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Friday, June 20, 2014

Erotica vs. Rape

What is rape? Rape is a forcible act to harm and control another individual without any consent.

What is consent? Consent is an act of permission from one to another, without any harm or force.

Why am I bringing this up? Because just recently I was reading someone’s manuscript that was submitted to AfterDark Online, and the scene had forcible acts, which for one didn’t sit well with my mind, and most of all the woman in the story screamed and said no. That ends the story for me, and I sent my correspondence to the author telling them it was rejected; better yet, FUCK YOU. I have to say that in big bold letters.

I don’t understand authors who write these stories and expect them to be published in the erotic world. Rape is not erotica; it’s violence. The sad and scary part is 1 out of 5 women in the U.S. have been raped, and only half of them report it, which sickens me. When I write erotica, it’s to condone erotic enjoyment; not forcible sex. I have no respect for them and I wouldn't want any association with writers or fans who read this shit!

I have had friends and relatives that were raped, and I don’t wish that on my worst enemy. No woman, and I mean no woman should ever have to experience that horror. It even gives guys like me a bad name, because if I talk to one woman, especially one who’s experienced this before, she might look at me as no different, like I’m not trustworthy; despite my intentions to help.

When an author writes a rape scene, and when a publisher accepts a rape fantasy story, you’re giving authors and publishers a bad name in the erotic industry. You don’t represent us – you represent scum! Sick, sadistic, and twisted cunts who deserve to be shunned forever, but that’s my opinion on them. I can’t of any reason why they would write such a story that includes rape, and submit it to my site, or other erotic story submission sites, expecting that we’re going to accept it.

If you write a scene where a woman or man in the story feels uncomfortable with another character, and the character says no, or fights away from them, and that character is forced to have sex with them it is consider rape – not erotica!

Erotica is an art form where we express other’s desires, so as long as we don’t promote violence.

Now people ask, what about Bondage, Domination, Submissive, Masochism, otherwise BDSM? Doesn’t that promote violence? The answer is: NO.

BDSM is an erotic form of expression, where it features two or more consenting adults. There’s an act of trust and understanding in the roles, where there are rules set between the dominant and submissive. There is a ‘safe word’ in these relationships, and an understanding between do’s and don’ts. It is not rape or abuse, but a lifestyle between consenting individuals.

I’m considering coming out with a workshop piece for AfterDark Online, to describe what is the difference between rape and erotica, and how to use your words correctly to describe erotic intentions and not a rape scene. But as for the other publishers, who permit these publications, I understand free speech, but I will speak for the erotic community, the sex workers in the industry, condoning rape is frowned upon and not respected in our community. Any publisher who supports them, I must ask… how can you consciously sleep at night publishing that shit!

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