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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 06/26/2014: About The Night Ride Home

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors provide WIP snippets no more than 400 words, and today I'm going to give a taste of my re-write of my novel that will soon be release in 2015 - About The Night Ride Home.

For those who read the snippets of Darla Loves Tyler in Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, Saturday AfterDark Moments, and several other more, this is actually the novel of how Darla and Tyler ended up together.

Enjoy the snippet below, in 256 words. I'm writing about when Darla spotted Tyler at the job she applied for, and a familiar feeling returns.

This is in rough draft.

Darla was still skeptical about going over to Estella’s blindly to ask for Stacy, and apply for a job, but she had no choice… and nothing to lose. She rode the bus into downtown and  got off the stop, in front of the department store. Darla rode the escalator up to the main sales floor. She walked around, checking out the latest fashions and style on display. Some had really caught her eye, but she tried to keep her browsing to the minimum, so she could catch up with Stacy and apply for the position.
She was about to walk out of the women’s section, until she paused and saw someone that had her heart melt with desire – Tyler.

Much has passed between them – Tyler – the only man in her life she had feelings for, and she had to fuck it up over her vindictiveness. There he was… working in the men’s section, hanging shirts up over by the display rack -- and he still very sexy! Darla tried not to let herself be seen by him, but she couldn’t help watching Tyler work. She noticed he’d been taking care of himself, dressed very stylishly in dark grey slack, a long, white shirt, a red tie, and a black vest that complimented his masculine appearance. She wanted to go over there and say hi to him, but her doubts with Tyler overshadowed her hopes. She wondered if she’d gone over there to say hi he’d probably tell her to go away, and she couldn’t blame him.
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  1. Man, what did she do to inhibit her fixation with Tyler? You really have me wanting to know more about what happened and what is going to occur next.

  2. Great tease. We all want to know what happens next :)

  3. Very nice hook. I'm wondering, will common sense prevail or would her desire carry the day? I'd love for her to brave the odds and go over to say hello. I know what I would do to her if I was Tyler. I'm definitely coming back for more next week :D