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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Releasing This Friday: Love Out Of Lust Part 4 - Valentine's Day.

Wow, it's finally here - Part Four to the Love Out Of Lust Series! I've been working on this story for nearly six months, and it's finally paid off. This manuscript will be available on Amazon, Smashwords, and looking to get it up on Kobo (the entire series).

Here's what you'll expect what inside the story

It's Valentine's Day, and Daryl goes shopping for a gift when he unexpectedly meets Paige, who is working at the cosmetics section of the department store in Center City. She still has the hots for him; despite his new relationship with Marisol, but Paige hadn't put the two together, yet. At the same time, he bumps into his ex-wife at the store, who totally makes an ass of herself, accusing Marisol for ruining their marriage, which Marisol had nothing to do with it. As he leaves the department store, he goes to his local pharmacy to get Marisol a Valentine's gift.

Once he finds her a gift, he comes home to Marisol, where they share their most passionate night at home, and their most revealing confessions for each other.

They pick up Marisol's cousin, Alonzo, at the airport, who is coming home from his tour of duty in Afghanistan, and take him to his favorite restaurant in their neighborhood, but this chapter doesn't come to a happy ending, because Daryl is once again met with Jose, who has an old score to settle.

This fourth part of the series will be available on:


Stay tuned.

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