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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

For A Limited Time: Love Out Of Lust - Part Four is only 99 Cents on Amazon.

Hey guys, from now until June 15th, pick up your copy of Love Out Of Lust - Part Four for only 99 cents on

It's the most erotic part of the series; definitely scorching. Read the excerpt below.:

Marisol was playful as she slipped out of her gray sweater. She was naked – exposed for Daryl to savor her beautiful body. He took another step closer in order to kiss her. The kiss quickly turned erotic. He slipped his tongue inside her mouth, while his hand ran across her naked body. His hands slid up and down from her back to her ass and along the sides of her curves. Marisol was a goddess for him to worship.
Daryl didn’t want to let go of her, but he needed to get out of his clothes. He sat down on the bed and began taking off his socks. Marisol waited patiently.
Then he wrapped his arms around her soft curves and pulled her to him. His face rested on the smoothness of her tummy. Kissing her navel, while at the same time licking her softly, probably turned her on more.
She returned the affection by gliding her fingers over his head. Daryl looked down and stared at her mound. He needed to know how smooth her pussy felt after being shaved.  He worked his kisses down to her mound, his lips grazing the softness and smoothness of her skin.
He looked up and smiled. “I love the feel of it.”
“Me too.” She leaned down and kissed him.

Daryl managed to get out of his shirt and then ran his hands down her sides, loving the feel of her curves. He motioned for her to get on the bed, while he stood up and took off his boxers, exposing his nakedness to her.

Want to read more?

Pick up your copy on Amazon for only 99 cents. 

Hurry, the sale ends this Sunday.

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