It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, where authors posts erotic snippets up to 200 words; no more, no less.

Andrea was happy to oblige when she climbed on top of her bed and between Cindy’s legs. The smell of her sex sent Andrea into stimulation, and without any hesitation she dove in, burying her face in her pussy.

She flickered her tongue over Cindy’s little button. It wasn’t long before she buried her face deep, taking in Cindy’s flavor as it coated her mouth. At the same time, she felt a delicious feeling growing in her center; if only someone was here to take care of her needs. All she could think about was her husband coming home to immediately unzip his pants, pull his dick out and pump her with that rigid member. If only Keith was here sooner.

And with just her luck, she overheard someone entering the room. She pulled away from Cindy’s pussy, wiping away the luscious nectar from the side of her face with her thumb, as she turned to a man wearing a suit and tie. It was Keith. He’s home. Yes! She let out a naughty grin when she noticed a clear dildo in his hand.

“So, you start without me?” Keith asked.

“No, I’m just getting her ready for you.” She fibbed innocently.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Random Short Snippet: 09/06/2014 - Lusting Passion

Are you ready for something yummy and steamy?

Here is another piece of my Random Short Snippets on The AfterDark World.


Amber felt the force of Dale’s thrusts growing deeper. She could tell he was cumming; he was hard – really hard. Her moans matched his guttural sounds, and then suddenly he howled.

“Oh... ohh!” He howled as he reached to pull out his shaft.

She opened her eyes and waited, but before he pulled out she his cock throb in her. Oh God, feeling was soothing! She felt him shoot his first load inside her, and it was the first time she ever felt Dale cum inside her. Then he pulled out, stroking his now pinkish cock over her pussy, shooting out a nice thick coat of warm cum all over her clean shaven mound, while some of his load shot over her red silky corset The feeling was crazy hot, and from her point of view, she wanted more of him.

She closed her eyes and exhaled her moment of pleasure, matching up with his groans. Amber placed her hand over to his waist and caressed her left breast with her hand. When she opened her eyes, she reached for the curved sword of flesh and rubbed it softly, hoping to squeeze out more of his cum over her, but he was all spent.

She could really use more of him, but both her and Dale needed to catch their breaths. She slid her left hand down to her thigh and moved her hips post-coitus as she could feel his cum oozing out of her. Then Dale leaned forward to give her a kiss. She didn’t want a kiss, she opened her mouth and extended out her tongue, expecting this kiss to be more lustful than before.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Random Short Snippets - 09/06/2014: Kayla's First Woman Shoot

Hiyadoin? I'm in the mood to write some more, and since I love writing erotica, what is more fun to write about a girl-on-girl short snippet, otherwise f/f.

This is a short snippet in 677 words. And yes, I am a tease, so they say! LOL 


Kayla kneeled on the bed. Her heart raced with anxiety as she never, in her life, thought of herself as a porn actress. Her ex-boyfriend was taken to jail, leaving her with a two year old daughter to feed, and making ends meet was much getting tougher than expected. That was when she answered an ad to work for a film production team.

When she answered this ad, they were willing to hire her on the spot. To Kayla, she thought this was an opportunity to do something better than before, but when she realized what she was doing, she thought it over, long and hard about what she was getting herself into? She realized the film production was for adult entertainment, and the money was exclusive, but there were consequences.

She worried about if her family knew what she was doing, how would they react and look at her. She worried about what her friends would think of her, and most importantly, her daughter. When she grows up, how will she think of her mother? If they only knew what her circumstances were, they’d understand, but she didn’t keep her hopes up; Kayla had to take care of herself and her daughter, and she wasn’t going to let that discourage her.

She studied her appearance and took amazement at herself. In fact, she felt sexy. The troubling part was her first girl-on-girl scene, and Kayla had never been with a woman before. She could feel the butterflies around her stomach thinking of the possibility of another woman touching her.

Then came Cheri; a good colleague in the business. She’s been around lots of women in the shoot, but Kayla couldn’t get over the thought of doing it another woman.

“Are you nervous?” Cheri asked when she climbed on the bed. “You seem a little tense.”

“I am,” Kayla answered, fidgeting her fingers. “I… I’ve never done it with a woman before.”

“Really?” Cheri widened her eyes. “Well, to tell you the truth, it’s like making love with a man; only that you’re not being penetrated with his dick.”

Kayla chuckled apprehensively. “That’s a great way of putting it.”

Cheri placed her hand on her shoulder and comforted, “Look, I promise to be gentle. If it helps, just close your eyes and think of me as man touching you.”

“You seemed so experienced with this.”

“Because I was just like you when I had my first girl-on-girl experience. I never done it with a woman, and to add I was on camera. To overcome my anxiety, I had to think of the other woman as doing it with a man – well, with the affection.”

Kayla heart was still pounding , but she grew some confidence, taking in Cheri’s advice.

“I’ll remember that.”

Cheri climbed on the bed and wrapped her hands behind her. Kayla could smell the sweet-scented perfume coming from Cheri as she leaned herself behind her.

Then for one brief moment, Kayla was feeling aroused. She felt the heat of Cheri’s body behind her, and instead of a hard chest next to her back, she felt a soft chest; better yet, Cheri’s breasts on her back. She closed her eyes thinking to herself on how she wants to get over her fears and let herself go to Cheri’s touch.

“Just remember what I told you; let me warm up.” Kayla whispered to her ear.

“Uh huh,” Kayla let off a whimper. At this point, she was willing to accept what was coming to her.

Then without any resistance, she allowed Cheri to slide her bra strap off her shoulder, while at the same time, she felt a soft kiss on her cheek. Kayla was so aroused, she could feel herself growing wet.

When the director yelled action, she felt Kayla’s hand slide along the side of her arm, over to her tummy, where she slide further to her underwear. Kayla was beginning to like the way Cheri handled her; better than a man in bed when came to the foreplay. When she felt Cheri’s fingers pushing her panties to the side, Kayla couldn’t help herself but gasp.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 09/05/2014: You're Invited

It's been a bit since I've been on here. 
It feels good.

Here is my Flash for the day, enjoy!

“Sorry, we’re closed,” the female security guard attempted to stop him at the entrance.

She got a better look at the man wearing a pair of shades, a baseball cap flipped backwards, and a hoodie then realized it was the man on the wall poster – Vicente Gianno – the great illusionist.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” the guard apologized.

“It’s quite alright, my dear.” He entered as she opened the doors for him.

She closed the door, but noticed something on the ground – a card. She walked over to pick it up. It read: You’re invited to see my show, gorgeous!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Thrills - 09/04/2014: A Polyamorous Anniversary

It's been some time since I've done Thursday Tasters, and tonight, I'm going to deliver.

This is to my anthology WIP; a title that writes itself - A Polyamorous Anniversary.

I hope you enjoy!

“I love you, Kasey.” Yasmin looked up in return, feeling Kasey pulling down the strap of her teddy.
“I love you too, Yasmin.” She slipped her hand inside to feel Yasmin’s perky breasts.
Yasmin fluttered her eyes and moaned. Her nipples immediately grew hard to her touch. It was truly a feeling she enjoyed; soft and sensual in all the right places. She wanted to ravage Kasey’s body so badly with her hot kisses all over, but she needed to remember to take it slow. She wanted this moment to be as special as their first time, only better.
She slid her fingers under Kasey’s lacy panties and pulled them down very slowly. Yasmin got a look at her clean shaven mound. It immediately made her mouth water for her body. The smell of her sex was very stimulating. She was itching to explore her voluptuous body. Kasey managed to slip out of her panties and parted her legs for Yasmin to slide her hand under her wet slit.
Yasmin pressed her fingers inside her folds. She was wet, filled with desire. She followed Kasey’s bodily response as she slid her fingers in and out of her pussy. When she looked up, Kasey displayed a very wanton expression. She licked her lips to the feeling that she was giving her. She was literally bucking herself against her fingers as she leaned down and kiss her.
Yasmin pulled down Kasey’s strap, revealing her right breast. Her mouth found its way to her pert nipple and she licked it slowly, moving her tongue around the areola and leaving soft wet bites on Kasey’s nipple. She knew Kasey was enjoying it; she ran her hand through her hair and pulled her close to her body.
When Yasmin looked up, she gave an invitational look for Kasey to kiss her. And indeed, she did. Their kiss was first soft and sensuous. It quickly turned passionate, leaving Yasmin with another aching sensation in her center. She could feel her nipples peaking through her teddy. She wanted both Kasey and Wes, right now. Kasey was warming her up for something better to happen.

She whispered into her kisses, “Why don’t we bring Wesley into it now. I’m so horny.”

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random Short Snippets - 09/03/2014: Stress Relief

Hey, I decided to come out with more random snippets a little more often. 
I have sacrificed so much for everyone else, where I missed out on doing my own thing.

First of all, I love erotica; even porn. I will be posting pictures with a snippet, and these pics will be #NSFW - not safe for work, but it will include some steamy and saucy snippets for your enjoyment, because I love what I do.

Here is my second piece... enjoy!

Elisa watched as her body was filled with lust from her boyfriend’s thrusting of his enormous cock, going in and out of her pussy. She loved the feeling of her body being rocked hard, by his hard thrusts. His body slammed into hers, and she could feel his heat suddenly rising, when she heard his groans grow louder and louder.

Then without announcing his climax, he pulled out of her and stroked his cock when she watched in anticipation of what would come next. Moments later, she felt the first drop of his cum. It squirted from his cock and landed across her tummy. She was relieved from the feeling of his thick warm cum, and there was more as she heard him howl out of pleasure.

Her body was spotted with more of his cum, until he was spent. She watched him squeeze every last drop all over her body. Elisa gave a smile when she saw the relieved expression from her boyfriend’s face.

“Feel better?’ Elisa asked.

“Yeah, I needed to blow some steam.” He climbed off the bed.

“You’re always welcome to blow off some steam!” Elisa, in fact, loved it when he had a bad day from work. He would tell her all about it during sex, and the sex was always better.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 09/02/2014: Just Feeling Sexy

Hiyadoin'? Thank you for the birthday shoutouts on Facebook people. 
I had an awesome birthday.

It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser, where I'm putting something together in 200 words, but in this piece I'm a little over by 18 words, because I couldn't shorten it any better than I usually do. This pic was so erotic and amusing, I couldn't pass up.

Well anyway, enjoy and thank you for the love.

Yvette was beginning to feel sexy, after putting on her lingerie. She loved the feeling of the black corset that hugged around her curves, as well as the nylon stockings that fitted nicely around her thighs. She leaned herself over a mirror she set on the floor and parted her legs wide open to get an erotic view of herself.

She was intrigued from her own beauty. She studied her reflection, taking in her beautiful, sexy features from the beauty mark on her cheek to the lip gloss that shimmered deliciously. She just wanted to give herself a kiss – such a sexy goddess.

She grinned after making eye contact with herself, placing her hand over her breast, giving herself a real big squeeze. Her body was now consumed by the erotic sensations as she slid her hand down her curves, giving her body the erotic sensations when her fingers touched the fabric of her lingerie.

Oh my god, just looking at me made myself wet. The delicious aches in her center even told her so. She closed her eyes when she exhaled a soft, erotic moan, pulling her panties aside as she rubbed her wanton center, thinking about the sexual moment from last night – being eaten out by a woman while her husband fucked her from behind.

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