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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just Starting Writing Love Out Of Lust - Pt 5

Hey guys! I want to thank everyone for the love being shown here. I just started writing Love Out Of Lust - Part: When Happiness Meets Drama, and in this story, I'm going to go deep into drama territory. Part Four was the most erotic part of the series, where I'm going to create conflict in the lives of Daryl and Marisol. 

While I enjoy writing about sex in a story, there will be little bit of sex scenes... and yes, I'm planning on making it a novella (over 10k words). 

This story will have Jose, who will finally be put in his place for his stupidity

Marisol meets Daryl's ex-wife, Clarissa, and there's a near face-off.

Also, Paige and Marisol spends the night out clubbing together, until Paige gets so wasted and hits on Daryl. She unveils her desires to Daryl, which soon compromises the friendship between her and Marisol.

I'm planning on getting it done over the summer, but all this is sketched out for the time being, and may result to change.

I hope you enjoy the Love Out Of Lust Series, and thank you all for your support!

Ray Sostre 

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