Love Out Of Lust Series

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 08/14/2014: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five

Hey guys, what's up? 
It's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors provide their WIPs or published stories,
no more than 400 words. 

Today, I'm premiering mine in 287 words - My WIP to Love Out Of Lust Series Part 5!

I'm going to give you a sample of what's upcoming for the Fall of 2014.

This is in first draft, I hope you enjoy!


Alonzo took out his wallet and pulled out some ones as he paid the store clerk. “Here you go? Thanks.”
He walked over to the exit, picked up his duffle bag and opened the door, where he heard a familiar voice that alerted him – Marisol. She was yelling, but at who? At the moment he looked to his right, saw something very alarming – Daryl was held against his will by two other men, while another kid in a blue baseball cap approached him with an orange boxcutter. Marisol was screaming at him, pushing him away; she was hysterical.
“Jose, what the fuck are you doing!” She pushed him away. “You not suppose to anywhere near us! You fucking asshole, do you want to go to jail!”
“You motherfucker!” Daryl tried to break free from his friends hold, but he couldn’t .
Alonzo needed to react. He knew Daryl was in pure danger and there was no time to waste, but was Alonzo going to take on three guys at once? He set his duffle bag to the side and started to walk towards them. Amazingly, Marisol didn’t pay any attention to Alonzo approaching them; she was too focused on the man with the boxcutter.
Marisol screamed when she pushed him, but she never expected what will come out of Jose. “Jose, you fucking—” 

Then Alonzo witness something that suddenly enraged him – Jose backhanded Marisol in her face - in broad daylight! What a brazen son-of-a-bitch; in front of witnesses! Things were now about to get ugly for the kid as Alonzo saw red, leaving him no choice but to do drastic things to this kid; putting a hurt to this asshole was all he could think of.

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  1. Strong emotions coming from this piece today!

  2. A very violent beginning! I wonder where ti goes from here.

  3. Way to go ....catching our attention from the very beginning. It has the making of a strong story. I can't wait to see want happens next ....

  4. I like how you slowly build his reaction.

  5. A strong build up here. Lots of emotion