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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Taster - 06/05/2014: Sharon's Birthday Present

Hey guys, today is another segment of Thursday Tasters, where we post excerpts off our published books or WIP's. I'm looking forward to show what I have in store for you.

Originally, I wanted to post a steamy excerpt for Love Out Of Lust - Part Four, but
I decided to let it wait another time, and showcase a WIP that I'm working on. 
It's called, Sharon's birthday.

This is the first time I've ever written a group sex story, featuring an m/f/f/m scene. I though it was going to be tough, but it didn't. I'm actually into it.

While this story is in the making, I haven't officially decided if I want to have it self-published or go to an actual publisher, since it's been more than a year, but I'm debating.

Here is the snippet... I hope you enjoy!

This WIP is in rough draft. It is subjected to change anytime.

Sorry I had no pic available, but this is definitely an interracial group sex.

Her hand was all over Trevor’s shaft. His length was big, and the man had quite a girth. She stroke his shaft as she pulled him closer to taste his length. Her tongue touched the undersides of his shaft. She could hear him utter a groan of pleasure. There was no doubt she wanted these men inside her, but right now, she was enjoying more pleasure given by Gayle. She could feel the vibrator glide in and out of her pussy, as it gave her tingling, heavenly sensations in both of her holes. When Gayle pulled the vibrator out of her pussy, she didn’t expect what to feel next.
She felt Gayle’s flicker of her tongue, and her body stiffened. A second later, she allowed her body to relax as she let the pleasure take over. Once Gayle’s tongue was accepted, Sharon began moaning, grinding her pussy all over Gayle's face.
Sharon closed her eyes and moaned. She tried concentration on the men’s cocks, but there was a feeling rising inside her body. She was feeling hot; her body was ready to burst.
“Oh my God!” Sharon panted. “I’m gonna cum!”
Gayle murmured, “Mmmm… cum Sharon… cum!”
“Oh god, oh fuck!” She tightened her thighs as she exploded into her orgasm.
Sharon was suddenly lost in her moment. So deep, she held on Lance’s and Trevor’s cocks tightly, hoping she didn’t hurt them with her nails. Once her orgasm passed, Sharon looked down at Gayle and smile from the explosive pleasure she received.
“That good for you, huh?” Gayle grinned.
“Yeah!” she giggled, wearing her most ecstatic expression ever.
“Are you ready to be fucked?” Gayle asked, giving Sharon her most wicked grin.
Sharon raised her eyebrows. What kind of question is that for Sharon to say no?
She widened her eyes when she responded, “Oh yeah!”
Gayle began tugging at Sharon’s butt plug. “Then you won’t mind if I take this out. Would you?”
She felt the butt plug pull out of her ass. Once the plug was in Gayle’s hand, Sharon let go of the men’s cocks and got up from the sofa, as she told them what she really wanted.

“I want to have the both of you fuck me at the same time.”

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  1. That'll wake a person up in the morning. :) Great excerpt!

  2. Impressive imagery. ...I enjoyed the movement of the storyline

  3. Oh so sexy teaser! *Fan's myself.* The imagery was great!

  4. The image was well set up- You did a terrific job with showing the reader what was happening.