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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 05/29/2014: Love Out Of Lust Pt. 4

Hey guys, 

It's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, and today I'm giving another excerpt of my upcoming release on Friday - Love Out Of Lust Part Four.

It will be available on All Romance eBooks, Smashwords, Amazon, and Kobo.

Be sure to pick up your copy.

“Mari, I’m home.” He called out.
He walked through the darkness and entered the kitchen. Daryl flicked lights on and set the gift on the kitchen counter. He pulled out the stuffed animal and the box of chocolates. Daryl quickly discarded the bag so Marisol wouldn’t know where he got the gifts from.
He almost stepped away from the counter, until Marisol entered the kitchen, wearing nothing but a long gray sweater that exposed her beautiful cleavage, and a wanton expression where her hair covered her right eye. Everything about Daryl’s appearance made him want to devour her, right now, in the kitchen.
“Daryl, I’m so glad you’re home.” She walked over, opening her arms to kiss him. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you.”
“I tried to get here as soon as I can. It snow pretty—”
She looked at his face, placing her index finger over her lips. “Shh…” She shook her head softly with a sexy grin. Then she looked at the gift Daryl got her. Her grin grew wider. “Thanks for the present.”
She stopped him from talking further. Marisol shook her head again.
“Don’t talk; just kiss.”
She curled a soft fistful around Daryl’s coat and pulled him closer to kiss him. Daryl loved the way she kissed him. It was so lustful, Daryl couldn’t recall the last time they ever kissed like that, but he didn’t’ mind; he felt himself growing hard under his pants.

His temperature rose quickly from the cold. He felt so warm, he could feel sweat building under his clothes. Her kisses were so lustful, Daryl pressed his tongue further to match up with her swirls. In return, Marisol pressed her tongue deeper.
Then they finally broke away from the kiss. Daryl inhaled the pheromones of her kiss. “Whew, it’s getting hot in here!”
“I know.” She quickly fanned her face. “Let’s go the bedroom.”

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  1. Marisol leads the pace from the moment she appears. This line captures the heat. " Daryl inhaled the pheromones of her kiss. “Whew, it’s getting hot in here!” Well done.

  2. You've captured the mood well in this taster. It's a real hook

  3. short quick and to the point. i enjoyed the chemistry between the two. This is my introduction to your work. I enjoyed what I have read. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Well done Ray, you have successfully executed another mini skirt move with this taster. It's short enough to be arresting, and yet just long enough to cover the subject matter. The chemistry between your characters is awesome. But then, you are Ray Sostre, this is what you do :D