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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 07/31/2014: The Weekend

It's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, where author showcase their work in progress or finished manuscripts, up to 400 words.

In this WIP, I'm looking for a publisher, and decided that I want to go full time as an erotic romance writer, writing interracial, multi-cultural, and yes menage romance (FFM, preferrably). 
I've come to a decision that I will be letting go of my job and go full time as a writer, while working part time.

Anyways, here is my post.

She got up, put on a pair of shorts from last night and walked towards the door. She opened the door and walked down the hallway, where she entered the bathroom that was already ajar, there stood Curtis, who was drying himself from stepping out of his shower. Sylvia jumped, realizing she walked in on him completely naked. His arms were glistened with beads of water as he held the towel into his face, drying it off while Sylvia noticed something that very impressive – his dick.
His dick was flaccid was very impressive. Sylvia, for a split-second had a wanton moment and she needed to snap out of it, fast. She hesitated when she stepped out of the bathroom. By then, Curtis pulled the towel from his face and reacted when he saw Sylvia standing in the doorway.
“What the?” Curtis tried to cover himself.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Sylvia shielded her face. She had to give the most reddest face of embarrassment, but she played it off as she stepped away. “I didn’t mean to walk in on you.”
Sylvia closed the door behind her. She felt a bit embarrassed, but damn, this was the second time she seen Curtis with his pants down, and best of all he knew how to use it very well. She walked down the steps and crossed through the living room, where there was a guest bathroom down the hall, away from the living room.
Melissa walked past the living den, wearing nothing but a long white t-shirt that extended down to her thighs. Despite her bed hair, Melissa still looked beautiful as she entered the kitchen.
Melissa turned and smiled. “Morning Sylvia, are you up for breakfast?”
“Yeah, but I need to use the bathroom first. I almost walked in on Curtis.”
“Oh really?” Melissa laughed.
Sylvia couldn’t think of a response, but she widened her eyes as she thought to herself, With a dick like that, I couldn’t stop staring!

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  1. I believe I would have offered to dry his back. In fact, I know i would have. Sexy, Ray. xo

  2. That's too bad they have a second bathroom, they could have shared it.

  3. She had a lot of strength to walk away. LOL.

  4. Lucky lady getting an eyeful like that lol

  5. Sylvia's reaction was great. He had no idea how much she admired his dick. If he did, I'm sure there would be a close physical reaction eefecting them both. Nicely done.

  6. I would have either snuck out or been frozen to the spot! Nice scene!

  7. Oh my gosh- i love the line you ended on! LOL

  8. LOL love the last line. Great taster

  9. You set up such an awesome scene Ray, from here on in anything is possible.
    The image of his dick, impressive as it was even when limp would linger in her mind until something happens ;)