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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Erotic Story: Will Never Vacation Alone

Hey, it's been a long time since I've written a short story for submission, perhaps a few months. Anyways, here is a story that was just recently rejected. I thought about going forward and re-work the story, but I've decided to let other readers read this story for themselves. This was inspired by a mellow house track "Waves" by Mr. Probz. If you haven't heard of the track, I suggest you listen to it.

The name of the song is "Will Never Vacation Alone", a story about a man who takes a week vacation and rents a small beach home in New Jersey, where he is greeted by this attractive neighbor that asks him for a simple help.

I hope you enjoy.

Drew was looking forward for a week’s vacation for a very long time. The way things have been lately, Drew felt like he lived to work; never enjoying his life. Drew was hoping this one week getaway will give him some peace of mind; away from the cubicle farm of gossipers, loathers, hard-assess, and self-indulgent people. He was looking forward to feel human – forget work! And for one week, Drew could use the change of scenery, away from his Jersey City condominium in Exchange Place that overlooked the Lower Manhattan skyline. He rented a car to drive all the way down to the southernmost part of New JerseyCape May. He remembered vacationing there over the summer when he was young, with his parents, playing at the beach on warm days, letting the smell of the ocean and the mist of salt air hit his face. A nostalgic feeling was returning to him; he wanted to relive the moments when he had no responsibility, when he had the freedom to be free – and enjoy!

So for one week, he’ll be spending his vacation in Cape May, New Jersey; a quaint beach community for the relaxed. The drive was a little over two hours long, and he noticed the difference between the atmosphere of city life and beach life; very therapeutic. Though, Drew couldn’t complain on where he lived. His condo was located on the edge of the Hudson River, with serene view of the New York Skyline; one in particular was the construction of the new World Trade Center rising over the buildings of Lower Manhattan. He favored the view of the New York Harbor also; the Statue of Liberty and rest of the New York City in the background, where he was able to view the Verrazano Bridge, indicating the gateway between the Atlantic and the Harbor, but tonight all he ever wanted was a break from his usual ways.
He rode up to a small white beach cottage at the southernmost part of town. Drew didn’t feel it was necessary to rent a beach home, because he was vacationing alone; all by himself, and he didn’t need something fancy for his needs. Just as long as the cottage had water, a stove, and a grill, he would be just fine. Drew was imagining himself being on a deserted island, away from the grinds of civilization. He picked up some groceries at a local supermarket, before pulling up to the cottage. One thing a man didn’t want to vacation without was without booze. Drew’s favorite choice of booze was a bottle of Sailor Jack Rum, mixed along with Coke. Since he was only going to stay there for a week, he purchased two bottles, just in case he went through one on his first night.
He unpacked the groceries first and carried them over to the steps of his beach home. Drew returned to his car and carried his luggage over. He fumbled for his keys and managed to unlocked the door. When he entered, he realized the cottage he rented wasn’t what he remembered coming to as a kid. The cottage was painted all white, with an absolute feel of comfort. Drew loved the way the sunlight hit his home during the day. He didn’t need any lighting to see around the house, but the house was small, featuring two bedrooms, a bathroom and an open-kitchen that easily connected to the living room, and a fireplace to stay cozy and warm.
When he looked outside, Drew had forgotten about the size of his beach home. Outside, there was this wonderful ocean view and a sand dune backyard, where Drew could sit out there and enjoy his drink while the soft ocean breeze hit his face. He walked towards the back door and saw a stainless steel grill. It was perfect for him to enjoy an outdoor cookout, making himself a juicy steak and lobster. He could see it now – paradise! Drew couldn’t wait to fire up the grill and enjoy his drink of rum and Coke.
He didn’t bother to unpack his luggage. Drew unpacked his groceries and put them away in the fridge pantry. He was looking forward to start his vacation by sitting out there, in silence, with a drink in his hand as he let the smell of the ocean sooth his sense of stress. He looked at the time, it was five thirty; enough time for him to sit back and unwind from a long drive.
Drew had already set up his lounge chair, with his bottle of Sailor Jack Rum and a small cooler of soda filled with ice. He had already poured himself a glass and began to unwind as the first hit of alcohol hit his stomach. He sat on the lounge chair to enjoy the wonderful view, but as he looked at an empty lounge chair next to him, he realized that he was all alone; not one soul to talk to. He was looking forward to this vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of city, but he realized on the things he missed out on – companionship. The thought of loneliness began to set in, and Drew was beginning to feel depressed thinking about it. All this time, while he was looking forward to get away he never once found that special someone to talk to; to share his time with; someone who would sit by and talk about anything, while enjoying this breath-taking view of the ocean.
All what Drew could do was frown. He wasn’t expecting a lonely vacation as reality began to set in, but Drew never took the time to go out and look for someone. He wasn’t a bad looking guy. As a matter of fact, he was an attractive tall young man, with dark hair, muscular build, and a nice tan complexion, but Drew was too much of a workaholic, always spending long hours, even after shift to finish up projects, paperwork, and at times worked on weekends. He was a hard worker, but for the first time in his life he realized he never stopped and take notice of what he was missing out on. Drew was an established professional; twenty seven year old, already set if he wanted to leave the company, but he’d sacrificed too much of his own happiness.
Drew didn’t want to dwell on the emptiness in his life. But in order to keep his mind out of the thought of loneliness, he brought over his laptop to keep himself busy. Of course his rental home didn’t probably have any Wi-Fi, but Drew was able to go on his Hotspot on his phone, where he could surf the internet over his laptop, but Drew was already losing interest. He was starting to feel down, and the feeling of regret and doubt were starting to set in his mind from having a good vacation.
He heard the doorbell ring. Who was it? Drew got up from his lounge chair and walked inside the house. He looked out the door and wondered if someone had answered his prayers. He looked through the window and noticed a beautiful black woman with long dark hair that extended down her shoulders. Her eyes were deep-set brown eyes. He was almost lost in her elegant summer appearance; not forget a delicious figure that almost made him forget why she was standing at his door. She had a concerned look, and Drew was willing to help.
He opened the door and asked, “Yes, hi. Can I help you?”
“Um, hi.” She spoke in a soft tone, acting humble. “I’m sorry to bug you, but this is kind of awkward. I’m having trouble across the street. My smoke detector keeps beeping, and I can’t find a way to make it stop.”
Drew didn’t seem to find it awkward that she knocked on his door to help her with her smoke alarm. He was intrigued of her fine beauty, he didn’t mind helping; perhaps get to know her a little.
He nodded, “Sure, if you don’t mind me getting my keys.”
“Oh yeah, sure.”
Drew left the door open for the mysterious woman step inside while he got his keys that sat atop of to the stove.
He walked towards the door and told her, “Let’s go.”
The woman took a step ahead of him as Drew closed the door behind him and locked it with his key. He followed her across the street to a gray house across the street. Drew couldn’t help staring at her shapely figure. She wore a pair of white jean shorts and a black tie dye tunic that hugged comfortably around her curves. Whoever this woman was, she either didn’t have a man; otherwise she wouldn’t have knocked on his door to just help fix the smoke detector. If anything was wrong, it was probably the battery was dying.
He followed her inside her home. Inside, it was stunning; a one-story home with more modern features, unlike his cottage which was more rustic and dated. Surely, this woman didn’t come here alone, she was probably vacationing with some friends – well at least he thought.
“Let me show you where it is,” she said, leading the way. The woman led him into the hallway, where the smoke detector continued to beep. The beep was short, and Drew knew what she needed – a new battery. She turned, “I can’t seem to get it to stop. I don’t have anything burning, but it continues to beep.”
He looked up. “That’s because the battery is dying and it continues to beep.” He turned to her, “Do you have a step ladder in the house?”
“Yeah, in the kitchen.” She pointed at the direction she was heading. She entered the kitchen and carried out a step ladder for Drew to climb. “I don’t think I have another battery for that.”
“You don’t need one. These smoke detectors can operate without a battery.”
He climbed up the step ladder and opened the latch, separating the nine-volt battery away from the compartment. But even when he took out the battery the smoke detector it continued to beep. He tested the nine-volt battery with his tongue to see if there was still a charge, and there was. The smoke detector just needed to be reset.
“Okay, you took out the battery. Why is it still beeping?”
“Watch this.” He held a button for a prolonged amount of time and there was a loud beeping noise which triggered all the other smoke detectors in the house to make the same noise. The noise was so loud – so deafening, the woman covered her ears with both hands. When Drew released the button, the loud beeping noise stopped. “There, that oughta fix it.”
The woman moved her hands away from her ear and the beeping noise stopped. She was happy to hear that.
“Wow, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.”
“No problem.” He stepped down and folded up the ladder as he extended out his hand to introduce himself. “I’m Drew, you are...”
“Ayana.” She shook his hand. “Nice to meet you.”
He grinned, indicating a wonderful name she was given. The name actually suited her appearance, and he wanted to get to know her a little more.
“Likewise.” He handed her the step ladder. “So, did you come here to vacation with some friends?”
She gave a small frown. “I was, but my friend flaked out on my at the last minute, and I already rented the home. So, I came here alone.” Then she asked. “What about you?”
“I came alone too. I wanted to take a break, so I rented the cottage across the street for a little bit of R and R.”
“That’s cool. Where are you from?” she inquired.
Jersey City, and you ?”
She widened her eyes. “Me too. Oh my god; small world,” she smiled. “Where do you live?”
“Over by Exchange Place.”
“That’s such a nice view. I live on the other side of town; off Journal Square.”
“That’s a nice area too.”
“Yeah, but I’ve always wanted to live near the water. It’s such a wonderful view of the city.”
The two smiled and then there was a brief moment of silence. Drew wanted to say something more. He would like to get to know her more, but he couldn’t think of anything else interesting to say. She was out here vacationing alone, from the same area as him, and not to forget to mention she was beautiful; she indicated that she was interested in getting to know him, but Ayana filled in the conversation that almost ended it all.
“Well, Drew...” she smiled when she hesitated. “it’s been nice meeting you.”
This was Drew’s only chance to get to know her. Surely, he wouldn’t mind having her over for dinner and a conversation, and he didn’t want to end their conversation with a brief introduction.
 “Ayana, I hope you don’t mind me asking... are you doing anything tonight?”
“I was hoping you would like to stop over for dinner. I’d love to cook you a meal, perhaps we could get to know more of each other.”
“You cook?” She gave an amazed expression. “Sure.” She smiled. “What time you want me to be there?”
Drew almost hesitated to answer when he heard her response. He was expecting her to say no, like she had other plans, but she didn’t. He wasn’t sure how long he took to answer her question; he didn’t want to think to long.
“Can you be over at seven?”
“Sure. I’ll be right over.”
Drew was happy to hear her response. He smiled. “Okay, I’ll see you at seven.”
“You got it.”
He headed towards the door, but hesitated. “Oh yeah, Ayana?”
“I meant to tell you have a beautiful name.”
Her smile glowed from his compliment. “Thank you.”
Drew crossed the street and returned to his beach cottage. He couldn’t believe that one simple thing and a little courage to ask her would lead to a small date; if that’s what he would call it. He wasn’t taking her any place special, but to his place for a simple get-together; hopefully they’ll have something in common. Drew had better hurry to get unpacked and get started on the grill. He wanted to make an everlasting impression on his sexy neighbor Ayana.
Seven o’clock had come by, and Drew was almost finished making dinner. He’d just put the steaks on the grill when he heard the doorbell ring. Ayana was here – and on time. He closed the top of the grill and stepped back inside to get the front door. He saw Ayana standing there and Drew heart raced with nervousness. He quickly looked around his house to see if anything was apparently out of order. Everything appeared okay.
He opened the door and greeted her, “Ayana, hi.” He offered her to come in. “Come on in.”
She entered, holding up a bottle of white wine. “Hi Drew. I wanted to bring something over. I hope you like Riesling.”
“It’s perfectly fine by me.” He closed the door behind her. Ayana handed him a bottle of wine as he extended out his hand towards the backyard patio “I hope you don’t mind having dinner back there, in the patio? It’s got a nice view of the ocean.”
“I love being by the water.”
“Why don’t I pour you glass? Dinner will be ready in the next few minutes.”
“Sure, I hope you don’t mind me asking, what are you making.” She smelled the smell of food wafting in the air. “It smells really good!”
“I hope you don’t mind steak and lobster?” He held up a bottle of Riesling. “It’ll go good with this wine.”
“Mmm… I love it.” She followed him into the kitchen where he set the bottle of wine on the small table and opened up the drawer to find a corkscrew to open the wine. Ayana was intrigued of his cooking skills; she asked, “So tell me,” she took a seat on a chair. “What is it do you do for a living? Are you a chef?”
He chuckled in response to her question, when she hasn’t tasted his cooking. “No, I’m a lawyer for a Wall Street firm – Bukh Law Firm.” He poured her a glass.  “I’m not the most popular guy for the average guy. I defend my clients against white collar cases.”
He handed her a glass. “I’ve been working for the company for last three years and I put in a lot of hours, handling some major casework.”
“Oh god, I go through that myself. I don’t do what you do, but I’m a marketing analyst for the famous Goldman Sachs. I know a lot about putting in long hours of work.”
“How long have you been working for them?” he asked.
She took a sip of her wine and replied, “A little over four years. I wasn’t planning on coming out here, but my girlfriends insisted that I come along, since I’m too much of a workaholic.”
“It’s been a long time since I’ve actually taken a vacation. I’ve been so used to working so much that I forgot I was human.”
“I thought I was making a big mistake coming down here alone. It was going to be me and two of my friends, but one had a family emergency, while the other ducked out in the last minute to got to the Bahamas with her new boyfriend.” She frowned, “I was really upset, because I paid for the vacation home for all three of us to enjoy and I couldn’t get my money back. So, I came down here and…” she smiled, “that’s when I met you.”
Drew prided himself as if there was a purpose for the two to dine together. “I’m glad that I’ve met you too. I hope you don’t mind that I made steak fries instead of baked potatoes or anything. I –”
“Oh no, that’s fine by me.” She got up and looked at the ocean view from his window. It was breathtaking. “Oh my god, you have such a wonderful view.” She walked over to the patio door. “Why don’t we go out there and enjoy..”
Drew followed her out to the patio. The view she complimented was missing something special – a companion to share this wonderful ocean view – Ayana. He opened up the grill cover and checked on the steaks. They were just about done, when he picked up the long fork and poked them for texture.
“How do you like your steaks? I usually cook it medium-rare.”
She leaned over the ledge. “It’s fine by me. I just love the view from here.”
“Well, when we finish eating we could take a walk over to the shore.”
“I’d love that.”
Drew opened the patio door and returned to the kitchen. “Let me go get the lobster tails.”
Drew crossed the kitchen and opened the fridge to take out a packet of lobster tails. He looked out the window and saw Ayana holding up a bottle of his Sailor Jack Rum. He wasn’t sure if she approved or disapproved of him having a bottle of liquor around. He stepped back out into the patio and set the lobster tails on the side of the grill, before opening them.
She set the bottle down and turned to him. “Sailor Jack.” She nodded, “Hmm… excellent choice.”
“Thanks. I was going to start my vacation off drinking until you stopped by for help.”
“Well, we can drink it together and start off our vacation as well.”
Drew somehow noticed a subtle flirt or come-on from Ayana. Then again, they’re alone. Surely, he wouldn’t mind. At least he didn’t have to start his vacation off in his sorrows. Both him and Ayana had a lot in common; they’re single, professionals, both live in Jersey City, where they weren’t far away from each other, and they’re on vacation – alone. So far, so good, things are starting out right, and there seemed like a possibility between him and Ayana.
The two at together as they watched the sun set over the horizon. Their conversations together went from their jobs to a wonderful view of the sunset. He could tell that Ayana was taking a liking to him when she placed her hand on his lap. It was subtle, but Drew couldn’t help growing hard under his shorts. Her hand felt sensual; sensual enough to raise goose bumps all over his body, almost making it hard for him to remain eye contact as he looked down on her smooth, chocolate-skinned legs.
As the two enjoyed a mixed drink of Coke and Rum, there was a moment of silence between them. Not awkward, but a comfortable silence when Ayana moved her seat close to him and rested her head over his shoulder. Drew couldn’t resist the wonderful, soft smell of her perfume. She had a wonderful scent of soft and sensual all over, and the more he took in her scent the more it stimulated him.
“This is very beautiful. I love the view, and I’m so glad that I’ve met you.” She looked at him with a soft grin. “And you cooked such a wonderful dinner.”
“Thank you.” He then suggested. “You want to take a walk over to the shore.”
She leaned towards the table and picked up the bottle of Sailor Jack Rum. It was half empty. “We haven’t finished this bottle together, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity to watch this sunset over the water.”
“So, is that a yes or a no?” he grinned.
“Let’s go.” She set her glass down. “We can finish this bottle later.”
The two got up from their chairs and walked down the steps, into the dunes that led to the shore. Drew held her hand as they made their way to the shore. He couldn’t imagine a better feeling right now; Ayana’s fingers entwined with his and the warm breeze coming from the sea. The stopped at the shore, letting the warm waves crash over their feet, while enjoying the multi-colored view of the sky and the serene view of the sunset over the horizon.
Drew could sense the comfort from Ayana when he pulled her close him. He held her firmly as his hand was placed along the outline of her curves; things were getting very comfortable.
“Wow, this is so beautiful. It’s too bad we’re only here for a week.”
“I know, but it doesn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy it together.”
She turned and her eyes twinkled with a warm smile. “You know, I’m really having a wonderful time with you.” She turned and placed her arms over his shoulder “There’s something about you that I like, and I’m so glad that I got to know you.”
“Me too.” Drew wrapped his hands around body; pressing her body against his.
There was a sudden gaze between them. He studied her lips; Ayana mouth was open for an intimate invitation. And without hesitation, he inched closer to kiss her lips. Her lips were soft. Drew couldn’t believe himself when he kissed her. He immediately felt a hardness growing under his shorts, and he couldn’t help the arousal of her body pressed against his. Drew loved the way her breast pressed against his chest, and he couldn’t help kissing Ayana again; this time slipping his tongue inside her mouth.
Ayana’s kiss was a mixture of lust and enthusiasm when her tongue followed his. His eyes were closed while she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Drew knew there was an air of chemistry between them when he was asked over to help her with the smoke detectors. Drew could stand all evening with her, making out under the sun, standing atop of the waves.
His hand reached further down to her lower back. He loved the feel of the softness of her body. Ayana was purely a feel of heaven in his arms. He had longed for the affection, and at the same time, he noticed how much she felt that way, but he saw it as well by the way she ran her hands all over his body.
The two continued letting their desires grow, but they had to let go of each other briefly, to catch a breath of air. Drew opened his eyes and saw a twinkled expression from her. Could it been the alcohol that loosened their inhibitions or was it meant to happen between them? Ayana never looked so beautiful before. The warm summer blew through her hair. She looked more appealing when she smiled, pulling a wisp of her hair away.
“That felt really nice.” She caressed her hand over his chest. “What do you say... we go inside and warm up?”
Drew nodded his head. He didn’t need a clue to figure out what she meant by warming up. The idea of going back inside left a rush of blood to go into places that throbbed for a release. He held on to her hand and led her away from the shore, where they returned to his beach home.
They climbed the steps of the patio and entered the beach home. When the door closed behind them, Ayana turned herself around and kissed him. Drew loved the assertiveness of her kiss. There was unspeakable lust building between them and Drew pinned her against the wall as his hands moved all over her body. Drew appreciated the soft feel of her body that he pressed himself against her, causing to grind himself into her like they were having dry sex. He felt Ayana’s hands wrapped around his ass, encouraging him to push in further. Their affection grew more intense when he held her by her legs, lifting her off the ground.
Drew’s cock began to ache with pleasure. Every time he grinded into her, his cock ached with sheer torture, begging to be free from his pants. He couldn’t wait to see her out of her clothes – naked – in his beach home.
Ayana’s legs were wrapped around his waist, when he broke his kiss and cupped his hands all over her breast. She had a wonderful bust; soft, firm and scrumptious. He felt the hardness of her nipples that peeked through her bra, Drew was hungry for body. He looked into her eyes. All he could see was the wanton-looking woman in his arms, pinned against the wall, waiting for him to make his further moves.
He carefully set her down, where she stood on her feet and slid his hands under her blouse. His slid his hands across her body, where he pulled her blouse over her white bra, and then pulled down her bra to expose her beautiful dark breast.
Ayana was a sight of seduction. He leaned in to let his mouth find its way to her nipples. While he licked and nibbled his way around her delicious peaks, Ayana ran her fingers through his hair. She returned the affection that made Drew wanted to get her out of her clothes. And then without realizing, he felt her hand around his crotch. The way she cupped her hand over his crotch, Drew was itching to be out of his clothes and inside her. The moment between couldn’t wait any longer. Drew wanted to fuck her, but he wanted to taste more of Ayana’s body. Her breasts were just a sample of what she tasted like, but Drew wanted to see more.
He got down on his knees and began to unbuckle her black belt. Drew tried not to rush things, but he more he progressed the more his anticipation grew. When he finish undoing her belt and unzipping her white shorts, he pulled them down and noticed her white lacy underwear. He pulled her shorts further down, allowing her to step out of them, and Drew was ready to unravel her most delicious tidbit – what is beneath her lacy underwear?
He pulled down her underwear and took sight at her clean shaven mound. The smell of her sex was stimulating, Drew’s cock throbbed with sheer torture. Ayana parted her legs, and without hesitation he dove in and pressed face into her pussy. Drew pressed his tongue inside her folds. His tongue found its way to her nub as he tasted the tanginess of her flavor. Ayana had to enjoy it; she was practically grinding her pussy all over his face.
Drew’s hair was grabbed by Anaya’s fingers when she moaned louder. If only he could see the expression her face, but he was determined to make her lose control of herself. His hands reached around her thighs to caress the smoothness of her ass when he pressed his face deeper, tormenting her nub until he heard her climax. It was so passionate, Drew wondered if he could do that to her again. He didn’t give a damn about her returning him the favor. His saliva had already primed her up for what was about to come.
He stood up and reached in his pack pocket to take out his wallet. He opened his wallet and took out a condom wrapper. He undid his bet and then his pants, while Ayana rushed to kiss him, licking the flavor of herself off his face. Drew had her wrapped in pure lust; now ready for what he’s about to give her.
He dropped his pants down to his ankles and opened the condom wrapper. When he applied it over the tip of shaft, Ayana got down on her knees and helped apply the condom over his shaft. His cock was now in her possession, and Ayana looked up, giving her most wicked grin when she returned him the favor. He wanted to protest, but couldn’t when he felt Ayana’s lips over the tip of his shaft. She felt amazing. He wanted to be inside her, but he loved the way Ayana moved her mouth all over his cock, slowly building a rhythm to take his cock further in her mouth. By now, she was moving her face against his shaft, and Drew couldn’t help running his fingers through her hair. His anticipation was growing inside him, and he his patience to be inside her was waning. He motioned her to get up and lean against wall.
He moved closer and exchanged kisses with Ayana. He felt her hand over his shaft and suddenly she was guiding him inside her. Ayana was wet, and without any resistance, he pushed further as she moaned against his kisses. The feeling of fitting inside her never felt any better. He pumped her with furious strokes, while he felt her hand running over his ass. Once the two managed to work out a balance, he lifted her up and pinned her against the wall.
With every thrust he gave her, Ayana was gasping in enthusiasm. He felt her nails digging into his ass, encouraging him to fuck her harder... and harder. Drew gave out guttural sounds when she met his thrusts. The heat between each other was rising and there was no stopping of momentum. His thrusts became aggressive and Ayana was moaning louder, this time she wrapped her arms around Drew’s neck when she bellowed in his ear.
Drew felt a sudden ache growing; it was intense. He was determined to make her climax, but he wasn’t sure if he could hold off from cumming. He couldn’t stop, his orgasm was happening. And then with one hard thrust, he pinned her hard against the wall and howled when he came inside her. His orgasm was so intense, Ayana suddenly matched his climax with hers. He could feel her orgasm from the intensity of her grip. Drew was spent, and he remained inside her when her orgasm passed. The two gazed at each other when they caught their breaths. It was probably the most intense encounter for him, and he was it was the same for Ayana. The two kissed, quickly ravaging each other’s mouth, just before he set her down.
“Oh god, that felt wonderful. I’m so glad that we got to know each other,” Ayana purred when she caressed his face with her hand.
“Me too.” He smiled. “We have so much in common.”
“If I had known you earlier, we could’ve shared a beach home together.”
Drew smiled, when he caressed her chin. “Well, we have a whole week together. We could spend the night at each other’s place.”
“Mmm…” she purred. “I like the sound of that.” Ayana lifted her blouse over her head. “What do you say we... take a shower together and then do it some more?”
“I have a hot tub in my bathroom.” He took off his shirt. “We could sit together and relax as I run the warm water over your body.”
“Are you always this romantic?” She asked when wrapped her arms around his neck. “I really like that in a man like you.”
“Well, we have a whole week together.” His hands wrapped around her lower back, caressing the coolness of her arse. “You’ll be amazed.”


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