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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - 07/22/2014: Melissa

Hey guys, here is my tantalizing piece for Tuesday.

It's a bit over by 11 words, because I couldn't make it any shorter than expected, and usually I'm good at this. However, I hope you enjoy!

Leah climbed on top of Ellis. She guided him inside her folds and began rolling her hips as she took his length in more. She closed her eyes as she savored the intense pleasure that filled her walls, and then she turned over to watch Melissa, who was sitting on the couch with her legs apart rubbing herself, while she watched them fuck.

Leah loved the idea of turning someone on, especially with someone like Melissa, who granted her permission to fuck her boyfriend. She watched Melissa play with herself, until she reached for something at her side – a long pale dildo.

She watched Melissa insert the dildo inside her pussy and toy with herself, until she displayed her most wanton expression. Then Leah felt her body being pulled close Ellis, as she humped him, allowing her dangled tits to be ravaged by Ellis’s hungry kisses.

Then Ellis looked up at her and asked, “How would you like Melissa to fuck you from behind?”

Leah hesitated to answer, when she thought about being fucked by two people at once. She knew how this would happen, and she’s not afraid of anal, but with two people at once, this was something new to her.

“You mean a DP? I’ve never done it.”

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  1. *fans self* Worth waiting for, Ray!

  2. Red hot tease and image excellently written

  3. Holy mackrel, Ray. I wish my name was Leah right about now. "Bring in the bucket of ice and the bartender..." Yeowza.....xo