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Friday, August 22, 2014

Knowing My Market and Defining Me As A True Author

Lately, I’ve been going through some evaluation of what kind of fans do I want following me. While I’ve written a number of m/f erotic contemporary stories, I’ve been long wanting to write a number of f/f/m erotic romances, and what I was worrying about was losing a fan base for being who I really am as an author.

Four years ago, when I got into writing erotic stories, I was trying to find my way as a true erotic writer; learn the ropes and make a name of myself. I published my first book through a publisher – The Girl Upstairs, and it was my first official m/f erotic contemporary, but I learned that a number of my readers were young, hip, and outgoing women – a handful of them who were bisexual.

I wanted to cater to an audience that liked my work, but I was also afraid of taking a risk in publishing f/f/m, because I was approached a couple of years ago that most women don’t like reading ménage stories that consist of two women and one guy, because they didn’t enjoy reading lesbian scenes. I can’t argue that, but I rather cater to the few that liked it than the most, because I’m being true to myself.

Even on my Facebook page, recently, I posted some stuff on my author page of women kissing women, but not as much as I really wanted. After thinking about it hard… and over again, I decided where I want my books to target – bisexual women, since I’m able to understand what is it they want to read about.

Long before I’ve met my woman of nearly ten years, I was with a number of bisexual women, and today I still make good friends with bisexual women. I’m no woman, but I learned one thing that bisexual women want in a fantasy story – the best of both worlds to love them. I’m a male erotic writer, who likes reading and writing this kind of stuff, and as I opened that world of women into men and women, I learned that the women I associate online, in my town, and at my job are bisexual. I also learned that they enjoy reading this kind of stuff, and in reality they have a desire for women, either in a relationship or just a one night thing, and the same feelings for men.

I know, for sure, not all women end up with a guy, because some end up with a woman, but I’m able to relate to what is it they want to read about – stories that involve both a man and a woman in their lives. And now, I’ve finally come to a conclusion of following where my heart has long desired. When I wrote my first story, by the way, it was f/f/m story which I never published; still stashed away, lol. Now, it’s time to fulfill what is it I want to write and who is the audience I want to attract.

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