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Friday, August 8, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 08/08/2014: Must See TV

It's time to present another segment of Flash Fiction Friday, in words up to 100, based on the inspired pic.
Today, I'm going to bring along my two favorite characters - Darla & Tyler

Tyler walked over to see what they were watching on her laptop. He was taken aback when he noticed a man in his pinstriped suit and tie, holding a chain to a leather collar, belonging to a half-naked man with tattoos, embracing.

“Oh my god, gay men can be so hot!” Darla uttered softly, then she looked back and turned to Tyler realizing that she made a minor boo-boo with her words. “Well, you’re still hotter.”

“Thanks, but I’m not gay.” Tyler replied with a remark.

She rolled her eyes away, “I know, it’s just…” she sighed stammering for the right words to say.

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  1. Well written Ray would love to know exactly what words she was looking for

  2. Nice take on this, Ray. A third and fourth party party!! It would be be interesting to hear her directional retort. Xo

  3. Wonder what will happen now? Great flash! :)