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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 06/17/2014: Finding Possibilities

Sorry that I'm late. 

Today, I'm going over a WIP I wrote two years ago, and I just started looking over a few things.
This is a cougar interracial erotic romance about a woman who turns forty and gets involved with a guys who's ten years younger than her. 

It's called: Finding Possibilities

“You know, this is so wrong,” despite her conscious, she continued taking another scoop of ice cream. “We’re eating something that doesn’t belong to us.”
“Not as wrong as this...” He set the spoon on the counter and leaned closer to kiss her neck.
The chill coming from Darius’s tongue touched the side of her neck, causing Faith to frisson with pleasure. She felt a soft tingle coming from her center, forgetting how hungry she was. Her appetite was moving from the toffee ice cream to Darius.
She moaned, “Ooo, your tongue feels cold, but good!”
Darius took the pint of ice cream away from her hand, and set it on the table. Faith started to lick her lips, whatever remaining flavor of the ice cream was in her mouth, before Darius placed his lips onto hers’. She closed her eyes, and wrapped her arms around him, while moaning to the pleasure of his tongue to her neck. Her hands caressed his back with her fingernails. Faith was feeling that ache in her center once again. She knew where it was going to lead afterwards.

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  1. Love it. Extremely sensual and sexy teaser. I can tell they are going to have a hot hot time