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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Tasters: About The Night Ride Home - 06/12/2014

Hey everyone. I kind of a rush here, because my in-laws are visiting, and I promised a Thursday Taster for you guys.

In this segment, I'm not going to provide any erotic scenes, like I normally do, but I'm going to provide a conflict from re-write of About The Night Ride Home.

This is the beginning of the Darla Loves Tyler Series, and in this part of the story, Darla is confronted by Tyler's ex-girlfriend, who is also the assistant manager of Estella's, Alicia O'Donnell. 

Alicia broke up with Tyler, but she doesn't approve who Tyler is hanging out with at work.

This manuscript is in rough draft, and it is subjected to change any time. I hope you enjoy.

SPOILER ALERT: These two duke it out in the story. It's being re-written.
Schedule for release in 2015
Darla returned to the cosmetics section and picked up a small box. She reached for the box cutter and cut open the box, when she pulled out small packages of daily facial creams. She stacked them on the counter and set the box down on the floor. When she looked up, she saw Alicia approaching her counter with a very stern look. It was obvious that she was pissed off.
“Darla, I’m going to say this only once. You are here to work; not to socialize.”
Darla was taken aback by Alicia’s demeanor. She knew she’d done nothing wrong, but did her job. And she saw no crime in getting acquainted with her co-workers. She knew what Alicia was doing.
“I wasn’t socializing, I was –”
“Socializing!” Alicia cut her off rudely. “Don’t interrupt me!”
Darla’s face was almost flushed with red. She knew Alicia was trying to lord her authority over, and it was personal. She really wanted to hold back at what she really wanted to say to Alicia, but she couldn’t help giving Alicia some remarks.
“Yes sir!” She walked away from Alicia, thinking to herself My god, what a bitch!
“Don’t walk away from me. I’m not finished!” Alicia threatened.
Darla returned a look, giving a literal matter-of-fact. “Sorry, I’m here to work, not to socialize.”
Alicia was steamed over Darla’s response. Stacy quickly intervened.
“Look, Alicia, you’ve made your point. I told her to take the intimates over there. If you don’t want Darla anywhere else but here,” she set an opened box of hair curlers “then why don’t you take these over to Karla, at the salon.”
Alicia felt stupid, but she gets her digs in with her response. “Why can’t you take them over there?”
“Because I’m her supervisor, and I can tell her to. Look, if you have a problem with me sending Darla over, then just say—”

Alicia walked away annoyed. “Forget it!”

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  1. Great Taster. You painted the picture really well and makes me want to learn more them and how they interact. I hope Alicia has a pleasant side.

  2. Good snapshot of her working environment :)