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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 07/24/2014: Last Chance For New Year's Eve

Hey guys, welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors post a snippet of their WIP of no more than 400 words.

Today, I'm going to showcase my holiday WIP in 214 words.

Sorry, today I have no pic for this, because I couldn't find a scene that fit this part of the story

Yasmin, I tried to look for you, and someone told me you were leaving for California. Is that true?”

She sighed, leaning against the wall, with a disappointed expression. “I am. I have no purpose over here. I’m leaving on the fourth.”

Eric bowed his head down, realizing it was too late to changer her mind. “I’m going to miss you. You always made my day.”

“Me too.” She smiled. “You were the only person, other than Jamal and Selena, that was very sweet to me. I’ll miss talking to you.”

“Well, the fourth hasn’t arrived.” He grinned, “You think I can convince you to stay?”

“I’m sorry.” She sighed. “I love it here and all, but I have no family here. They’re all in California.”

Gracefully accepting her answer, “I understand, but it doesn’t mean we have to spoil our date, does it?”

She laughed, kissing him in the cheek. “No, I’m glad you are my date. I was thinking that Selena was going to hook me up with a boring, ugly, goofy guy.”

He laughed, joking along. “Boring, ugly, and goofy? I don’t think I fit that category, do I?”

            She tapped him on his shoulder playfully. “No. In fact...” She gave her most flirtatious grin “I think you are... mmm... fine!”

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  1. I love the way this tale is going. It's headed in all the right directions. I'll be back next week to sample more.
    Way to go Ray!

  2. I love how playful they are. It feels so natural.

  3. I wonder if he can make her stay, somehow.

  4. Yep, very fine. Maybe if he gives her a, make that A LOT....of incentive. Nice dialogue, very comfortable and very believable ~ natural. Good job, Ray. xo

  5. Great interaction between them. The dialogue rings true to believable. I want to read how their date goes.

  6. Love the playfulness of this taster. Great writing