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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Taster - 06/19/2014: Love Out Of Lust - Part Four

Hi, we meet again for another segment of Thursday Tasters, and today, I'm feeling very generous to host a giveaway of my book Love Out Of Lust - Part Four: Valentine's Day. 

This story has, by far, some very very romantic and erotic scenes, or as I like to say romantica
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Here is my taster:
(Brace yourself)

He penetrated her anus slowly with his finger, while he concentrated on her nub. The more he worked, the wetter she got. Then he heard Marisol’s moan grow intense. Her breathing grew heavy, and it wasn’t long before she screamed with an orgasm so loud it filled the room. 
Her body shivered, enjoying the new sensation he was giving her. Daryl didn’t want to stop, but Marisol pulled his head away. He looked up and saw Marisol’s chest rise and fall, he face beaming with a satisfied expression.
“Oh my gosh! What just happened?”
Daryl knew, but he couldn’t help what he did to her. He asked curiously, “Did you like it?”
She nodded, “Yeah, when I felt your finger inside my ass, I felt a new sensation like never before. Oh my god, I want you to fuck me!”
Marisol was desperate to feel him inside her. Those words fuck me were what she wanted him to do, and he was happy to oblige her needs.
The two repositioned themselves; Marisol rested her head on the pillow, while Daryl climbed on top of her. The two shared a ravenous kiss before his cock slid into her without any guidance.
Marisol let out a gasp as Daryl savored the intense pleasure of being inside her. He rocked himself; no foreplay, just hard and rough. Marisol returned the feelings when she wrapped her arms over his back and slowly dug her nails in. The feel of her nails over his back had Daryl pumping her with hard strokes. There was no need to take his time – just fuck her as hard as he could.
Daryl raised his body and supported himself by placing his hands over the headboard, while Marisol curled her legs up for Daryl to fuck her deeply. He watched her lustful expression. Marisol moaned loud enough to likely disturb her neighbors. At the same time, Daryl was letting out his own guttural sounds of pleasure, while he pounded her furiously.
The sweat was building between them; Daryl, maybe more. He stroked her until sweat dripped from his body onto hers. Marisol didn’t seem to care; she was rubbing his sweat over her body with one hand.

Thanks for reading. 
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  1. OMG Ray! Your taster is sooo hot I didn't want it to end!

  2. You definitely brought the heat today....great taster

  3. This taster is so hot Ray. Well done!