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Monday, June 2, 2014

For A Limited Time on ARe - To Get With Stephanie

For just a limited time, in honor of LGBT Month, I'm having To Get With Stephanie our for free on All Romance eBooks. From now, until June 15th, get your copy of my f/f story - at no cost.


Olivia has had a crush on her neighbor Stephanie ever since she moved in. When she meets her at a rooftop party with other neighbors, Olivia is given the opportunity to tell her how she feels. But how will Stephanie respond? 


   Then without thinking through what might happen, Olivia set her iced tea on the table next to Stephanie’s, and leaned to kiss her. She savored the soft, luscious lips beneath hers, but she wasn’t sure whether Stephanie liked it or not. Was she just responding to the kiss? Or was she responding to her? She looked at Stephanie’s face; she was clearly shocked, but beyond that it was hard to tell. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” she quickly apologized, realizing she might have just ruined a potential friendship. She watched Stephanie sit back touching her lips with an odd expression. “I’m so sorry. I should go.”

Olivia made to stand up but Stephanie pulled her back. “No, no... please… don’t go... yet. Could we try that… again?” She reached over and took Olivia’s hand.

The second kiss was a much softer, more intimate kiss; eyes closed and mouths open, tongues embracing one another. Perhaps making that move was just right after all. Stephanie was finally in her arms.
Stephanie purred, “I’ve been longing to do that with you. I just wasn’t sure you felt that way too.” She touched her lips, then she touched Olivia’s. “For a very long time.”

“You know, we could stay here for a while. It’s so hot and I’m enjoying you a lot more than any of the other neighbors.”

“What about your friend?”

He can take care of himself,” she giggled. She pulled Stephanie back into her embrace. The next kiss was very passionate; this time they slowly touched each other – enjoying the feel of skin against skin. Olivia loved the way Stephanie swirled her tongue inside her mouth; it left an aching sensation between her legs. She was wet and now she wanted more. Olivia could spend all evening making out with Stephanie until the sun came up, but the night was young and they had so much to explore with each other.

“Do you want to go to my bedroom? Or just stay here?” Stephanie asked around her kisses.

“I don’t care. As long as you’re in my arms.” Olivia pulled her closer and slid her hand up against Stephanie’s naked back.

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