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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 07/01/2014: Rachel's Anticipation

Hi, sorry that I'm late in posting. 

Today, I'm posting a snippet in 200 words, based off a provide inspired pic.

That's right it's Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers.

Here's my post for the day.

Rachel Capponetti knew now she was at the point of no return once she arrived at the beach home off Belford, New Jersey. She read the note, instructed by her best friend in college Michelle to take all of her clothes off and put on the clothing she was instructed to wear – a pair of dark nylon stockings with crotchless white panties and garter straps; a sexy white bra that matched her crotchless panties, and a black thong.

As she took the time to put them on in the living room, she quickly remembered why she enjoyed it. Rachel was amazed at how Michelle could create such sexy lingerie for her; they fitted her curves perfectly; not one garment that felt uncomfortable to her.

She picked up the letter sitting on the coffee table. It read: Once you go upstairs, you will be reminded of the inner-slut you are. Our adventure awaits. I will be waiting for you upstairs in the first door on your left.

XoXo – Michelle.

The further up the steps she climbed, the more her heart pounded with tension. This anticipation left Rachel building a moisture in her core. What did Michelle have in store for her?

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  1. definite mouth watering piece ... I wonder what adventure Michelle has for Rachel

  2. Hot tease Ray and I would definitely like to know what Michelle has in store for her

  3. Oh yes, indeed, what awaits her? Great tease:-)

  4. Tantalizing, tell us more!