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Friday, July 25, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 07/25/2014: Jeff's Surprise

Hi, I'm back with another segment of Flash Fiction Friday,
and here is my piece in 100 words.

Jeff sat on the leather sofa, relaxed as he walked Nina inside her hotel room. He sat down and enjoyed a glass of champagne, that was ordered earlier by her. He crossed his legs as he waited for Nina to come out. She told him she was going to slip into something a bit more comfortable.

Then moments later, the door opened. Nina stepped out. Jeff widened his eyes when he noticed her beautiful voluptuous figure underneath a dark, silky negligee that exposed her beautiful breasts and virtually nothing underneath it. Was she wearing anything underneath? She looked sensuously beautiful!

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  1. Seriously sensuous, Ray! One technical thing tho: the first line says he sat, then as he walked her and then he sat down again. Perhaps it should be the last line of the para. So, how did last night go? Peacefully, at work I hope!

  2. Very beautifully written flash Ray

  3. well done ...sweet and elegant

  4. Nina's image is extremely sensuous and inviting. I bet he has a great time finding out what's beneath the negligee.

  5. Purrrfectly yummy and sexy. :) Love the details. :) Great Flash!

  6. Wicked hot! Great teaser and boost for the lovely voluptuous women!