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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 08/07/2014: The Weekend - Melissa & Sylvia

Hey guys, hiyadoin? It's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, and today I'm showcasing my WIP of The Weekend - an FFM story about three best friends from high school, who reunite for a visit in the Jersey Shore.

Here is my piece in rough draft -- enjoy!

 Sylvia, who was as shy as she could be, stepped out of the patio, looking nervously around her, wondering if there was anyone next door that might notice them sunbathing in the back patio naked.
She looked at one house to her left, and then one house to her right. She looked at Melissa as she couldn’t believe how confident and comfortable she was to step outside in her birthday suit. She took one deep breath as she hesitated to step out of the patio.
Oh my god, what was I thinking when I agreed to this? I mean she’s okay and comfortable with herself; not me! I must look like a pale fat girl stepping out with no clothes on!
“Come on Sylvia; take your towel off!” Melissa set the tablet and iPhone on a small table next to her lounge chair. Then she joked, “Mmm… it’s a great day to masturbate in the open!”
Sylvia blushed. She could not believe Melissa for saying that. She knew she was being antagonistic, but damn, does she have to say it out loud where others might hear them?
“You’re fucking sick Melissa!”
“And you love me. Come one white girl, step on out. Quit being such a pussy! No one’s going to notice us.”
Here goes nothing! She stepped out into the patio, she wasn’t ready yet to take off her towel, but she took a seat on the lounge chair, next to Melissa.
“I swear I’m going to need lots of sun block, otherwise I’ll be as red as a lobster by nightfall.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot!” She got up from the lounge chair and hurried back inside. “The sun block!”
“Yeah,” she kept her hand close to her chest. She was feeling really nervous about taking off her towel. She knew she wasn’t fat, but she was very self-conscious about her figure. She closed her eyes and tried to psyche herself out, thinking no one would notice, but her fears overshadowed her confidence at the moment. She thought about going back inside and put on a bikini, but Melissa stepped back out holding a bottle of sun block lotion in her hand.
“Good thing you reminded me with the sun block, otherwise we’ll both burn.”
Sylvia looked to her left and thought she saw some stepping out of the patio, but apparently it was her own imagination – no one was next door to her.

“What are you waiting for? Take off your towel.”

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  1. Oh, Ray, what a provocative thought: sunbathing and masturbating by the pool, in one's own world without a care. I have a pool.........Ola. Wonderfully sexy Taster. xo

  2. Great line to end it on- take off the towel I have a sneaking suspicion someone will be spying....

  3. I understand her apprehension. I'd be the same.

  4. I enjoyed this little tale ....I wonder if they will be out soon, there is nothing wrong with having a different muse from time to time.

  5. Like Melissa I'd be scared to death to nude sunbathe at home. LOL. I bet someone's going to get an eyeful though

  6. Great taster. You portrayed her apprehension well. I can't help but think she will be spotted though.

  7. Melissa is not going to let her have it easy... and she has the suncream hehe.

  8. Ray, have you been reading my mind again? LOL
    This is one very hot taster, well done bro!